Lilongwe mayor reveals his dreams for the city

Desmond Bikoko

The newly elected Lilongwe city mayor Desmond Bikoko has disclosed that he has got big dreams of making the city a good place for all residents.

According to Bikoko, there are a lot of things that are supposed to be tackled to make the city a better place for residents.

Bikoko said that he will among others review the bylaws of the city for the benefit of the citizens.

“I will review all city bylaws to ensure that they are in tandem with the current needs of city citizens. Most of the existing bylaws were last reviewed in 2002. Obviously, these bylaws are outdated and require updating to ensure that they better reflect the political and economic changes that have occurred within the city in the last thirteen years.” Bikoko said.

The mayor claimed that the review of the bylaws will help the Lilongwe City Council to protect and maintain an orderly appearance in the city.

Lilongwe City.
Lilongwe City in the hands of Bikoko.

Talking on auditing of the city council accounts, His Worship Bikoko said that Lilongwe City Council needs to be fiscally accountable in order to achieve the best results that advance interests of city citizens.

According to Bikoko, in this regard his office will engage the office of the Auditor General to provide audit services to the council.

In his speech, Bikoko also talked on revenue management and enhancement of strategies of the city.

“Revenue for the City Council has for the last decade not been growing proportionate to the demand for city’s infrastructural development and this has negatively affected service delivery to city citizens. I will invest my energies towards improving revenue generation for the council by way of implementing a comprehensive Local Revenue Enhancement Plan,” he said.

“I will also champion a Zero tolerance campaign on fraud and corruption among council staff,” He added.

On sanitation of the city Bikoko assured improved refuse collection and waste management policies. Bikoko said that his office will work tirelessly to make the city clean.

“My office will revamp and sustain the Keep Lilongwe City Clean and Green campaign in order to restore the lost beauty of the capital city. We will also engage investors both local and international on the issue of waste management,” he disclosed.

Dr Bikoko also stressed on removal of illegal and substandard structures and illegal vending within the city.

“The city of Lilongwe is currently facing challenges of illegal developments emerging even on prime land of the city. Anyone wishing to build structures must follow the proper procedures. Any structure regardless of its level will be demolished,” Bikoko said.

He then warned all vendors that they will be removed from the streets and allocated to designated areas.

“I am determined to help strengthen the capacity of the city’s enforcement mechanisms. This will include establishment of the Lilongwe City Police Unit within the Directorate of Administration services. The unit will work in conjunction with the Malawi Police Service,” the Mayor said.

Bikoko was elected Lilongwe City Mayor last month. He took over the mayoral office from Willie Chapondera.



  1. Development does not need a PHD, you will be judged after two and a half years, i found your statements wanting, you said you will not remove venders from the street and at the sametime you dream of helping the city council to collect more revenues, and on top of that to review the city bylaws,

    Bambo Bikoko, your friends were there, they came in with flat stomacks and left with pot bellies, i doubt if you are different from them.

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