Retraction of the Leonard Kalonga death story


On Friday evening we incorrectly reported Leonard Kalonga, a convicted criminal in the cashgate scandal had passed away.

Malawi24 would like to apologise for publishing the incorrect story.

Kalonga, who served as Assistant Director of Tourism, was convicted soon after pleading guilty in August 2015 for stealing close to K4 billion of public funds.

He is yet to be sentenced and is being remanded at Zomba maximum prison awaiting his sentence.

He once named and implicated Malawi former president Joyce Banda  as cashgate’s big fish, saying the loot was intended to fuel Mrs. Banda’s presidential campaign.

Besides implicating Joyce Banda who he said was pocketing 60 percent of the loot, Kalonga also named former budget director Paul Mphwiyo whose shooting led to the unravelling of Cashgate scandal.

He claimed the former budget director was promoted to the position by President Banda as a token of appreciation for his ‘good work’ in sourcing funds for People’s Party (PP).

Kalonga was then  listed a key witness in a case in which Mr. Mphwiyo is answering K2.4 billion cashgate charges.

He will be  appearing before the court on 6th February 2017 for cross examination from Mphwiyo’s lawyers.

Senzani had also named the former President as a key player in the scandal that saw close to 600 billion disappearing from the public coffer.



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  8. When you posted i immediately said “Lie Lie Lie,” You Need To Tell The Truth Like Caleb and Joshua to attract greatness, and i said Kalonga is alive. Congratulations for retraction and your apologies you are maturing with time. blessing always follow the humble and not the proud.

  9. First it was Madonna story,today is about Leonard Kalonga.What kind of page is this? Bring half baked stories oh not half baked but lies. I will never ever trust this page anymore.

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  16. You owe this man a handsome apology not just by writing. This is very pathetic. He should sue you so that you can stop reporting your shit news before verifying.

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    • Not true …..These are are some of the stupid and poor souls aimed at damaging peoples reputation. Leonard Karonga is just very okay not even headache.

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