Just in: Former FIFA referee Charles Kafatiya no more

just in

Former FIFA referee Charles Kafatiya has passed on, Malawi24 has learnt.

He died this afternoon at Mlambe Hospital where he was taken ill.

Kafatiya, who was in the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) referees sub-committee, was rushed to Mlambe Hospital by family members but he was immediately transferred from male ward to a high dependency unit where he was put on oxygen but he died hours later.

The legendary referee once served as National Referees Association (NRA) some years back.

More details will be made available very soon



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  2. RIP.brother, you were not just an ordinary person but you left your legacy.To me and Bullets family I can say you were the hero.

    1. Iwe ndimwana wang’ono, lankhula zamaliro ngati ukudziwa kupesesa. Osazachambazi ayi, iwe team yako simadziwa kusewera angaikokere bwanji fatsa uwone maso ankhono mwana wang’ono iwe.

  3. Umati ukangomva kuti Bullets vs Silver koma Ref Charles Kafatiya kapena Ferdinand Gadaga umangodziwilatu. Awowo amawinilatu isanamenyedwe..

  4. Very sad. My former workmate at the then National Oil Industries Limited (NOIL) RIP Charles.

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