What Malawi needs to do to secure Afcon 2019 qualification


The Flames were paired in group B alongside Cameroon and Morroco in the 2019 African Cup of Nations qualifiers but they are coming from a disappointing 2017 Afcon qualification campaign.

If we are to go back in the previous qualifiers, then the Flames have a mountain to climb if they are to make it to their third Afcon final appearance.

Currently, the team has no coach as Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has set eyes on hiring an expatriate coach next month.

Flames in a Lions den.

And looking at the current crop of players, whosoever comes in to take charge of the depleted Flames, will have a daunting task of assembling a good squad capable of beating the said giants, who by far, are miles away from our national team.

The two teams are currently in Gabon for the on-going Afcon and if we are to assess their performance, then the Flames of Malawi are in Lions’ den.

For the past years, we have been changing our squad, with every coach bringing in his favorite players.

For the past five years, we have seen more than five goalkeepers introduced in the first eleven, something that does not happen frequently. If we are to make it to Cameroon, we must put our house in order.

First of all, let’s bring the new coach in time so that he may start preparing for the games.

We must also plan some friendly games against Africa’s heavy weights in order to asses our strength and weaknesses.

Financially, we must also get ready. These kind of games needs a lot of money and if we are to make it to the Afcon finals, we must have resources enough to take us there.

We struggled in a group where there was Zimbabwe, Guinea and Swaziland, a group which was deemed to be fair for the Flames but we failed to make it as we finished bottom with five points from 6 games.

This is possible but it will be nothing if we fail to prepare for the games ahead, we are in for another humiliation.



  1. Go district by district from chitipa to Nsanje, yu will find good young prayers that they can put Malawi on map .Put some more money to football association, so that it can help in rebuilding national team.

  2. First of all FAM must be rebuild u will se the out come. And they must go watch soccer in the small clubs in all areas there is alot of players that can handle flames. Or take me to coach for a week u will se some changes .

  3. Ngati tinalephera guru la phwepwa lija kuliwina nanga kuli bwanji limeneli mmmmmmm chizakhala chilangotu khaya zizakwana zigoli zingat tizaona

  4. 2019 is way too soon, malawi football is beyond repair, the only option is to start everything from scratch, new people at FAM,people who will be able to understand football better, people who will understand the importance of grooming players at young age and exposing them to international stage while they’re still young,we need people who understands the importance of well qualified coach. We need people at Fam who will undestands that football in not an event but a process, it takes longtime to build a team. For lets forget about flames existance. Lets put everything towards under 20 and 23, because its not about participating at afcon but going there to compete. We dont have what it takes to compete at afcon, starting from football management, coaches and well groomed players there’s is almost nothing to be proud off. Lets face realities here, lets stop dreaming and start acting like other countries.

  5. Malawi will never do good unless you FAM starts respecting players and give them a better offer.
    2. Stop playing by names just because uje nduotchuka try something different and see the difference

  6. Firstly they should use players who have hight advantage and fitness advantage and the coach should go not as he want build the team. I said because years agoal they were saying now we are build the team are you sure the team can sulvive?

    1. I don’t agree with the idea that they are building a national team, but you assemble a national team and for national team to do well Mr Walter Nyamilandu and his executives must go and new ones must be hired

  7. Qthey must use 90% experienced players look at ivorycoast what they did .they try to use some inexperienced players allowing big names to sit on bench ,mind u game of is about names whether u lyK or not u can use those little boys and see the results

  8. Ngati mtengo wa wuwisi umayaka kulibwanji owuma? Kuzisiya bwa musanaonenge ndalama? coz palibe chomwe Flames ingaphulepo mu gulu ili ngakhale Kamuzu atadzuka kumanda

  9. Start preparations frm now so players can get used to each other the team are not tough enough coz Morroco we have beaten it several times what is needed thoroughly preparations

  10. Kodi ndi chigawo chiti chimene chili chotsalira pa football Ku Malawi kuno,nanga maina amaprayer kumalawi kuno amachulukila ndi achigawo chiti in clubs ndi national team?

  11. Let’s forget about past, just focus our flames future, hope this time, the team will bring us good results no matter how tough group is

  12. Malawi cant make it that far, the group we are in is already tough as you can see we are having teams that are doing quite good in GABON, They have all made it to qualter finals. This simply means Morocco and Cameroon are already having good players while we Malawians are not having even a coach…

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