Confirmed: Malawi to start 2019 Afcon race at home


The Malawi national team will ignite the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) qualifying campaign at home by hosting the winner between Comoros and Mauritius in June, Malawi24 has learnt.

After hosting the winner between Comoros and Mauritius the Flames will travel to Morocco for the second match in March next year.

In September next year the Flames will play back to back matches with Cameroon starting away then at home before traveling to either Comoros or Mauritius.

Malawi Flames- cosafa

Flames start the qualifying campaign at home.

The Malawi national team will finish their Afcon campaign with a home fixture against Morocco in November. If it happens that Cameroon has finished top of the group, the runner-up will automatically to the final tournament, with no other team eligible to qualify from the group.

However, if the host team is either in 3rd or 4th place, the winner if the group qualifies to the final tournament and the runner-up will be eligible to qualify as one of the best runners-up.

For Malawi to qualify, they must top the group and if they fail to finish top of the group, they must finish as one of the three best runners-up in the qualification phase.

Below is the full fixture

13 June 2017

Cameroon vs Morocco

13 June 2017

Malawi vs Winners 2

27 March 2018

Morocco vs. Malawi

27 March 2018

Winners 2 vs. Cameroon

3 September 2018

Cameroon vs. Malawi

3 September 2018

Morocco vs. Winners 2

11 September 2018

Malawi vs. Cameroon

11 September 2018

Winners 2 vs. Morocco

16 October 2018

Morocco vs. Cameroon

16 October 2018

Winners 2 vs. Malawi

13 November 2018

Malawi vs. Morocco

13 November 2018

Cameroon vs. Winners 2



  1. A Malawife tili ndi vuto m’malo molimbikitsa. Timatsogoza
    Miseche!! Mphwayi!! Kutukwana! !
    Ndichifukwa chake always timakhala obwerela. M’mbuyo pa zithu zambiri:
    Boza tizawakutha amenewo akabwera kuno ku Malawi!!

  2. amalawi amzanga musavutike cause game imeneyo mukuti kaya ili mu June ife ngati amalawi tadziwa kale kuti tizaluza. even amzathuwo akamabwera azachita kubwera mwamphamvu cause akuziwa kuti we are the poorest in everything.

  3. They is no National team in malawi, let us just focus on our local soccer, atleast we should have funny with these our local football clubs!