Changaya fired as TCC boss


…redeployed to ministry of Agriculture

Malawi president Peter Mutharika has fired chief executive officer for the Tobacco Control Commission (TCC) Dr Albert Changaya  and has redeployed him to the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and water development.

Dr Albert Changaya

Dr Albert Changaya moved from TCC.

Government has not yet provided any reasons for the firing of the executive officer.

Meanwhile, David Luka who deputised Changaya at the Tobacco Control Commission has taken over as acting chief executive officer.

Tobacco remains Malawi’s main foreign exchange earner despite the ongoing global anti- smoking lobby.

President Mutharika recently vowed that Malawi will keep on supporting its tobacco industry, the mainstay of the economy.

This is happening at a time when the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and water development where Changaya has been redeployed to  has been implicated in the maize saga.

*Additional reporting by Chilenje Chilenje



  1. Kodi why is the president unnecessarily busy with appointments and dismissal of CEOs in such companies? Aren’t there Boards of directors and why don’t people go through interviews when hiring?

    The President must concentrate on strategic position and direction of a country, not small things eish….