Chamba farmer fined K30,000


The Machinga second grade Magistrate court on Monday fined a 35 year-old man for cultivating Marijuana which is locally known as Chamba.

According to Machinga police spokesperson Davie Sulumba, the convict has been identified as Square Chiluwe.

Chiluwe was nabbed for cultivating Cannabis Sativa which is in conflict with Sections 6 and 19 of Dangerous Drugs Act.

Presenting facts in court, Machinga police state prosecutor Clif Kalawa told the court that on January 26 police received information that the farmer was growing Cannabis Sativa in his maize garden at Michongwe village, Traditional Authority Nkula in Machinga.

The police officers followed the tip and rushed to the garden where maize, pigeon peas, beans, pumpkins and Chamba were planted together on the same piece of land.

“Police officers uprooted hundreds of trees of Cannabis Sativa and managed to arrest the suspect,” he said.

Following the facts, Chiluwe was found guilty which made Kalawa to ask the court to impose a stiff punishment to the convict saying the crop leads to bad behaviour among users.

However during mitigation, the convict Chiluwe prayed for fair punishment for he is a breadwinner and that he planted the prohibited drugs for fishing.

Passing his judgment, Machinga second grade magistrate Maxwell Boazi asked government to sensitize communities about the illegal drug.

He then ordered Chiluwe to pay the sum of K30,000 or in default to spend 20 months in prison with hard labour.

Square Chiluwe comes from Umbwa Village, Traditional Authority Kuntumanji of Zomba district.

Growing, selling, possessing or using marijuana is a criminal offence in Malawi. However, marijuana is estimated to be the largest unofficial export in the country.



  1. Tyen tilime bas komazanganazo ndiye zopusa mangan amaizegarte ndipo schikuyenda malonda bola vender akumamva chichewa

  2. Well the mw police charged him, y ths hpn to poor pp only. U r failing to arest n charge those corruption pp in gorvenment. What abwt Chaponda and Peter Muthalika also their frnds y nt arest them?????mukungoti mukufufuza kaye dele mwagawana kale chumacho. Ndemukakolopola 30.000 imeneyo mukuona ngati ikupititsan kuti??? Basi ife tilibe mbali inu idyani ndalama yolanda amphawiyo. Ansaaaa bwanji osamanga kaye azinzanuwo, m,bimamonso muli achamba koma samangidwayi.

  3. Paul Gumbwa zoona kod anthu osathamanga bwanj tatipasani Ma no a Mr President izii Zopusa mutiuzenso kumene mumachisunga

  4. Dziko lathu!!!mukava kut walakwitsa mmphawi ndiye kuthamanga,koma abwanawa Eeeeee investigation til 1year komaso zozula chambazo you can go to nkhotakota aplace known as Maliwa u wil find hektors of Malijuana,kodi tiziti simudziwa ulimi oti ukuchitika mdziko mommuno?kapena mmafuna mudzipanga nonkhanokha buzness imeneyi?muzatilankhutsa pa mbali

  5. Mmmm thats the way if is, mukusiya anthu akuba m’bomamu nkumalimbana ndi munthu yemwe akufuna kudzithandiza yenkha, mmalanda chamba koma simumanena komwe mmapita nachooo, dziko lidasiya kulemba anthu ntchito, mazula sakufuna anthu obwera mdziko lawo, kodi mukufuna anthu achite chiyani? Wake up malawi.

  6. This is insane,why is our government still victimising poor people who are trying to lift the lives by not doing bad things like stealing,make it legal now coz there’s nothing we can do

  7. Why? Aaaaaaa no judge should review this, chamba farmer cultivated by himself, why not these who smuggle maize money.

  8. Poor people will always become victims of impartial judicial systems designed to defend politicians and the rich …… may God have mercy on us.

  9. They cant even Fine the cash and maize gate victims but buys punishing the poor people for nothing.Our God is not asleep 1 day is 1 day these people will face there own problems.

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