Wandale outlines vision for his party


The outspoken People’s Land Organisation leader Vincent Wandale says the country needs new blood in politics as the current crop has grown old.

This is coming a few months after Wandale announced the formation of his party as he wants to continue fighting for people’s interests.

Speaking to Malawi24, Wandale said the party’s name is Alliance for Change but it is not registered and it is unofficial as the name would change.

Vincent Wandale

Vincent Wandale: We are going for change.

He claimed that the politicians currently leading Malawi have grown old and are not fit for active politics as they have run out of ideas.

“That is why same old failed ideas are repeated to our dissatisfaction,” said Wandale.

He added that politics is a game for the youth not the elderly but yet in Malawi very old people who have reached the end of their useful life dominate and that is why they engage in corrupt practices which have led to the underdevelopment of Malawi.

Wandale further said that the leaders shamelessly buy expensive vehicles and luxury goods whilst the majority of the voters languish in poverty.

According to Wandale, such acts must change and that is why they came up with the Alliance for Change party.

The party’s goal is to ensure fair distribution of land and make Malawi a federal state like the United States of America.

“We shall make Malawi a federal state like USA so that districts have more power and Central government powers are trimmed to ensure that districts take charge of their affairs beyond the non-functional decentralization,” said Wandale.

He also said that through federal government the special needs of districts will be felt effectively.

Wandale noted that the party will indulge in economic transformation and government will open firms to secure finances for running government and increase wages of government staff to be at par with SADC region in order to reduce corruption which is rampant in the country and is believed to be fuelled by low salaries.

According to Wandale, they shall instil spiritual orientation in all affairs of government and citizens affairs in order to invoke the divine in operation of the state and their values are based on love for self, each other and government as well as self enhancement on all development initiatives.

Meanwhile, Wandale has called on all well-meaning people to join the party to change things in the country rather than complaining daily to authorities who seem to have run short of good ideas.



  1. Viva Wandale…go ahead mudzagawane ma vote a kummwera ndi DPP, PP and UDF thereby showing an exit door to DPP regime kenako MCP ndikudzalowa mosavuta

  2. Clueless. Why not outline vision for a Cattle Ranch, Farm or Factory?. Wandale fought for Land he has no plans for & now finds Politics the only thing he’s capable of doing cos all you need is to be a skillful liar like Uladi Mussa who’s made it through all Parties.

  3. Age is not the issue in Malawi but “Policy implementation “, look at the ruling elite in Israel ?
    We need technocrats in high places, like the ” Chilimas, Gondwe, etc.
    Separation of power, between political and governmental issues.

  4. wandale chamba chakupwqeteka just shut ur ass up!you think malawqians are just tooo dallow to vote for you?akukuziwani ndani inu?mwasuta mbanje eti!mukakhala ku mulanjeko basi mwqakhuta tea munvekele ndambitsa chipani!zaziii olamulila malawi amayamba paita kunja nkubwela sizainuzoyi!mulibe chilichonse and mufuna mpqando!kupusa.

  5. Don’t Ruleout Wandale Until He Fails At The Ballot!!! Afterall, Who Said All Parties Have To Run Government? Have You Thought About An Important Role Of Making A Solid Voice To Influence Government Policy? I Wish To Encourage Him To Keep His Pot Boiling Until Malawians Hear Him Loud And Clear!!!

  6. We dont need more parties we just need a new approch on fighting corruption, the main problem in malawi is not shortages parties or resources, but how much money malawi loses each year through corruption.

  7. Kikikikikikikik……is that the new trick after failing to make Mulanje & Nthyolo to be indepent as a country on its own, then you think of bringing another trick of new blood, and you are referring yourself as a new blood in politics!

  8. This country needs new blood bt this is not the kind of we need. How many countries is he going to represent for we head that he is the president of the Republic of Thyolo and Mulanje?

    Yes we need new blood bt only those who have the love at heart.
    Who will unite and develop Malawi.

  9. U mp atha kuwina even atakhala wa mcp or independent…anapanga kale dzina kwao…u president nde akunama kwambirii

    • Mmmmmmmm man, mkuluyu siwamisala, muzamumvetsetse penapake ali ndi mfundo ndithu zotukulira dziko lino, chomwe chikufunika ndikumupatsa support, onsewa analamulira dziko lino anayamba chonchi, enawa ndiye anangovoteredwa kamba ka mayina koma mfundo zero,. He needs our support ngat nzathu wachinyamata,

  10. Go on these people they want to punish us the way the was punished on their time us will support you new blood is needed your a great fighter and you can be a great leader of visions in front of our kids

  11. Even when he outline his economic vission towards malawi,wandale will not make it. The lands that he is looking to grab if voted in power belongs to estate owner not ignious pple like him.tell him that he is the loosing councourer.

  12. Am fed up with these political parties,we r already angry ndi mbava yoba chimanga so wandale look another thing forming political party will not help u & your pple at all

    • Kkkkk Amwene mwati ali mbuu wandaleyo?ndimaganiza ngati mwina ndikuona ndekha zimenezi,inu zinazi ndizoseketsa ndithu,iyeyu popeza watchuka ndinkhani zolanda minda kwawoko ali basi ine ku state house 2019.

  13. He is wasting his time and resources. I attended the first political rally that our hero Chihana organised at Mulanje Boma Park.In his address he said that he would give back the land that belong to azungu.Tea estates included. I can confirm that before he finished his speech people stated vacating the place.they said no,tea and coffee estates brings employment, gives beauty to Mt Mulanje,there were so many arguments.To conclude,Wandale is fighting a losing battle that’s why Hon Kalindo reversed his gear.he saw it.

  14. This is Wandale of People’s Land Org. now departing from land issues to politics cos he does not have powers to distribute & give land ownership which he only realised a long way after he kickedoff. Young blood in Malawi MUST wait cos Europe & the US could have done it. If you can do it without begging then I’d say, OK.

  15. kenako muzava kuti boma likunena kuti wandale ndi mtsogoleri wazigawenga kuno ku malawi olo maiko azathu akamati zigawenga amanena anthu amene amaima paokha kumati akuzilamulira

  16. What difference will u bring to the people of Malawi Mr Wandale? Embezzling government money only. Tell us your vision on food security and economy

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