Greedy Malawi MPs slammed


Malawians have hit back at lawmakers’ claims that the salary they get is not enough to solve their problems saying the remarks are inconsiderate since many citizens are struggling to earn a living.

Reacting to remarks made by chairperson of Parliamentary Social Welfare committee Alex Major that Malawi legislators are poor as the money they earn is not enough to meet their needs, Malawians have described the lawmakers as greedy people who just want to be earning a lot of money while Malawians themselves are failing to access basic needs such as education and health.

Malawi Parliament
Malawi Parliamentarians have come under fire for more allowances calls.

Commenting on Malawi24’s story on the issue, some Malawians asked the legislators to compare their earnings to what ordinary Malawians get.

“Take a look on those teachers. Hard work, less salary, so how poorest are you komatu zinazi kumanena mukuziwa kut kuli Mulungu kunjaku he may step you down. Mbwelera!” Mjomba Wakulungwa Mustapher wrote.

While another Malawian Macdonald Lubelo said: “Let me remind you people, these greedy gluttons so called MPs are there for their own potbelly’s needs. They don’t represent us. Salaries, allowances and tea breaks are all what matters most to them,” he said.

In his comment, Blessings No surrender Chimwenga advised the MPs to be kind-hearted and not necessarily valuing their personal welfares.

“Mukamalankhula muzikhala ngat muli uzimu. Ma million mumalandirao ndi apayani? Wina akulandira 60 mpaka pano zake kulibe, ndiye inu muziyankhula zimenezo! Ambirinu ndinu mfitidi mwamva!” he angrily hit back at the Malawian legislators.

Other Malawians have also blamed the MPs for such unwelcome remarks considering the state of the country’s economy.

Some quarters have asked the MPs to first consider the lives of people whom they represent and not what they think will just benefit them.



  1. All mp’s who are nt satisfied wth their salaries must resign b4 28 february.
    Lets see where they can get salaries amounting to 1million wth their miserable certificates.

  2. Foolish mps, what do you do to be earning more than what u r earning now? Infact whoever came up with Malawian salary structure may have been drunk otherwise how do mps with j.c.e earn millions a month while teachers are hardly paid less than one hundred thousand a month.Since winning elections, my mp has never visited my area.

  3. vuto ili likuyambira ku mutu wa peter pakana ku miyendo yake. Mukaka za ophunzira kafunse a Peter,Ach lima ndi aphunzitsi.Motandiza anabera mavoti kulowa boma. Lero z inthu zikuvuta kuMALAWI. Musawade ma MP.

  4. MPs are very honest here. The problem is with us common Malawians who are too blind to fight for what we deserve. The only thing we know is to feel sympathetic with the regime in stead of pressurizing it to make things work. You see our leaders are building mansions while we are being told there is no money for our salaries etc. A very simple proof will show that we have money in this country for example ask the president to resign. He will not accept because there is MONEY.

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