Mutharika to make first travel of 2017


Malawi President Peter Mutharika will on Sunday  fly to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia to attend 28th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Governments of the African Union (AU).

Peter Mutharika Ethiopia

President Mutharika: Heading to Ethiopia this Sunday.

According to a statement signed by Presidential Press Secretary and Spokesperson Mgeme Kalirani, Mutharika is expected to depart for Ethiopia through Kamuzu International Airport (KIA).

The African Union (AU) is a continental union consisting of 54 countries in Africa.

It was established on 26 May 2001 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and launched on 9th July 2002 in South Africa with the aim of replacing the Organisation of African Unity (OAU).

The most important decisions of the AU are made by the Assembly of the African Union, a semi-annual meeting of the heads of state and government of its member states.

The AU’s secretariat, the African Union Commission , is based in Addis Ababa.

Some of the objectives of AU are to achieve greater unity and solidarity between the African countries and Africans, to defend the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of its member states , to accelerate the political and social-economic integration of the continent , to promote and defend African common positions on issues of interest to the continent and its peoples, to encourage international cooperation, taking due account of the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to promote peace, security, and stability on the continent.

Malawi’s former president late Bingu wa Mutharika headed the contintinental organisation from 2010 to 2011.



  1. Thus my president. Osati za fake zinani ati mapulezident a village bank, milaga, malimana mkumati mungalamule dziko… Long live APM long live pwiyapwiya…. travelling mercies.

  2. Whe muntharika, went to American and remained there for couple of weeks, my fellow Malawians were busy talking too much. When american assisted Malawi with money , Malawians never ask a lot of questions about the money. Now president is going to Ethiopia for a u.n summit, Malawians have already started crying. Whats long with our country? Is it because we are poor , savages or because we are just Malawians?

    • Ndiye ngat america inathandiza ndi ndalama ndiye zili kuti??….inu zinakufikani??…mayesa amakapempha okha ndikumadyanso okha….chaponda ..iyeyo bwampiniyo ndi ka crew kawo ..
      Ameneyo musyeni apite zomwe akapemphezo akadyenso yekha

    • Malawi is poor both in mind and property. Anthu ake mbuli. Zokhazokha. Sidziko loti uzisiya zomwe umachita mkumati u are dying for ur nation mmmmmm U will suffer greatly… Ena amene anapitako ku xool ndiye zimene ziri zidebe zadziko lamalawi.. Long live Mutharika

  3. Yoh! Big mistake. U sent him to America he didn’t want to come back. Now he is going to Addis Ababa, trust me he is going there for good. May b he is gonna come back with One leg hanging in the Air

  4. Hahahhah… Malawi is the poorest country in the WORLD… Followed by burundi.. Hahahahaahahaaah.. And when it cames to education i dont know if malawi is havng education .. Shame on uuuuiiuuuuuuuuuuuu malawians

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