52 year old arrested for attempting suicide


Police in Kasungu district have arrested a 52 year-old man for attempting to commit suicide.

Deputy Public Relations Officer for Kasungu police station Harry Namwaza identified the man as Steven Changwa.

According to Namwaza, Changwa had a quarrel with his sister’s daughter up to the extent of fighting.

On Sunday, an elderly relative of the two summoned Changwa and advised him on the issue surrounding the fight.

“After the conversation the suspect had with the elder relative, he went into his room and hanged himself,” he said.

The police publicist uttered that some relatives who were in the same house noticed a strange breathing from the suspect’s room and rushed to rescue him.

Later, Changwa was arrested by police officers.

Meanwhile, police are advising people grappling with various issues to approach other people for help or report to police for counselling and advice.



  1. Ingovomeleza m’bale wanga tsiku lakufa silidzika zidayanja wosaka zimenezo,pamenepo mwawapezeza zochita azilondawa komanso salary yawo yapezeka

  2. Arresting is not to solve the issue otherwise he can hang himself in prison ….He was supoz to go for counselling …..

  3. BBC is reporting that Chaponda has been arrested in German and u’re busy reporting rubbish here,pliz u local medias dont hide and hav a say on this,we want nothing bt the all truth,enough is enough innocent souls of albinos hav cried for so long,if judgement will not be passed accordingly knw I’m calling upon God’s name to consume anyone behind this coz the smooth business is not only Chaponda’s.

  4. Munthu amafuna athawe mavuto ali kumalawi kuno, lero mukumumanga , ndiye inu muzimupasa thandizo ? The best way of preventing muthalika is suicide

  5. ndiopusa ameneyo mukanasiya afekumen coz ndwaures ndikupuma mungotengera kuzipata akawone athu omwe akuvutka kusakasaka moyo asamamuyese2 mulungu.

  6. Chomamangila Ndi Chan?Mesa Moyo Atopa Nawo?Muziwasiya Adzikayankha Okha Kwa Mulungu,or Else Muziwayendetsa Muzipatala Azikaona Anthu Omwe Akuvutika Ndi Mthenda Kwa Zaka,ndiye Munthu Kumafuna Kuzipha Koma Akukhuta,zopusa Basi,,

  7. zachamba! zikumunyasa akuchita chakwela posia ntchito ya mulungu kumakalimbana ndi Peter.asala pang,ono adye tameki amwele acid

  8. Why Arresting Him While He Just Attempted?!
    You Could Atleast Waited For Him To Commit The Suicide Then Arresting Him After His Death!
    Thus Unfair

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