We inherited controversial map from colonial masters, Tanzania claims

Lake Malawi

The Tanzanian government has claimed that the new map showing their ownership of part of Lake Malawi was inherited from its colonial master, Germany.

Tanzania’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation Dr Augustine Mahinga made the claims after meeting President Peter Mutharika on Monday at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe.

Mahinga explained that the new map showing that the Eastern African country owns a disputed part of Lake Malawi was adopted from their colonial master.

“This is a sensitive and contentious matter that needs clarification the map has been there from our colonial masters,” said Mahinga.

Mutharika, Magufuli
Mutharika, Magufuli banging heads.

Despite the lake wrangles Mahinga claimed that the two countries continue enjoying a relationship that is propelling development activities.

He further called for the need to strengthen airline transport between Malawi and Tanzania to boost the business sector for the two countries.

Malawi and Tanzania resumed having gentleman’s talk over the lake issue after Mutharika met with his Tanzanian counterpart President John Magufuli in Ethiopia over a week ago.

This followed the collapse of mediation talks on the lake border wrangle between Malawi and Tanzania as mediators are yet to invite the two governments for another round of talks.

Former president of Mozambique, Joacquim Chissano, and his South African counterpart, Thabo Mbeki, are the mediators.

The Lake Malawi wrangle started in the 1960s but the current dispute began after Malawi awarded licences to various firms to search for oil and gas on the lake.

Tanzania claims to own part of the lake while Malawi insists that it will never agree to Tanzania’s claims.



  1. For the TANZANIAN SIDE,to use the lake is quite good according to our AFRICAN TRADITION & CUSTOMS!! Because people of either sides are of one related-blood BUT separated by artificial boundaries imposed on us by the colonial-masters! THEREFORE, IT’S GROUND-LESS FOR SOMEONE TO CLAIM AS SUCH! I have personally seen people from neibhouring countries entering for medical-help,shelter & food! because of such should MALAWI CLAIM THEIR COUNTRY TO B PART OF MALAWI?? Absolutely NO!NO!NO!

  2. Even though w r commenting on LAKE MALAWI OWNERSHIP ISSUE, Iam hopeful that DISCUSSIONS between two countries are still going-on 4 the good of two countries!! BUT my question is: Are these two sovereign-states still being ruled by their former colonial-masters? Indeed the AFRICAN UNION CHARTER, recognises the existing boundaries of all african countries inherited when they were independent (sovereign-states)! and is what w do adhere to today!! And the UNITED-NATIONS, says in their NEW LAWS, Flesh waters (lakes)etc boundaries should b determined by middle of the flesh waters!! Here now w r AFRICANS,which way to TAKE?? OUR OWN MADE A.U.CHARTER OR NEW U.N.LAWS?? Indeed it’s where AFRICAN-STATES SHOULD OPEN THEIR EYES & HAVE SETTLED MIND IN-ORDER TO AVOID UN-SCRUPULOUS FIGHTING AMONG BLACKS THEMSELVES being ochestrated by foreign-forces, such as we see now from SYRIA,IRAQ,TURKEY,SOMALIA,SUDAN,NIGERIA & OTHER AFRICAN COUNTRIES Seriously when u mention U.N.,know that u r mentioning our former colonial-masters!

  3. Lets Not Blame TZ or APM my fellow malawians the germans are playing a hadtrick they want to use TZ an US to provoke britain #worldwar3

  4. Wake up wake up our government who know well about u or beloved lake nyasa is the one can carry this issues of lines of our borders. this people they know nothing but kamuzu banda and fella members are one they know the truth of our line borders

  5. Since wen and you Malawian according to the history we have lean do here about lake Tanzania its lake Malawi but today you share your lake with intruders why ? This your question

  6. The boundaries which are observed to date are those in force during the formation of the OAU.So this new map is not recognized by the AU,it was rubbish and nonsense to hear the so called minister uttering that.

  7. Which country in Africa did not inherit their boundary as it was decided during the partition of Africa.

    In fact Nyasaland would have been all the way to Chunya, to Makambako, to Njombe through to Songeya to Nampula, Milangie, South Luangwa , to Lundazi if we were to follow the proper Nyanja people. Who constituted the Nyachusa, Ngonde, Chukuwamajembe, (Tumbuka) Tonga, Chewa -Mang’anja, Yao, Chipeta) Ngoni, Makuwa, Makonde, (Lomwe, Sena) But it was agreed to respect the boundary as they were at the time of Independence in order to live in peace and harmony among the neighboring countries.


  8. what we should know is if water bodies share boundaries among countries means they are divided equally according to new UN laws, it doesn’t make sense to tell people of other side Lake doesn’t belong to them while they are using it

  9. All the african continent and some countries in Asia had been colonised by imperialists directly or indirectly, imperialist divided our land contravesially so that the years to come these countries will be at quarells among themselves that wil make easier for imperialist to extract our resources.

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  11. That’s nonsense why claiming a small portion of a small Lake like ours, but yet you have the whole of Indian ocean to your disposal.You taking advantage of Peter because he know nothing of Malawi because he has been in exile the whole of his life and he came to robb us here. What I can advise you the Minister is that just go back to your country and leave Malawi a lone because we are not in the mood of sharing our beautiful Lake to anyone else.

  12. Let me tell u stupid Tazanians,u are facking ass yourself &fack u,shit, where have u bn you r putting boader today?is that germany telling u today?fack u & you r facken mad indeed fack your shit uppppppp FACK.

  13. KAMUZU BANDA anili dolo , chiliza chake linamumangila ndi boma , osati azitsogoleli amasikuano omangodziwa kuwunjika ndalama zomangila ziliza zamakono kumazitcha mpumulo wa bata .

  14. Malawi is smaller than our neighbours TZ. and Mozambique but the painful fact remains, portions of this this magnificent Lake belong to TZ. & Mozambique respectively. We might not our leaders but democracy demands one leader at a time, this time is APM,Let’s give diplomacy a chance.

  15. be careful my fellow Malawians, what if they can think of blocking songwe river so that lake Malawi should not have inlet. It looks simple today but we need to think and solve this problem before they do any action. the lake belong to us and we don’t need to loss it, but we still need songwe river coming from Tanzania more especially in hot season.

    1. Even Songwe is a boundary btwn MW and TZ its not theirs solely if u hv bn there like myself u can agree wth me that if they block their ppo will suffer too.. kusefukira kupha even them

  16. Kamuzu at one told Julius Nyerere and the O.A.U.then that the map drawn by the colonialists Malawi finds its boarders into Indian Ocean.A good part of Tanzania belongs to Malawi.Why can’t This govt consult Britain for clarity?

  17. Mdf get ready this is exactly war,for this we are ready to die for land malawi,and we will join mdf to fight with our enemy

  18. after 52 years of independent then someone is saying that the lake belong to them i think its too late where were their all these years we are tired of u & we can’t take this anymore whether you lyk it or not nonsense

  19. Bwapini should apologize because he lied to Malawians kuti iye akazenga boma Lake Malawi is unnegotiable, but pano watseka magweru ake palibepo akunenapo, under Jb every Malawian amadziwa nkhani ya nyanjayi ilipati. Bwapini cannot be trusted guys

    1. The Tz GOV is afraid of APM thats why they were explaining all that rubish. but during the time of a good for nothing female presdent the TZ GOV even sent troops on lake malawi #shineyoureyes.

    2. You can lie to those next to you not us, how can on earth Tz send stroops on Lake while the case is going on, why Bwapini stopped former head of states to go on with mediation? Look wait for Bwapini to respond on this report? Shallow minded like u can think like you, really scared while the guy was in your office tell him live and direct not even on phon, Moron

  20. The one thing I know is that a dog always bucks profusely to what it can’t fight with, the same applies to Tanzania they just making noise stupidly. I vividly remember our first hero cautioned them that anyone play with the lake is playing with fire bare in mind.

    1. I remember all that side of a lake was being patrolled a submarine we called John Chilembwe you couldn’t see the submarine but we could hear the sound of ship that was Kamuzus era not body could talk this rubbish about lake malawi, Now these people have captalised because of our in fighting within our political leaders TZ has taken un advantage of that really very sad!

    2. This is happening because our leaders are weakling instead of performing their duties thoroughly in protecting our country they are busy pickpocketing the government resources, I pity for them

    1. Is belong lake Malawi is belong lake Nyasa?? wemsenge nini?How can lake Malawi belong to any other country but Malawi??

    2. that part of the lake belongs to TZ. I say this bcz tz has ALWAYS used that part for fishing, transport(ships), navy, and domestic. it was up to MW to stop them, but she didn’t. MG knows it did not stop tz coz it’s theirs. tz had ships on the lake since colonial days.

    3. Mike Bele are you alright up there? Between lake Malawi and Indian ocean which of the two does more of what you’re saying?

    4. Look at his head Mike Bele stupid, let us wait and see we are ready at all times when need rise’,Malawi is ready all is ready

    5. yah nw i cn c an empty tin makes alot of noise,lake malawi is lake malawi it cnt change do u thnk we fear u stupid idiots we jst rspct u as a nougbour so rspct yo self.

  21. Malawi needs powerful president like #KAMUZU BANDA, not just like someone who came to steal poor people, if freedom fighters were sleeping like PETER Wa MUNTHARIKA then Malawi wouldn’t exist as country. SAMORA MACHEL JULIUS NYERERE tried this but they failed .Tanzanians have just seen weakness of our currently president. Kamuzu sanali wa nkhaza koma ankakana zausilu ngati izi

  22. Nthawi zina anthu akakuona kupusa amakhoza kukulanda olo mwana woti unali naye yekhayo ndipo sitinati nayo mozambique yayamba kulanda midzi ina ya kumangochi ponena kuti ndi mbali yawo wasala first lady mumva kuti anali mkazi wa magufuli andiye abwerere

  23. Nyanja imeneyo mukapanga masewera ipita mukulimba ndi kuba ndalama za boma azitsogolerinu kumaliza Cashgate pano kuli maizegate (maize saga) uku anzanu akutenga nyanja muziona zikutheka chifukwa cholekera zinthu amenewo ndiofunika kuwamasula osawanyengereranso ai

  24. Nyanja imeneyo mukapanga masewera ipita mukulimba ndi kuba ndalama za boma azitsogolerinu kumaliza Cashgate pano kuli maizegate (maize saga) uku anzanu akutenga nyanja muziona zikutheka chifukwa cholekera zinthu amenewo ndiofunika kuwamasula osawanyengereranso ai

  25. Listern very carefully they know the truth they should ask former president he knows he even talk about it on national address end of October 2013

  26. Tanzanian politicians play with Malawians like toys. They see it very well that Malawi has no leaders with no vision. They have no nation interest but personal interest. They are calculating well that Malawi is close to election and leaders need money and support so it is easy to cool them. Tanzania can be a big influential for election in Malawi. Keep eyes on Tanzania, Malawi has corrupt leaders and vulnerable can be targeted for the Lake

  27. That is what happens when you keep Kilombelo rice in your house while you are starving with hunger, in sake of your kids to see in future how it smells…..then okuba amabwela nkubapo thumbalo…
    Lake Malawi is ours and we hv oil in there but we want our kids to see the beautiful of our lake while we are starving with poverty….and here come Tanzania claiming the ownership….
    Malawi will never prosper……

    1. Fool ideas, Tanzania own the lake long time but the presence of oil and other resources make malawian to claim the ownership. Think wide and not wild

    2. you silly Mbwaga in which map is drawn and written Lake Tanzania world wide its lake Malawi we have just help you to fish and use transport on lake because we are good people , If it was me a president I was gonna slap that minister or if it was Kamuzu crocodiles wud have fisted on him ask your Julius Nyerere!#Mbwaga

  28. Don’t worry wth those idiots, wat they are saying is jst adream nt an accomplishment. The lake belongs to Malawians since creation.

  29. OK if they are following their colonial masters Germany, then Malawi is also following the map from their colonial masters British. Why now? What is Tanzania I doing they have notice the administration is weak. That totally shows Germany is behind this. And they are some promises if they get it. For sure one day we will wake up being Tanzanian.

  30. The problem with Malawi is that our president is sleeping on the leadership seat, just imagine the whole president being told point blank in the eyes by the Minister of another country, Bingu could have not tolerated that stupid approach. Our president please wake up from your slumber of trying to fix Chapondas’ mess of stealing maize money. Mulumbe has told you point blank that he wants to tell the nation the truth about what Chaponda did and you are busy shielding him, instead of safeguarding our Malawi and its resources. Believe you me Malawians: one day we will wake without even a piece of land. Look at how Burundians and Rwandan have bought the whole Michele and Kaphiri in Lilongwe, Bangle and Machinjiri in Blantyre, just to mention a few. Our government systems are completely a stinking toilet; look at how Murekezi(Rwandee) corrupted government system to the extent that even the Minister (Grace Chiumia) had to speak in Parliament that she knows him as a successful business man in Lilongwe. Look at how Chaponda devalues the rule of law. MALAWI IS IN MESSAGES WITH OUR TODAY’S LEADERSHIP

  31. i wish mr H KAMUZU BANDA and MR YOHAN they was a live so that the can do that game again to show the madness tanzania again, vuto ndi nduna zanthu zimangosiwa basi ndikuba ndalama za boma a president kamwa yake inazura kale ndi madzi zomwe akunena sizikuvekatso kodi ntchito yanu ndichani kunyumba yamalamuro yo, ndakumbukira chaka cha JOICE BANDA m’mene zinawalephera a tanzania ndimene ana ka winira bwino ku national court ko amunanu kaya mkumatani kulota ndimasana omwe tazukani ngati anthu amuna stand like a soldier no like p

  32. Stupid minister , doesn’t he know the history of how Tanganyika lost war with Nyasaland in the world war 2 , My glandfather fought as British soldier in Karonga the Germans lost the war how can he claim that they own part of lake malawi! This is total rubbish and an unacceptable no negotiations here lake malawi is solely Malawian, if they want let them give the whole part of Mbeya that’s where the original boundary was before Herigoland treaty! Malawians we have to defend what is ours no day dreaming here, Kamuzus should rest in peace!

    1. Talk and give facts what makes you claim that Lake Malawi is at the same time Lake Nyasa # Mbwnga, thats totally nonsense and myiopic thinking capacity, you guys are suffering from chronic psychiatric disorder, you went as far as doing espionage at our Kayerekera Uranium mine thinking that we are developing a nuclear bomb, what sort of people are you # Ofra? you want to show that you are clever but you are showing your embecility am sick and tired of you Taifas , Those 7 spies you sent are going to rot at a maxmum prison so that you get a lesson!

    2. kkkkkk akuti a pita ku court akayankhe mulandu wa transpassing ku protecteD area but a CSOs akuti awatulutse mundende zomveka zimenezi a malawi akumangidwa ku TZ koma osanenapo

    3. Please if the lake belong to Malawi please come and remove all the water from Tanzania shore both country are like brothers stop this and focus how we will develop ourselves in my House i have rented 2 Malawians and we are brothers stop this lake shit.

  33. three quarter of the lake is covered by Malawi , only quarter of its part is in tanzania , the tanzanians can’t claim anyhow that lake malawi is theirs

  34. Everyone has been sleeping on the borders issue ever since, now that deposits of petroleum have been discovered we start to work up. All borders should be marked as soon as possible, new rumours of diamonds in southern, no border marks, I smell another confusion.

  35. Journalists in Malawi are very stupid. They know that a certain part of the lake is within the Tanzania’s land. That’s what he meant. It’s nothing like war. I don’t waste my time listening to these poorly trained journalists. Being a journalist u just get famous but u die poor. advise your kids not to do journalism. it’s was meant for idiots

    1. Malawi will never change because some people don’t think like human beings, look this idiot called #RayDavidGuest he is busy defending Tanzanian government yet he is Malawian by nationality.

  36. What tanzania is starting is the same chaos which has been going on between israel and palestine for years…tanzania wants the world maps to change very funny…

    1. But if you see Malawi map clearly you can see that our main land is longer than the lake which means the lake is entirely in Malawi. It could have been a different case if it was the opposite. It makes sense to share the lake with Mozambique based on their geographycal position with Malawi. By the way, part of Tanzania main land as you go up further north there are posts written Nyasa to this day. The whole Kyela was supposed to be in Malawi

  37. Chenjera malawi pogona, zinthu zako zikhoza kukhala nyambo,,, by Matafale,,mzimu wake uziusa mtendere

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