Phalombe boy dies in community policing custody


A 17 year-old boy has died in the custody of community policing members after he was suspected to have stolen property in Phalombe district.

The deceased Christopher Jonasi is reported to have stolen a DVD player and he was arrested and kept in custody of two community policing members.

Later on Saturday, the members noted that Jonasi had died while he was yet to be picked by the police officers.

Confirming on the local press, Phalombe police spokesperson Augustus Nkhwazi said they have arrested one member while the other is currently on the run.

The suspect is to appear in court to answer charge of murder.

However, the cause of the man’s death is yet to be known since postmortem results are yet to be released.

Jonasi hailed from Chipakula village in the district of Phalombe.

*Additional reporting by Grecium Gama



  1. Coz he was poor? Kusaziwa ntchito a police a ku Malawi afunika azitengeledwa ku bwalo la milandu chifukwa chogwilisa udindo molakwika kunena za umbava ndi umbanda inu a police ndi andale ndamene muli pasogolo

  2. OK who killed him. Sure someone must give answers. I thought he was a suspect not convict. If he was sick why they didn’t take him to the hospital under police guard. Now the case of theft is closed simple the guy will not answer the charges against him. But the family will need answers how he died in police forum hands