Do not politicise parliamentary meeting, MPs advised

Malawi Parliament Peter Mutharika

Civil Society Platform for Constructive Dialogue has asked Members of Parliament (MPs) to set aside politics during the mid-term budget review meeting which begins today.

The budget review meeting will look into how the budget that was passed last year has been implemented over the past months.

Civil Society Platform for Constructive Dialogue chairperson Oliver Nakoma says there is need for legislators to do a budget review meeting and put aside politics.

Malawi Parliament
MPS start meeting today.

“The Members of Parliament should put aside politics during the budget review meeting and look at the developments that have worked on the deliberations made in the previous meeting,” Nakoma.

He added that the legislators must discuss the budget with a sober mind and applaud the good things that have been done by the current administration.

Speaking on the same issue, spokesperson for Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Francis Kasaila asked Parliamentarians to put aside personal issues and put first the development of the country.

“Personal issues should be set aside as well as political issues and there is need for the legislators to give feedback to the government and represent their people,” said Kasaila.

He added that they need to look into the bills that are still on the table of which Malawians are waiting to be passed and they must remember that they are there on behalf of Malawians.

During the meeting which runs up to March 2, MPs are expected to discuss the maizegate scandal in which public officials are suspected to have made questionable dealings in order to steal K9.5 billion during Malawi’s purchase of Maize from Zambia.



  1. Changokhala chi malawi chopanda utsogoleli olongosoka. koma abale olamulila akuti ma professor kaya uprofessor wake wa using’anga kaya.

  2. Malawi parliament is full of political witchhunting,they dont priotise budget&anything in relation to financial allocations,it was section65 number one.Today its maizegate&barring chapondas position

  3. Then the platform is ignorant. Parliament is a political arm because it is composed of politicians. Such ignorance is allowing the government to continue oppressing the poor Malawians.

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