Zani Challe explains why she picked Nigerian producer

Zani Challe

Zani Challe talsk her moves now.

Musician Zani Challe has revealed the reason behind her choice of Nigerian celebrity beatmaker E Kelly in her music project.

E Kelly who produced Challe’s Single Tonight has once again engineered the songstress’ latest track entitled Chikondi Chako.

His heroics in music production makes it impossible for Zani to ignore him.

Her work relationship with the Nigerian producer begs the question, is Zani Challe trying to establish roots in Nigeria?

In an exclusive interview with Malawi24 on Monday, Zani Challe revealed as to why she is working with E Kelly.

“No he is just a producer I work well with.It’s not about targeting any country in particular. He is the main producer on my project though I am working with a few other producers,” said Zani Challe.

The African goddes has received positive feedback for her latest work from Malawians. Her mission to continue flying the black, red and green colours on an international stage continues to earn her compliments.

Last year her efforts were locally recognised in the Urban Music Party Awards as the best female artist in the year.

She also earned a nomination in Africa Music Awards but lost out.

Having introduced herself in Malawi with Ndiphunzitse in 2015, she has now gone all the way to be an African phenomenon. The journey continues with the Lagos based producer among the magicians behind her success.

Just like any other artist with an identity, Zani Challe mostly sings in Chichewa, Malawi’s widely spoken language.

In Chikondi Chathu the language could not be trashed as a vehicle for transfering love message.



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