Nigeria’s President does a Peter Mutharika

Muhammad Buhari

President of the federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammad Buhari, has ‘gone missing’ in the UK. Following in the footsteps or Malawi leader Peter Mutharika who went missing in the US last year before returning after over a month.

Buhari left Nigeria for the UK on 18 January this year but is yet to return. He indicated on his departure that he was going for a medical vacation.

His absence however started rumours on social media about his health with some saying that he had apparently died.

Muhammad Buhari
Muhammad Buhari extends stay in the UK.

The rumours were vigorously shrugged by his team and supporters. To indicate that he was alive and well, Buhari said that he would be returning to Nigeria on Monday, 6 February.

His return was set to coincide with protests against his leadership which protestors said has failed to turn around the country’s economy.

In a dramatic twist of events, however, the protest which was set to be led by TuBaba who featured in Tay Grin’s Chipapapa was cancelled. He cited security issues as the reason.

Meanwhile Buhari who had to be arriving in Nigeria also pulled a last minute surprise when he indicated that he would not be returning as he had to extend his medical vacation indefinitely. He said it is on the doctor’s advice.

His decision not to return to Nigeria has prompted serious rumours on his health with many believing that he has died and the government is trying to cover up.



  1. Malawi24 bodza musiye. President Mutharika adapita ku AGM ya UN then adasowa without telling this Nation where he was and what he was doing that time. We had mixed reaction concerning his absence.

    This is different with President Buhari who left Nigeria for UK only to seek medical attention but after seeing that the dates have expired and that the doctors have advised him proceed his his stay for further treatment President Buhari has asked parliament to allow him to stay to recieve treatment in UK.

    Was this done with Mutharika? Was the government of Malawi informed it’s citizens of their Presidents’ whereabout?……Never, they did not.

    And in Nigeria the Vice President is taking charge of the government business which was not the case here in Malawi.

    Malawi24 learn to tell us the truth. Sometimes we have the true stories at hand before you lie to us so report wisely.
    BUHARI issue is different with OURS.

  2. Iiiiii koma page iyi yandikwana nkunama bwanji,tachita kumva pa radio kt Buhari wapempha kuonjezeredwa leave,mukutiesa mbuli ife eti?mxiiii

  3. That’s why I don’t trust this page which source telling the President of Nigeria is missing, thus ruuuuubish, if u can’t talk sense keep quite sis u , the President is on leave sick public ally any one in that state knows, even in parliament of the country has granted more day s of his sick leave, guys stop this shameful thing! If u can’t report good stay away!!!!!!!

  4. Malawi24 ur liars cos Buhari disclose to the citizen that he is not feeling well and they must extend his stay while Peter Bwampini just dissapeared comes back with one shoulder high ngati Juwelo wachamba ku chilomoni zambia

  5. Nigeria si Malawi ayi mukulemba za eni mwaiwala kapena kuti simukudziwa mavuto adziko muno za matenda mwaiwala ok

  6. Zaku ningeria asiiren eni tiuzen zakmalawi akti kumangochi kwagwa matenda osaziwika bwino tuman atolakhani atiuze zatsatane tsatane

  7. eyetu! amaterotu awa! boooodza! ndie enafe tikamawanyoza,mumati “tilibe umunthu” nanga mwaona izizi, akuti “buhari wasowa” ndizoona? aaaa! nanga zikugwilizana bwanji ndi peter? iwowa alibe ulemu,simufunira zabwino,ndipo mumalimbana ndi peter ndipo nthawi zose mumafuna muzilemba zonyoza/kulimbana ndi boma basi! mulungu akuoneni mwapadera

  8. buhari admits that he’s a man and he can be sick at one time or the other but our own president is always in robust health.

  9. Have you heard a journalist who wrote mbwelera RIP peter muntharika in malawi24 newspaper? He ordered him to be arrested,taken to court and asked to defend himself……then he said RIP stands for Remain In closed.

  10. Malawi24 u have nothing to tell Malawians, u just want to get attention from people so that they must talk about Peter. The issue of Muthalika was for past and already people had forgotten. If u want to talk about Buhari of Nigeria talk about him only not involving our president. U seems not to have respect on our president, after all there’s no one here on earth who doesn’t fall sick. Ngati mwasowa zolemba ingokhalani chete

  11. Not really missing. He asked parliament to extend his leave. At least Nigerians know that their president is sick and receiving treatment abroad. No hiding ngati zakwathu kuno.

  12. You cannot compare de two nigerian president is following procedures by asking de house of paliament to extend his stay abroad so dat he recieves a good medical attention,a thing Mutharika never did.

  13. You cannot compare the 2 because at least Buhari is known by his countrymen that he is conducting a series of hospital tests in London. Peter Mutharika just disappeared after the United Nations session. No one was coming forth with the truth about his whereabouts

  14. Admin r u tlng or asking us????? If Buhari missing in UK is that ur business???? plz put something better than ths sh….t

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