Men arrested for blocking burial


Police in Mchinji are keeping in custody three men for blocking the burial ceremony of a woman over chieftaincy wrangles, Malawi24 has learnt.

Mchinji Police spokesperson Kaitano Lubrino told Malawi24 that Police established that one of the suspects Maxford Banda, 54, was in 2015 replaced by Makiwelo Aresoni, 48, as village headman Chalunda and since that time the two have been fighting for the position.

According to Lubrino, on Thursday last week a 42 year-old woman Esnart Benala of the same village died and the following day when arrangements for her funeral were in progress the former chief (Banda) and his group stopped the burial  claiming to be the owners of the graveyard.

“A conflict erupted which prompted the police to intervene and it is during this time when Peter Philip, 34, was arrested for conducting himself in a manner likely to cause breach of peace.” Lubrino said.

The arrest angered the ex-chief and his group thus they mobilized themselves and stormed Kapiri Police Unit with intent to rescue their member through force and violence but they were interrupted and dispersed before they had achieved their plans

This development forced the police to arrest Banda and another man Wilson Kanavasi for masterminding the violence.

All the suspects come from Chalunda village in the area of traditional authority Dambe in Mchinji. The three will appear before court soon to answer a case of conduct likely to cause breach of peace contrary to section 181 of the penal code.