Zambia’s opposition leader demands explanation from Mutharika on maize scandal

Edgar Lungu, Peter Mutharika

Zambian opposition United Progressive Party (UDP) leader Savior Chishimba has demanded an explanation from Malawi leader Peter Mutharika and Zambian president Edgar Lungu on the maize deal.

Appearing before the Malawi joint Parliamentary committee that is probing the allegations of corruption, Chishimba disclosed that Mutharika and Lungu owe people of the two countries an explanation as they allowed corrupt transaction under their roofs.

“There is contract law as well as the criminal law, the whole contract is marred with corruption, we have presented evidence of corruption by senior government officials deliberately, the evidence is for the committee the same as which we gave to our Anti-Corruption Commission, in this case the Presidents of the two countries his Excellency professor Peter Mutharika and his Excellency Edgar Lungu owe an explanation to the people of Zambia and Malawi,” said Chishimba.

Malawi President Peter Mutharika
Mutharika is beig asked to explain the deal to Malawians and Zambians.

He further refuted reports that no money was given to any Zambian company for the maize purchase deal arguing that Zambia Cooperative Federation (ZCF) had access to the money.

“At some point K26 billion Malawi kwacha was made available to ZCF, the information that we are getting from the media that no money was exchanged is a mere propaganda to deceive people, a letter of credit is an international instrument and it is used especially when huge money is involved, when PTA Bank made available that facility on 26th July, 2016 at 12 hours, 4 minutes and 13 seconds ZCF had access to that facility,” added Chishimba.

The revelation comes contrary to Reserve Bank of Malawi’s (RBM) claims that no money was given to ZCF as they had only supplied 4000 metric tonnes against 100,000.

Chishimba expressed dismay on the deal arguing that the scandal has been a blow to the poor citizenry of the two countries.

Malawi government embarked on buying staple grains across borders following reports of hunger due to persistent dry spells that led to food insecurity.

However government was faulted for the dubious transaction made in the maize purchase.



  1. oooooo! so sad ,how can Malawi develop with this corruption act? ndie oyambitsa ake kukhala asogoleri omwewonso! shaaaaaaaaa malawi sazatheka

  2. He doesnt have the authority to question our president, thats being disrespectful. Had it been he was a malawian opposition leader, it cud av been fine. Intelligent leaders discuss Important matters indoors for a solution before consultin da press. Only those who want to bring chaos rush to the press with useless info, Misusing their Prominence favors

  3. The Zambian opposition leader is a shame to Zambians.He has shown that Zambians are brutes just like their state president-in-waiting who does not know what a Documentary Letter of Credit is and how it works or does not know the conditions that are stipulated in it for money to be transferred to an account of the exporter. He is daft as to know that the time shown on instrument is either time created or received by the importing or exporting country AND not time money was accessed. According to the L/C conditions of payment, money can only be paid if the exporter can present documents to their bank as stipulated therein I.e invoices, certificate of origin, road transport notes, insurance certificates etcetera showing tranches of a MINIMUM 10000 metric tones and the bank is fully satisfied that they will release money value thereof and not the full amount of the documentary letter of credit. it’s again a shame to Malawians that our parliamentary enquiry commission and the journalist published this trash without understandind the intricacies or nitty gritties of international trade. Mwina muchipita ndi a Rhino Chiphiko anakakuwuzani kuti izi

    ndi mbwelera poti adagwirako m’bank ngati sadayiwale za international trade. Sindinathyole nkhwani ndangodutsamo!

  4. ndiamodzi anthuwa mwaona nanga uja anaponda uja bwanj sakumumanga ???? koma kukhala okuba nkhuku bwezi pano atamumanga kale my malawi oops

  5. Shall Africa ever have an opposition which will work with their Governments for the benefit of the people?. Shall Africa ever have an opposition which will boycott Parliament & their monthly dues to show disappointment with Government business?. Shall Africa ever have an opposition which will be adviser rather than enemy of Governments?. Shall Africa ever have leaders who will get the Continent off the Donours hook?. Shall Africa ever become of People who fully own their Countries & Resources?. Shall Africa ever have leaders who will not invite the White Dictators to come exploit our Natural Resources?. Shall Africa’s experts ever become experts who knows what the Whites know & don’t know?.

    1. That will be impossible. (1) they will be sabotage if western countries don’t get a pie from African resources. They formed ICC but all those countries didn’t joined but want to prosecute African leaders. They are the one causing all this shit so that they can benefit. They will be sanctions against those countries who don’t respond to their call. Poverty is the reason why Africa is fighting among itself. They will use certain groups to gain access to African issues. To me Africa is still colonised in a modern way

    2. Talk about your country & idiots who are destroying the country, remember Africa it’s not country .there are some countries in Africa who are doing well to fight against poverty, just like Botswana, Rwanda, Tanzanian, Zambia, to metion only few.kulephera kwa dziko lanu mu sanamizire Africa ,don’t generalize whole Africa.

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  7. ndikuchita kusirira dziko LA azathu with less corruption, koma mwathu muno mwachuluka mbava zokhazokha ndiye dziko langatukuke bwanji choncho?

  8. So the government has lied that they have received 100,000 tonnes of maize from Zambia and only 4,000 tonnes have been received at the inflated price of $345 per tonne

    Those behind this scam should be arrested and jailed for fraud and theft,

    Admarc should immediately return the price of maize to k5,500

    To steal a tractor is one this to steal food is another the penalty should be swift

  9. Yes!! Nothing wrong for explanation,they are leaders or commanders mikhatheya,they don’t have anything to hideaway frm their people.why people likes to take long time to fix just a simple matter like this?.what is the meaning of this name “president”?Muchiyankhulo chamakolo anga tinganene kuti,ndimunthu amene amakhala woyambilira pachilichonse.Meaning this story is so simple for them to explain.Please tell ur people the truth,and it’s not a sin to do that.fenk you.

  10. Admarc raises the price of maize to k12,500 from k5,500 at the request of the president and Chaponda yet has only received 4,000 tonnes still in a Lilongwe warehouse.

    Shame on this government for taking advantage of the suffering people of Malawi,

  11. When a foreigner sees anomalies which Citizens Can’t detect or r deliberately giving a blind eye .. you just know u r living in a country which is on a Verge of Collapse …Corruption is the quickies spell of doom for this Nation…. only God can save Malawi, I believe people have tried to..

  12. Munakayamba dala ku dziko lawo, ndipo akuvinitsani chikokoshi….. Mundiperekere moni kwa Kaloswe ndi a Chishimba, these are good guys. They dont torallate with plundering of government resources.. Kakakuluma kakuda, umaopa ndi nkala omwe….

    1. tatopadi ndi nkhani zopekazi or enuendos against govt instead of helping in developing our nation. why most african oppositions full of envy & jealousy?

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