NGO volunteers donate to visually impaired children

ICS Progressio

Malawian volunteers of the United Kingdom based Non-Government called ICS Progressio which is a non-profit organization have donated various items to Ekwendeni Resource Centre, School for the visually impaired children in Mzimba district.

The Organization that partners with various organization such as Yuneco and Twovirane works with youth ranging from 18 to 25 years of as volunteers to transform the society with the issues to do with development.

According to one of the youth who attended the donation ceremony, Madalitso Mwenda Progressio Northern Region Chapter various things such as plastic buckets and seeds to the blind children.

ICS Progressio
ICS Progressio members doing the charity work.

Mwenda added that the volunteers also established a garden that they believe that the vegetables will help to improve the nutrition of the children.

“My friends and I  have volunteered ourselves to join this Non Government organization to improve the lives of the people that is why we have come to donate here, “said Mwenda.

Apart from donation, the volunteers also painted the infrastructures of the resource Centre.

Progressio is the organization that rope in youth to be working as volunteers to become active citizen with the aim of transforming the society.

The volunteers in the organization are in three regional chapters namely Sothern, Northern and Central and also have a national aluminum network.

Currently it is around 350 youth in the northern chapter who have so far volunteered with Progresssio through partner organisation.



  1. At last Northern Malawi gets NGOs donations, just hopping the donation was not turned down from other regions!

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