Binny Mussa: Afro pop artist geared to save lives through the mic

Binny Mussa

His song titled Confession is already one of the hits making trends but if you ask gospel artist Binny Mussa, his core aims are to preach the gospel and save more through music.

He traces his talent from the time he was a kid to when he became member of Chilumba Choir in Bangwe which is under the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP).

The Blantyre based artist who says he fuses afro pop with classical music as genres maintains he wants to sing the music that brings unity and hope in people. No wonder in his song titled Africa which he featured veterans Anne Matumbi and Pilirani Likonde, he made emphasis on the need for Africa as a continent to unite.

‘’Just like Israelites unite to bring down Jericho, I believe that with unity among us Africans, we could put poverty, hunger, corruption and all sort of the ills we are facing to a halt. That’s the message I placed in this song,” said Binny.

Binny Mussa
Binny Mussa: I want to save lives.

This far Binny has two songs, Africa and Confession, on his table with a confirmation he will be releasing another song next week titled Ng’omayi. Its video will be out in April.

In N’gomayi, he says he hints on the need for Christians to stop judging others.

“You see, I have heard some Christians calling others ‘unholy’ for using drums in their sermons, but I tell them it is the spirit of God that they are dancing to. It is to God that their praise is going,” he adds.

On plans of having an album, Binny makes mention that he intends to have all the groundwork done by the end of this year saying at the moment he has the other songs only written but expects to head to the studio when he feels the preparations are ripe.

Asking on what his take is on how gospel hip hop and other fast trending genres are being embraced by Malawians he sounded very positive.

‘’I think people are now able to move with time. People are accepting change and it is my hope that this will not stop here. Like in my case, I have received a lot of support from my choir mates as well as friends. We are accepting change,” He said.

He has since indicated that he is looking for a manager who could promote his brand and assist him with core advice in his career.

“I want to be holding big shows in my career. But most of all I want people in various Townships to know my music and hear the word of God through music. I would want to preach the gospel that way,” he added.



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