Prophet Samuel’s Chiukepo prophecy comes true

Prophet F.T Samuel

Prophet F.T Samuel’s 2015 prophecy that Nyasa Big Bullets striker will return to South Africa looked to be in doubt as two years passed by, but now it has come true.

This follows Chiukepo’s move to Golden Arrows where he has signed a six month contract with an option of extending it to two years.

In 2015, Prophet FT Samuel wrote on his Facebook page his prophecy that Chiukepo Msowoya will go back to South Africa.

Prophet F.T Samuel
Prophet F.T Samuel: Prophesied Chiukepo’s fate.

According to a recent Facebook post on Prophet Samuel’s page, Chiukepo confirmed to the prophet through a phone call that he and his wife kept the prophecy by the man of God.

“My wife and I kept the word and we were interceding over and over again for it to come to pass, knowing that soon or later the words shall come to pass,” the player was quoted as saying on Prophet FT Samuel ministries Facebook page.

Chiukepo added that in the same year (2015) the prophecy was made, he travelled to South Africa for trials but he did not make it though he did not lose hope.

“In 2015 I went to South Africa for trials but I did not make it. However, I did not lose hope because we kept Abraham’s faith which says; ‘God has spoken. I believe it shall come to pass’,” Chiukepo said.

Chiukepo further said that at the start of this year the prophet instructed the church to enter into 21 days of praying and fasting.

The Bullets forward further said that in his family they took the prophet’s instruction as vital and 7 days after they started fasting he started receiving calls from South Africa and went on to secure the move to Golden Arrows.

On his move, the player said he is in South Africa because God has accomplished things which seemed so hard.



  1. Let me reserve my comment, just know that there at least 10 signs of a true prophet, to the law and testmony…. if they do not speak according to this word there is no light in them ….

  2. Son of serpent if u don’t hv gud word in ur mouth close ur mouth against prophets don’t close the door b4. U go out of ur home don’t be clever your blind

  3. It was an obvious thing something to happen in the world of sports or football. Players are always given on loans.Players are always moving up and down looking for greaner pastures.Clubs are always looking for services from good players.That is what happens in sports. So it is only a foolish man who can see this as a prophecy.

    1. Nanga adzititenga ngat ife mazoba man ?,Bible linatiu kale kut masiku omaliza kudzabera ananeli abodza.ndipo ndindani sadziwa kut Red means Danger ?,samalani afuna kukunyengani

  4. Tiku khala mu nthawi ya uneneri.Ndipo aliyense akungoti ndine m’neneli.Koma adzasankha yekha mwana wa Mulungu akamabwera. {Joseph Nkhasa’s song}

  5. Chiukepo ananama kale zaka zake zobadwa kwa bugwe lounikira za masewera a miyendo. Osamuuza kuti apange Kaye confess za boza lakero bwa?? Kenako nkumlotera.

  6. Kikikikikik….zaulendo unodi2 izi, the end of time, you usually prophesised for other people’s misfortunes like death, sickness, poverty etc, does it mean that God revealed only bad things and hide good things from you?….is this really the God of Abraham whom you save? Jesus used to bring lucky where there is misfortune, life where there is death, rich where there is poverty, hope where there is hopeless, light where there is darkness, and joy where there is tears. But I wonder with your work as men of God, you do things in an opposite way, you bring hopeless where there is hope etc!

    1. you_want prophets to say only for tunes, and not to warn you of bad things to come. That is why you fill the churches of prosperity preachers and forget to repent. Keep it up ynd face the results

    2. No, not only fortunes, you miss my point there, they should sometime come up with a solution for those misfortunes not to occur!

    3. Read the book of Jeremiah. Jeremiah was a prophet who foretold the people of wat God would do if they did not change their ways. Sometimes it was hard fo him to tell the people he would even weep cause he knew the consequences if the people did not change their ways. He was even nicknamed the weeping prophet.

    4. The prophets which we have today they don’t warn or preach for the change rather they are just making names in the name of prophecising, every prophet is like he want to be known to the world because of prophecising misfortunes!

  7. Koma prophet ameneyu ndiye utinso. Eeee koma. Ndiye ma prophet angoti mbweee ngati kubala kwankhobwe. Koma zoona prophet weniweni angauzidwe ndimulungu nkhani yampira? Mukufuna kundiuza kuti mulungunso amakomda kuonera nawo mpira? Kkkkk koma yah simunati. A prophet

  8. so u think you are smart by raising your satanic voice against a true man of God in Malawi? you talk and judge as if you are the heaven angels.u dont know even the door of Yahweh’s place of worship

    1. Symon Lutepo go and read your bible you will find out that its the best prophet, all is said in the bible is has been fulfilled, its being full filed and it will be filed.

      Not the prophets you are talking about . and its even clear to you that this man’s prophecy is fake. Hope you have eyes to see for your self.

    2. Do we have true prophets these days? The Bible tells us only about false prophets that will rise in these our days. When Jesus was on earth, thousands of people never followed him because he was preaching about heavenly things yet prophets of today are followed by thousands because they are preaching about earthy things.

  9. Bullets fan ndinu opeperadi ndithu ndi chimodzimodzi kukuloserani kuti when You get married you will be doing sex with your spouse
    Inu basi kukapelekera umboni kkkkkk

  10. Chiukepo,,,,,? Mulungu wake ut? Simulungu waBushiri uyu,,?

  11. Ndizoona Zake Munthuyu Siotchuka Komaso Alibe Ndalama Koma Akanakhala T B Kapena Bushili Nose Bwezi Mukungoti Zoonadi Munthu Wa Mulungu Kusonyeza Kusazindikila Amalawi!!!, Bola Ine Poti Zama Prophert Adziko Lapasi Ndilibe Nazo Ntchito M’prophert Wanga Ndiyesu Ekha Basi Asaa Koma Inu Ndinu Anthu Opanda Manyazi Eti Kumuvomeleza Munthu Kuti Walosela Zoona Mumachita Kufuna Kuti Munthuyo Akhale Wa Ndalama Eti???.

  12. i see great multitude of people ,they talk like they know real sense they Know nothing,,,those who insult,do you know Prophet ft Samuel? or have you ever attend any service hosted by this Man of God? guys stop talk nosense ,,if you belong to darkside dont underate ppo of God(thou thas satan business) if you may not chabge you catch fire..chifukwa choti ndinu a Seveth day,Zambez,CCAP,Catholic you think your church and revs,ansembe ndi olungama? you bored me guys……….

    1. I do agree with U,I hv been following this man of God since 2009 & he z a true man of God I wonder why people of nowadays like to judge instead of repeant there sins so that God can forgiv them

  13. Kkkkkkkkk Zaulendo uno Akaweluza yekha ndithu olenga dzuwayo, taloselani zomwe chaponda akumane nazotu, Kaya nde utinso iweyo omalosela zaku Ground we kaya asaaaaa

  14. Koma akadakhala Bushiri bwenzi mukuti “Amen Papa, Thats my papa” poti awa ali mbuu alibe ndalama siotchuka mukuwatukwana..Nosense!!

    1. ??? I wonder why Bushiri followers goes to work every morning ..yet their major is preaching about miracle money ..?????? am just thinking ????

  15. Tinawerengapo pena pake on social media that “Football is satanism” Ndiye munthu wa Mulungu walosera uyu kuti che Chiukepo Yakoub Msowoya waku Jonz kukakankha chikopa, shd we stand against the man of God. Last days ………no comment

  16. Nde Atapulumuke Ndan? Ztpindulira Chan Pakhan Ya Chipulumuso,? Kkkkkk Mateyu 24:24

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