Malawi’s Finance Minister slammed over ‘Civil Service is a calling’ remark


He might have only managed to stress a point but Malawi’s Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe has not been spared with hilarious responses over his recent remark that civil servants should stop demanding pay hike saying the civil service is a calling.

Earlier this week the Minister asked told all civil servants to stop demanding more money from government by telling them off to go work with the private sector if they want to be rich.

But there has been a serious reaction to this remarks on the internet.

Goodall Gondwe

Goodall Gondwe says civil servants need to stop demanding salary hike.

In response to Gondwe’s sentiments through an article the Malawi24 carried earlier on, some Malawians have slammed the minister arguing the cost of living have gone up hence a call to have their salaries revised.

“Even presidential and ministerial positions are noble, as such they should be humble and have modest salaries equivalent to that of teachers, they should also stop residing in the opulent areas of area 43, 10, 9 in the capital Lilongwe” wrote Fred Muyawa.

While Watson Chirwa wrote “Vindele Vakufikapo ivo (the most stupid people), they don’t think about others, they focus on their life, God is watching you, you are going to perish”.

Dinga Tyson wrote “ine maganizo anga ndi akuti, kodi kuitanidwa kukhale kwa ogwira ntchito boma okha, iwowo aziba ndalama za msokho (my opinion is, is the call only for the civil servants while them have that power to steal what people have generated through tax).

According to a survey by Center for Social Concern (CFSC) conducted in last year, Malawians are sailing through times following the weakening of the currency a development that has pushed the cost of living up.

The survey disclosed that by October last year the cost of living has gone up with 27 percent.



  1. Mbazeleza awa. Icho chaluwa kuti chikupanga nthena chifukwa chakuti Asambizi wakachisambizga. Mwahuno mbwe chikuzgoka kuti wasambizi waleke kupoka ndalama zinandi. Pala nhkufuntha ine Agogo mba sing’anga mbwe Uzamuchila

  2. Thats why i hate old dudes in power…. This man as a psychologist he needs to retire because his thinking is going back to childhood….

  3. Let’s don’t blame God here. We are idiot and docile. How can we let these people abuse us in this way? A sign that we are tired of this nonsense those who have reached pension period should start applying. Enough is enough. Teachers wake up please you are always the victims.

  4. Agogowa nzeru zikuonetsa kuti zikunkachepelachepelabe kaamba ka ukalamba nde zimene akunenazo musazidzitengere serious kwenikweni, munthu akamakalamba zambiri zimasintha

  5. Revisit your manifesto as DPP gorverment, u said mudzakweza malipilo a ma civil servants becoz amalandira ochepa. So people are expecting that not what u r saying.

  6. Civil servants will labour in vain till politicians know how important are civil servants. Am shoked with what has been said about civil dervants. Only God knows the destiny of civil servants in Malawi.

  7. Goodal atakhala alimugulu lanyama angakhale chani,,? Nyerere,,,fuko,,,mbuz,,,chiswe,,,nthusi,,,? Mbuz zaanthu,,,DPP siboma ai,,,otsutsawa akamakamba tamaveraniko fundo zawo abale,,komaso aphunzitsi akumalaw ndagalu,,sapangana chmodz,, ndwo adathandza agalu amenewa kukhala pampando,,musaliree,,

  8. they dont know kuti boma amasintha ndi ma civil civil servant has more than 50 benefishers which translate to 50+votes

  9. I think in alectro reform civil servants should have to vote separately before Commons villagers
    Mumapezera kuwanamiza anthu akumudzi poti chifukwa zamazindikira msanga

  10. Tsonotu nde muyaluka ndimabodza anu aja inu a DPP.kaya lidali dyera ndi ulamuliro? koma nde tikuziona,tikuziva ndikuzigwira komwe. Kaya ndiye 2019 muzinama kuti chiyani? Koma ndibwino mungosiya bomali m’manja mwa enidziko a MCP kuti apitilize kulitukula uku anthu ogwira ntchito m’boma akusangalala ndi malipilo ogwirika. Osati zanu zokanikazi.who told you that we are all pastors? Even pastors in the church are so demanding on monetory issues involving them.zaoneka zokha kuti mwakanika kulamulira MALAWI.Ingodikirani 2019 kuti mukapume, MALAWI ndi wamkulu simungamuthe muwalekere aCHAKWERA!!!!!!!!!

  11. This is the beginning of the war. Sangabwere munthu wa ku Namibia kudzatimenyera nkhondo; lets fight 4 our freedom today and the freedom of our children. Izi sizomveka olo pang’ono iwo omwewa ankatiuza akadzalowa m’boma samadzatipatsa ma change aku shoprite. Lero akanene izi; we want salary hike immidiately

  12. During campaign they said will make civil servants receive salary not changes they receive now they are talking nonsense.They take civil servants as their kids.They should know that voting itself will count against their evil speeches

  13. No civil servants can’t stop begging their boss for increment while gov funds has been wasted by pig headed ministers like Chaponda.

  14. He must be called first himself. These idiots must give a good example then the rest will follows. Kodi iyeyo bwanji osavolontiya shaaa ses yerrrrrrr geeez

  15. What Goodall Gondwe said is a well known fact.In the Malawi Civil Service salaries have always been low and there seems to be no chance of raising them.Malawians who work in the service do so for the love of the job.They are career officers and genuine patriots.They deserve respect.
    It is out of order for the Minister to be opening a can of worms with his old mouth,talking about things he has no control of.He shouldn’t have commented on salaries.Civil service has its line ministry.
    Hon. Gondwe should learn to keep quiet, sometimes straight talk can easily be misconstrued.Look now he is seen as if he is the one who insults civil servants!!!

  16. It is because of action of some few greedy civil servants to enrich themselves, that majority are suffering as a result. It will take time in Malawi now for politicians to convince those majority innocent people who are looking for their share, after what happened during madam Banda’s administration, where cash became cheap and locally found. How shall we explain now to make people understand? This is a big and serious problem in Malawi now. Nobody will trust another. Mistrust caused by greedy people to retain power and positions in government that a vicious circle is in existence.

  17. Akula awa akapume asiyiree anyamata nanga sipoti iwowa malipiro awo akumakwera each and evry day mix kuba eeeshii shameee tizingodikira tsiku lachiweruzoo basiii

  18. They can call us any name our God will help us on ballot paper even Satan knows it and you will live in exile! Tatopa ndi anthu osamva iyaaaaaa Bingu dzatenge mizukwa iyiii

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