Malawians in SA living in fear over threats of fresh xenophobic attacks

Emmanuel Sithole

Fresh calls to have all immigrants in South Africa sent back to their respective countries have led to fears of xenophobic attacks.

According to reports that stormed the social media over a week ago, South Africans say they do not want illegal immigrants arguing that they are responsible for high unemployment to the citizens of the country.

A door to door operation was put forward to trace foreign nationals, with much target on Nigerians, Pakistanis and Zimbabweans.

Emmanuel Sithole
South African men brutally murder Mozambican, Emmanuel Sithole in Xenophobic charged attacks. (File image)

However, Gauteng Provincial police spokesperson Kay Makhubela downplayed the reports describing them as “malicious and false”.

“From the police side, there is absolutely nothing of that sort, we don’t really know where that information is coming from,” Makhubela was quoted on the South African press.

Malawi is one of the countries registering high inflow of immigrants to South Africa to seek greener pastures.

Hundreds of Malawians take the long journey to South Africa without proper travel documents a development that put them in fear of deportation once caught by the authorities.

During the recent xenophobia attacks, Malawians were some of the victims of torture by the South Africans.

Later the Malawi government intervened by sending buses to take all Malawians who were staying in the country without proper documents to support their stay.



  1. May the soul of the guy being stabbed in the picture rest in peace, his name was Emmanuel from Mozambique he died few hours after that photo was taken, very bad

  2. Koma Malawi 24 ngati uli munthu ndingopempha Mulungu kuti akuchotsere matsiku ako amoyo wako kuopa kuti ungasocheletse mtundu wa anthu, mumakonda kulemba nkhani zaboza zomwe anthu ena osafunira anzawo zabwino amalemba mma Facebook.

  3. Am here in SA & I hardly hear about this so if it is TRUE then am very happy bcoz thats hw I can knw how bad or good in far away from my country life is koma SITIBWELERA KU MALAWI chfkwa cha izi,boma losathandiza ngati limenelo mpaka litasiya kulamulira basi

  4. These are so arrogant and ignorant people. The whole Africa really stood up for them when whites inslaved them

  5. Ameneyo NDE Malawi ndimamudziwa ine ….! Nsanje, miseche, ufiti ndi kaduka ngodya zinayi. Kkkkkk mukuchedwa limbikirani ntchito basi…..!

  6. As the picture shows here are they malawians? Do yu know what went wrong bttn these 2men?malawi24 is failing to tell the truth about the source of their financing,then they cant tell us the truth.

  7. Malawi 24 is a fortress of lies,they exaggerate&translates illusions into news while becoming a stronghold of the basic truth,really a lie can travel halfway,while the truth is putting on its shoes.

  8. Wokufa lero samafa mmawa.death is something that every living thing will face one way or the other.whether its thru xeno attacks or natural death.let them bring the attacks,it’s their home land anyway.but nothing will last forever.

  9. I’m 100% agree with u Lameck Malawi24 are vey stupid there is no such things here not even romuor u are very very stupid Malawi 24 if u dont have anything to write u rather keep quit u assholes

  10. These stupid rumours r jst created nd distributed by cowards, foolish nd ignorants Mlwans staying in RSA who doesnt kno wht they want and they hv nothing to achieve in lyf. They r jst like a cow led to slaughter shame!

  11. Copied….
    We sincerely apologise to all our fellow South African citizens, if you staying with a foreign national without proper documentation or you employ an illegal migrant you therefore get jail penalty. From 2017/01/23 all illegal immigrations should be handed over to home affairs for deportation, if any illegal foreigner caught by the officials or SAPS should comply within our government new constitution against its citizens. It is therefore in the police hands to start the opereration from roadblocks and door to door arrests and the government officials visits all companies by Monday to check the validity of foreign national documents and failure to do so,the company has to be closed down ,please forward it over to warn all illegal immigrants ;by the DHA

  12. i wonder why you people like this nonsense thing all the time if is a Malawiam ho staying here or you guys omwe muli kumuziko i fill shem on you

  13. Enanu mudaliso ka nkuno mwachokako chifukwa cha zolinga zanu musanyoze anthu omwe tili kunofe ayi si ife takuuzani kuti muchokeko kuno,komaso mukuoneka choncho pomwe mulipo chifukwa cha kuno mudali ndani inu mu nthawi IJA musadabwele kuno Ku SA?

  14. You never warned by war but rumours of war….It was something like this in 2015 till we saw it with our naked eyes….don’t bother kti xeno idzatha just open your eyes people….athuwa amakhla ngt they are joking behind the scene Ali very serous about it…bacarefull that’s wat to do.

  15. Do me favour pls Malawi24,get out of (on Facebook) repeating get out of here with ur rubbish post. Y don’t u post abt Malawi bvz there is poverty but u r wasting time talking abt Malawians living in SA.ife tikudya tikugona bwinobwino opanda kuganiza bodza lanu mukufalitsalo.

  16. You poor Malawian journalist, send me your account no I wanna dipost R100000 for your foolishnes. You spent 16 year in class just learning how to lie?

  17. Mumathawa Misokho Kuno Ku Malawi Kumakapeleka Kwaini, Ikayamba Ndikumapepha Boma Lizakutengeni, Apa Mukukanika Kumvesa “Fears Of”,
    Home Is Best

  18. Nkhani iyi ndiyowona, zachitika ku Rusternburg, anthu atatu apha mu Malawi koma amangidwa, ndiye atola nkhani musawonjedze polemba nkhani, palibe amene amakhala mwamantha kunoko.

  19. There typical news circulating on the social sites by headless pple, I have bn hearing this also from other midjombaz but i refute this news as a complete fake one, am always being in RSA , i have several RSA’s news pages, Gurdian news paper, i rate them the best, there is #TheSowetan news paper, #The Citizen news paper , ANC party page, DA page, EFF party page, and i even got the political parties leaders’s pages, i have never ever heard of this social site circulation of this so called #possible fresh Xenophobia. Zuma has never uttered such falacy statement neithr Cyril Ramaphosa his Vice president, plz send back the lie to the liar and hime/ them that to hell they / he or she may go, thanks

  20. This rumour is true but ndife tokhatokha obwela tikufalisa izi…..coz wen u ask any southafrican they say they knw nothing about it…….pena pake tokha timadzipangisa kut tilandile chilango…..but if it is true we will not allow them to kill us mahala aaaaaaaaaaa nono takana….this yr zikwanje zituluka bas we r more than them here better cooperation only……….take it easy sitikupita kumalawi mpaka tidzafune tokha.

  21. Fortune or misfortunes never come singly.remember the april 2015 attack.rumours started likewise.peopple were not ready,till they were cut into pieces at camera

  22. If u don’t hav interesting news to write then go to hell. If u don’t hav anything to do, go and sit in the pit latrine for an hour. u will be fresh

  23. This is absolutely nonsense where is this happen I think you must just fire your reporter his just drinking beer here instead of doing his job

  24. Inu mumangoti Malawians are living in fear??? Kutionelera ifeyo amene timakhala kumaiko akunjafe kapena chani?????

  25. You need deliverance from that pastor of yours , Malawi 24 that demon is very strong ican see it, one day that demon will destroy your life, your lucky to be chosen by the devil and he is using you to post all these lies everyday.mukapanda kunama simugona . Malawi 24 sathana is your father, he is the father of all liers. And then next week you will be sending messages kuti mukufuna iPhone s7 ngongole. Kapena plasma. 32 inch.Ningasiphaphere impilo yekhu masiyafa akunandabha , shuti nkulunkulu ubhalire ukuthi sizofera khona

  26. so sorry Malawi 24 am calling my wife by the end of this month to come here in cape town to help me to eat Inyama badyani mathelele anuwo Kaye plus kusowa chochita Kumapanga post nkhani nzoti sizizachitikanso mu SA Muno ngati mfumu ya Azulu inathawa dziko lake ndiye iwe uti chati mwina xenophobia imeneyo ndiyakumalawikomko Mbuzi ya munthu Iwe. stop posting shit stories here!!

  27. Yyyy Malawian fans u lyk to writing funcken shit story lyk dis……?
    I think it’s jealous & may u b happy wen u c Malawian people is in prblm here neh??
    Its not gud guys u talk many lies there,but here their is no one hu make xenophobic so stop to talking shit there ……….

  28. Iwe undimvetse usaone ngat malawi yakale yakumudzi ikupezeka kuli ana atown pano ngat umaona ngat malawi ndiyopusa nyini ya mako kuthako kwako ukuona ngat timaopa ife okufa saziwika ukuona ngat akufawa si anthu? Usamale ndi nkhani zopusa zakozi ukafuna kutchuka lemba za kumachende ako osati zopusa zakozo….fuck u all of u…

  29. Am in plettenberg bay you can see my plfl just injoying Indian Ocean nothing is yet bad..just pray for us kuti chikhocho chisabwelenso kwa ife

  30. uleke kumakamba nkhani zabodzazi kapena kunoko kuli m’bale wako ndamene wakuwuzayo kut akukhala mwamantha ndiwe chitsiru malo omwe uliwo fresh xenophobia what does it mean thats nonsense fuck you

  31. Stop sending nonsense who told we know that story don’t there were killing them self’s yet today you want to send on public your a bloody fool see what you can post not this sorry lier were here and we’ll be here in Allah’s will

  32. iiii foto akuwonesa apayi ndiyakalekale siwakumalawinso munthuyu kukhala ngati anali wakuzimbabwe nkhani yakenso yinavuta ku court (not concerning xeno ayi)

  33. Mukasowa cholemba muzingokanda machende ndi ananyongo anuwo ngati chili chamba mumasutira kukhutu zisilu inu wanana nkhani za pabedi brige lero mukunenaso zachibwanazi ngati uli umphawi limani canyon nanuso muzizakhala kuno musalembeso zopusa zanuzi.

  34. Musayambetu maboza ife tili konkuno mwatopa kuwalemba oyimba ndi andale lelo mwati muvine ya ife pantumbo panu mwanva iweyo wapanga post nyamako ndithu

  35. I thought u will be telling people about malawians who are living in the U.S.A ,every one would understand coz there is evidence on that,we liked the page we thought U are normal,not knowing u are having Bipolar disorder,

  36. Malawi24 nkhaniyi ndizoona koma ife sitikukhala ndi matha,monga ngati ineyo kuyambila xenophobia ya 2008 ,2014,mpaka ikubwelelayi ndizakhala ndi komkuno ,pali zifukwa osati kwathu sindifunako ayi ,nanenso ndimafuna kukhala ndi makolo anga koma vuto ndi umphawi ndi omwe umapangisa anthu kukhala olimba mtima , inu mukhonza kumaopa kumeneko koma osafana ndimmene zingakhalile ,siyani kulemba nkhani zoopseza anthu pamene simungapezele chochita we will never give up as long as africa still belongs to Africans


  38. guys understand the news and then comment.because maybe you can live without fear just because you dont know what the government is planning behind you,wamitsala anaiwona nkhondo!

  39. Malawi is one of other countries they strugling to create jobs for their people so if one goes away looking for green pasture u talk nosense what kind of people are u! If u selling kaunjika or u working for drinking tea with Mbatata stopu harsing Malawians in RSA rather thanking them bcoz Umbava ukadachuluka kamba kuchuluka kwa osagwira ntchito Nyumba zina ku Malawiko zabwino akumanga ndi akuno ku joni a Malawi pamodzi ndikudyetsa mabanja awo .
    Ku RSA a Malawi ena akukhala m manyumba za mipanda moti Samofobia amangomvela mu Tv

  40. We sincerely apologise to all our fellow south African citizens,if you staying with a foreign nation without a proper documentation or you employ illegal migrant you therefore get jail penalty.From 23/01/2017 all illegal immigrants should be handed over to the home affairs for deportation, if any illegal foreigner caught by the officials or SAPS should comply within our government new constitution against its citizens, it is therefore in the police hands to start the operations from the roadblocks and door to door arrests and the government officials will visits companies by Monday to check the validity of foreign nation documents and failure to do so, the company has to be closed down,please forward it over to warn all illegal immigrants; by the DHA
    Nde winawe ukumatsutsa zopanda pake, amalawi mumafuna kuti wina zimuchitikire kaye nde muyambe kuvomerezano, msg iyi ili ndi M’ buno aliyense afunseni abwana anuwo akuuzani

  41. Stop threatening
    Our fellow brothers n sisters…
    Thers no xenophobic attack unless
    If u want it to start…

  42. But malawias yes u like staying and making money in other country and we keep u very well either with pasaport or not. But yo poor police man imagration wen they c us in yo country they follow us like fly on a toilet. Chomwe ndimadziwa ineyo nchoti zomwe ufuna akuchitile ndiwenso uzichita zimwezo ndiye khalidwe ya agalu anuwo mucha apolice ndiloipa dzedi. Here in zambia we hav many without permits the do busneses and stay without fear.

  43. Koditu or atapanga njira ya mtundu wanji yofuna kumthamangitsa mmalawi kuno, bambo sangakwanitse, tiliko ochuluka kwambiiiiiiiiiri moti ndikunena pano awa akufika kumene ena tawalandira, tamvaso kuti ena alimnjira.

  44. Ndiwe opusa kapena kuti ombwambwana.Usamathamange kulemba zinthy zomwe sunazimvetse kapena zopeka.Wakuuza ndani kuti kuno ku SouthAfrica akakhala mwamantha?Enafe ndife ma driver every day timapita mizinda yosiyana siyana koma palibe dera lomwe wina akukhala mwa mantha.Tamango dyani mbewa ndi ziwala agalu inu.Tikupezani tidzatsegule ma factory ndi ma company tidzakulembeni ganyu si izi mukulembazi.Ndikukhulupilira wandimvetsa.Ulembeso bodza lina la Jonz ndikuya nkheso.

  45. Please guys pray 4 me, i wil b going to the hospital 2mor i think ihav a prblm wth my eyes coz evry tym i look at the comments they a nt related to the story

  46. Mwatero? khalani ndimkhalidwe musamakonde anthu akakhala mmabvuto plz.. Mukamatero mukhala osauka mpakana mmanda. Love malawians like ur brothers & sistars.

  47. The best way is to Un following them they don’t know what they are doing tonight am doing that they always write bad about Malawians

  48. Malawi 24 nonse ndinu agalu enieni zisiru zaanthu akuuzani ndani zimezi ??? Ndinu anthu amozi mumapanga fuelling kuti anthu aziphana S.A wake utiyo mbuzi za anthu

  49. Ma green plants yet kozolowela kununga kungwapa Chisilu tabangopitani kukhavina vilombo m’makukhamu khamudothi inuuuuu

  50. When are you going to stop all these nonsense malawi 24? Can’t you just for once figure out that tikuzisaka all day everyday? Mwina mwakhuta admin @? There is no threats here or the so called xenophobia my foot.Now i kno vuto siinu koma komwe mliko maize gate yavuta nde you can’t write something good with empty stomach.

  51. Inu ndidzitsilu zaanthu xenophobia ili kuti? Zongomva kapena mwachita kuona? Mudziyamba mwafufuza kaye Koma ngati mwafuna kutukwanidwa zilembani nkhani zanu zongopekazo

  52. Fake news why….we all Malawi but we dont love each other whyif ur life is better in Malawi stop wtite nonsese news

  53. This is bullshit do u always trust everything which is on internet? Am right their n am not living in fear who is spreading that shit? It is the same thing with those people they were claiming that they were carried a way with water after that you found out that its just a photo shop from internet ,must u post everything without a proper information? U need to grow up cos u r the one who is making people to live in fear. That fear will only go to weak minded people as for Jah people will always stand still for He is the creater n he created you for a reason just do what is right to God n He shall protect you all the time as he protected you on the long journey to this country. Make sure you don’t break the rules of this land avoid things that can put you in troubke ,help those who are I need back home n your soul shall have everlasting peace. Jah Bless all peace minded souls Amen. God should forgive me if I have talked wrongly. But please try to avoid unnecessary mistakes Malawi24. I don’t want to sound rude next time as a true man who believes in Jah finally I also say Jah Bless you from the bottom of my heart as you continue your work. I was just exercising my freedom of expression


    I would not want Malawians as my neighbors!

  55. U are the pple encouraging xeno, why can’t u focus on real issues facing Malawi instead of threatening ur fellow brothers n cctas abroad?? Grow up guys, living in SA is not a joke but don’t make us targets bcoz of ur posts

  56. Ine phee pa khothi la fb majaji ndimalya akukambilana za moyo wanga osapanga zakuntu zanu bwanji ungadyetse iwe malawi wa jelasi ndi joni udzililile wekha ndaana ako ndamako maloya pitilizani kundifusila akazitapewa

  57. Kodi ntola nkhani amalandila zingati ife amene tili kuno timaposa apolisi salale wasowa zokamba eti ndikuti yamako komaso ya abambo ako udzafa joni osaidziwa

  58. thats true ndipo iliko xenoyo bwtn maizegate vs tvtegate ,peter n chaponda vs chakwera n jb,anthu oipa inu ofunira azibale anu zonyasazi cholinga azizuzika inu kumakondwa

  59. The side I am staying, eni ake akuno akangomumvera wina akungokamba mau oti ZENO, olo atakhala wakonkuno asanamalize amakhala ayamba kumuponda

  60. Zitsiru zili ku SA kukakamira dziko la eni mmalo momakatukula dziko lao kumangokhalira mowa ndi akazi akunyeretseni mbuzi za anthu inu azikazi anu ndi ana kuno ali saza zokhazokha muja munapitira or thandizo

    1. mmmm malume kod mesa mudaliso ka nkuno mwachokako chifukwa cha zolinga zanu musanyoze anthu omwe tili kunofe ayi si ife takuuzani kuti muchokeko kuno,komaso mukuoneka choncho pomwe mulipo chifukwa cha kuno mudali ndani inu mu nthawi IJA musadabwele kuno Ku SA?

  61. The writer z talking of threats of fresh xenophobic attacks,in my understanding he z trying to say there are rumours that the acts of xenophobic attacks may erupt in the near future according to what he has gathered through the media.infact as of late some of us have received all sorts of stories in our Whatsapp contacts talking of this issue.we may take it as a lie but we don’t know what is being cooked behind the door.kutukwana mwini page I take it as just being shallow minded ,you never warned by a war but rumours of war. Am of the view that ziwawa zikhoza kuzayamba tadzadza kuno Komanso anzathu ambiri a chi malawi Nanunso Mwalowa mchitidwe wa umbanda our good reputation has been spoiled by the few stupid thieves.

    1. That’s not what I meant but rather it’s one way of getting such alerts,if you were here when the these scenes started to take place in durbain many of the people got the messages before through the same social media. Am not trying to support whatever is connected to xenophobic rather but was simply trying to emphasise a point concerning what the writer has written. We need to wake up from our slumber pakadafunda padajiwitsa galu. Mvula timaonera mitambo

  62. Inde Anganame A Malawi24,koma Dziwani Utsi Sutuluka Popanda Moto,zimandiwawa Nkamaona A Malawi Anzanga Akuvutika Ku Joweniko.Be Alert Plz Guys.

  63. Amalawi ojijilika akangomva molweni! Ngati sadziwa thandauzo lake amaonangati akuti chiwembu. 2min,ma whatsapp groups, akuti xeno ikuyamba. Mpaka date pompo
    Akangomva uyu 24 uyu basi!! Bwee

    1. Ineyo ndinazimva before news isanatuluke, koma anthu amene anapha mu Malawi awamanga

  64. What yu should knw for those yu are bsy writing false storys, we are not living with fear here. We are bsy making money here. So stop gossip there,have something to do not waisting your time. Mungopeza transport ndi passport muzalaweko moyo wabwino kuno, chifukwatu muchedwa nkukamba za xenophobia. Pakali pano kuno yonse boo.

    1. Saying kudzalawa Moyo wabwino I may disagree with you, yes there’s money here but we don’t just get it on a silver plate people are suffering here I may even compare with the children of Israel whilst in egypt.let us not paint a picture that all is rosy here ,we make money yes but life is also unbearable here prices of commodities are skyrocketing every day it’s a hand to mouth situation, rent. Food,plus transport. Have travelled around johannesbeburg and pretoria have seen scores of malawian just standing along the road in search of jobs. If ure enjoying just shut up your mouth and eat quietly. Never encourage people to flock here rather let us send the message to our leaders please make malawi a land of honey and milk again we want to come home we are tired kutukula anzathu ndi Misozi mmaso.

    2. Guess ur right,most of Malawian are on fire by working hard and toughest jobs while basics its a peanut and others are not working anymore since they came from Malawi,therefore has jst do piece works sometime….so no need paints our fellow Malawians as we’re making money here.Let us say:It depends on your lucky n if u are lucky one,jst pray to ur God.

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  67. Shame on Malawi24 ,we r ur relatives you must think be4 u posting ur labbish en u want kut tibwelele and tixisafala inu mukudya bwino oooooooooooooo! Ana amakape inu patumbo panu

    1. The DA is also extremely pro-homosexuals. Their leader Mmusi Maimane is going around South Africa spreading the gospel of sodomy and abusing the holy name of GOD.

  68. Its jst rumours the fact iz that joburg mayor iz complaining about foreign nationals in joburg city and he urged home affairs department to raids and deport illegal imigrats.Malawians themselfs ar to blame bcoz most of them now ar traveling into south africa wthout paspot as u heard jst last month more than 30 pple dead wen they were tryng to enter into RSA using uncharterd roots thz iz a sad development and i can asure u that wen they enter they dont evn go and find asylum papers as it iz if u want to stay in a foreign country peaceful.So lets hav required document and folow certain rules in a foreign countries pliz

  69. You Malawi24 are very stupid. Who told you that we are living in fear? Where the hell did you hear about the Xenophobic threat? Why do you always write bad things about Malawians living in South Africa? You are the one who spread a lie that 39 Malawians have died while crossing Limpopo river. You will die a painful death you son of devil.

    1. Akuwonjeza kwambiri anganyawa. Akukhala ngati kuti pobwera kuno tonse tinakongola ndalama ya transport kwa iwo ndiye sitinawabwezele. Boma la kuno likulimbana ndi mchitidwe womwewu wopeka nkhani zomwe zingakolezele zipolowe, koma pakumapezeka kuti athu omwe ndi omwe asakutifunila zabwino akutitokosolela mavu. Tonse titati tibwere kumudziko mutipasa ntchito ndi mmene aliwolesela dziko lathu labwino lija afiti otchedwa politicians awa? Anthu inu ngati mulibe ufiti wa full koma wa half wokha mulinawo poti nsanje ndi ufiti womwe.

    2. Kenwood Masonje what truth are you talking about? Your profile says you are living in Blantyre Malawi. How did you know the truth about what is happening in South Africa? Umabwera pa 5 moba? Mwayamba kuziulula nokha anthu oyipa mitima. Munangozolowela kutukwanidwa eti?

  70. kodi mumasangalala mukamamva zoti kuli xheno mumaona ngati gule wambwiyanu eti?mwawona timatext tamawhatsapp kumafalisa…..ngati SA inakukanikani tisiyeni ife musatifunile zausilu zanuzo ife….ngati kuli kufa tifa ndi ifeyo…inu mukhale moyo paka muyaya pofela salambula…zaugalu basi.

  71. I wonder when u run out of ideas in ur *fat heads* to put in news, then u start lyn to people about the past things. How come u start spreading things like that while here we haven’t hear or see anything like that currently?

  72. Guys leave them they dont know anything couse there mentally people and thy just want to attrack customers to buy there rubbish news papers,That am say is no xenophobia and am repeat no more zeno

  73. Kusonyeza kuti a Malawi ndiye okhawo ali ma victim a xenophobia. Tamalembani nkhani momveka bwino, ngati ichi chingachitike ndiye kuti chikhudza aliyense yemwe si mzika ya dzikoli.
    Osamalemba ngati kuti xenophobia imapanga target a Malawi okha ai dzikoli muli anthu ambiri a maiko ena. Akanunkhiza zowawa abale ndi alongo athu ali kumenekowo atipeza tiwalandira kuno mkwao.

  74. Picture ili apayi siinali part ya xenophobia iyai, kukokomeza nkhani bwanji? Mudzifufuza kaye bwino musanapange post mapictures anuwa. Mxxxxxxxxxxiiiiiiiiiiiii.

  75. A news iyi ndi abodza xenophobia ilikuti mukudziwayo ife sitinave bwanji kut zikuchitika kape kuva kusowa zolemba eti

      1. Edward, there is a lot the media is not reporting. I witnessed someone die in South Africa last year and yet not even the local newspaper reported it. I recently heard from a local near the one township that a Zimbabwean was executed by hanging and torture but again, who will report it?

  76. Ndinu zisilu zonkha zonkha ife kuno palibe waona kapena kumva ndiye inu wakunyengani ndani muziyamba mwafufuza kodi mwanji manyazi mukamanena booza metsa inu nomwetso munanama kuti anthu ena afa ndimadzi pooloka mozemba malo oolokera kulowa mziko la R S A pomwe zinalitso zoonama bwanji osalekako boozali.

  77. U pipo do knw english? Da topic doesn’t say it’s happening right now no.Bt it’s abt 2 start vry soon.Becareful with ur bad language wem comentin.Izi sonyeza umbuli omwe mulinawo.Frm Zambia.

    1. Look and read my name Musanibvute and Also Jimmy check from oxford dictionary,u wil knw wat it means.By da way,do u thnk dat i cnt deal with u dspite da dstance? Look around & of ur familly b4 u regret

  78. Kkkkk kumakhala kukopa ma customers kuti mugulitse nyasi zanuzi ,xenophobia ukaiziwe iwe uli kunyasaland kusiya munthu alikuno munakhalika bwanji amalawi kusafunira azanu zabwino,mukamaona anthu akutsika ma bus aulere inu mtima beee,

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  80. Kodi ndi xenophobia yanjj yoiziwa anthu amene muli Ku Malawi pomwe ife amene tili kuno osainva kapena kuona? Mitu yanu koma ilibwinobwino? Zachamba basi kapena njala yakusokonezani ubongo eti……musandchimwitsepo apa pls.

    1. vuto ndiloti iwo SA inakanika nde akubgofunila zoipa azawofe.xheno imayamba ndikutha olo itakhalako sitikuopa pofela salambula.ndizisiluanthuwa.

    1. Winford Kalitsiro u r lieng to urself bloody kwerekwere u wll run for ur life if we start beating the hell out of u!

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      Madness just dare I believe in sangoma you never have peace just seeing your prof pic tonight I can visit u ! So watch out tsotsi

    3. Wena Winford Kalitsiro
      Stop your nonsense
      We give u and your fellow brothers n sistas chance to have a better life here in n RSA yet u still talking shit

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  81. They said we r taking there job coz they ar lazy n stupid

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  83. Kaya zabodza kaya ndidzoona Ife timangopemphera kuti asadzapangenso Amapanga zija Anthu awa ndioyipa timangokhalira Nawo mavuto Tisaname

  84. Obviously without lies you can’t sell your papers????? What kind of people wishing their people troubles???? Why??? Why???Why???Why?? Tingobwelera mwina musangalale. Kupanga geni inu nomwe akuyipitsa mizinda athamangitseni. Kukuthawilani kukusiyilani dziko lanulo kuyamba kufalitsa za xenophobia. Zoona pomwe eni nthaka maganizo amenewo alibe akhonza kutero kamba kama hope anu. Xeno sichinthu choti munthu wangwilo kumalakalaka itachitika. Ai pempherani molimba kuti ichitike mwina mukondwe.

  85. Ma uthulile ungakhulume zindaba za ma xenophobia aufile kahle ne? Uyajabula ma ubona u kuti lawa abantu base Malawi bayafa ne? angithi wena u Malawi 24?

  86. Ukakhuta usamawanamize anthu pliz. Kodi mumakondwa amzanu akamaphedwa?? Bwanji aichainake omwe ali kumeneko sakukamba izi? Miyoyo yaanthu omwe ali theba siili manja mwaiwe ntolankhani opusawe. Mulungu yekha ndiyemwe amateteza azibale anthu alikumeneko. Anthu ngati inu ndiomwe mumasogolera mchitidwe oti mayiko amufrica tizimenyana tokhatokha. Kodi dziko lomwe limasunga obwera unamva kuti ndi SA. Yokha?? Bwanji kuno maburund anatilanda ma busnes ambiri but timakhalanawobe mwaubwino. Ntolankhani opusawe ndikuze izi. Usaone ngati anthu omwe ali jons akungopindula okha kuthebako. Ena ali ndi ana kuno omwe akuphunzira xool fees ikuchokera komweko, ena akusamala miyoyo yaanthu ambiri kuno kamba ka theba yomweyo. Munthu kufika posiya homeland yako sikuti ndizibwana iyayi amakhala ayesera kulandira machenje mwamwenyemu koma umoyo osamasitha. Osamalemba nkhani zopanda umboni komaso zooika chiopsezo miyoyo yaazanthu. AMBUYE ATETEZENI ANTHU ONSE OMWE ALI MAIKO ACHAINAKE KAMBA KAKUVUTA KWAZINTHU MAIKO AWO.

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  88. This time around, no transport to ferry them back home coz they do that knowingly and at their own risk. Ndalama zathu zisamangothela fanzi ya jonzi ife ai.

  89. It’s not just Malawians, it’s non-SA people in general (particularly ones from Africa). Just the other day I heard of a Zimbabwean who was brutally executed in a township, but it didn’t even make local news in SA. They say the foreigners are taking their jobs, but people in SA have an entitlement mentality and many can be lazy, wanting more money while doing less – and getting jobs based on race/gender rather than ability. It’s a total mess. A lot of SA companies/people hire people from other African countries because they speak better English, work harder and are more respectful. SA is a godless country full of brutality, anger, aggression and hatred; the type of place where you can be dead on the street and nobody will care.

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