Chikhwawa conducts campaign to move people from flood prone areas

floods Malawi

Authorities in Chikhwawa have decided to carry out area to area campaign to sensitize communities in flood prone areas to move to safer areas as one way of protecting them from possible floods this year.

As strong winds and heavy rains have started causing problems in various parts of the district, authorities think this is the best time to sensitize the masses.

Chikhwawa district team led by Catholic Development Commission in Malawi (CADECOM) said it is likely that floods will occur and it is imperative for people to prioritize on protecting their lives and property.

floods Malawi
Relocating flood victims has always been a tall order.

“The team has already briefed people of Traditional Authorities Kasisi and Maseya and plans are underway to do the same exercise at Makhuwira area,” said Cadecom.

The organisation added that communities were also being sensitized on the dangers of lightning and thunders and ways to overcome them.

But reports indicate that people of Maseya area have insisted that they will continue to stay in flood prone areas because there is no land to relocate to.

Traditional Authority Maseya and his subjects said during the sensitization meeting on Monday that government and development partners needed to dredge Mwanza River and construct dykes at Kalima, Misili and Namatchuwa.

They said such interventions could obviously help to protect people’s lives and property.

On his part, councillor of the area Collex Namkumba asked people to be alert especially this time when they are experiencing strong winds and heavy rains.



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