Malawi govt to fire support staff in embassies

Malawi Parliament

Malawi government through the ministry of foreign affairs has disclosed that it will fire support staff working in embassies around the globe.

Confirming the development, spokesperson for the ministry Rejoice Shumba said the move will help the country to save money used to pay salaries for the workers.

Speaking on the local press, Shumba said Malawi is to save K200 million after chopping off 123 support staff working in the country’s embassies.

“They were just too many and we have been spending a lot. Those people that are to be fired include drivers, receptionists, and secretaries,” said Shumba.

Malawi government also embarked on recalling employees who have worked in embassies for a long period as part of public reforms the country works towards on.

However, the recalled embassy workers are yet to come back to Malawi as government has failed to give them money to be used for their journey back home.



  1. Will that allow government to reduce expenditures? What a foolish government! Stop using Benz cars by ministers, reduce ministerial salaries and reduce that 200 presidential cars for one person. Payback maizegate money and reduce the price of maize so people buy government maize. Finally reduce TRAVEL EXPENSES in the government system. With these government will have money!!

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