Govt to give schools resources for teaching science subjects


The Malawi Government says it is ready to provide resources to public secondary schools so that they should offer science subjects as compulsory subjects.

Spokesperson in the ministry of education Lindiwe Chide said government has enough resources to start making science subjects compulsory in secondary schools.


Science subjects could be compulsory in schools.

The ministry changed the curriculum in the 2014/15 academic year to make science subjects compulsory but the move was suspended following concerns that many schools do not have laboratories to competently teach subjects like Physical Science and Biology.

However Chide claimed that the ministry now has resources to provide public schools so that they can ably teach science subjects.

“We are ready to offer science subjects compulsory in secondary schools and we have resources as at the moment some secondary schools have already started embarking on it,” said Chide.

She added that for schools that do not have laboratories, government has bought mobile laboratories which will cater as an alternative to permanent laboratories.

According to Chide, science subjects are important to students as the learners will be able to gain knowledge that can help them to be independent when they finish secondary school.

She further said that students will be inspired to make machines and discover medicines which will also help in the development of the country.



  1. I wish all these comments were sent to government page. The problem is that our ministry of education does not inquire from the implementers, ie teachers.

  2. LET ME SAY THS, Every Student must NOT be 4ced to take science subjct snce you don’t knw her/his ambition. WHY are students not 4ced to take agriculture subjct? is ths not important? and we knw tht agriculture is busnez and our country can be developed if we take agriculture seriously as busnez not only developing country but also it can help to reduce starvation problem. NOT PHYZO, can it be considered as buznez?

  3. Who really make such decisions. Who told u that pple are born wth same talents and interests. Of course i understand wat science is doing to de world. However Its high time malawi started appreciating art.

  4. . . Bwanji osaika compulsory kuti aliye waba zinthu za a Malawi amangidwe zaka 50.?? Bwanji compulsory imeneyo muike pa misewu yathuyi, zitsilu mumati apolisi aja asiye kulandila ma 200 kwacha kwinaku akuika miyoyo yathu pa chiopsyezo????
    Bwanji compulsory imeneyi mutaletsa anthu akuononga Katundu WA government in the hospital???.

    Amene mukuganiza ngat ine plz hit my inbox for WhatsApp grp addition. Lets deal with zinyengo pa misewu. Apolisi aonjeza. 200 is not worthy of my life !!!!!!!!! That’s the name of the special grp. It will be created soon.

  5. Sizaulesi apa zibwele zimenezo. Anthu akuphwekesa sukulu ndi ma easy subjects ngati life ndi social. Tizipanga zinthumuno tigulise kunja dziko litukuke. Koma pempho curriculum isinthe coz ilipoyi ndaukape

  6. Not all ministers in this government are scientists. Respect diversity in your education system, why do you have to force someone with a dream of becoming a public speaker/motivational speaker to study sciences. Help young people to choose their cariers based on their interests and abilities.

  7. Business should be the subject that must be compulsory coz even the so called innovations from science need a good marketer. Farmers are being ripped of their produce because they don’t have business skills. I know government cannot make business a compulsory subject coz it will be difficult to rip off the illiterate malawians

  8. …all subjects are important, on the other hand i love it when we have few scientists so that our demand should always be high…

  9. Aaah apa ndiye xul yokanika. Nkhalamba zili kutsogolozo zina phyzo zinathawanso. Amakambirana zimenezo ama HUMANITIES okha okha.

  10. kod boma limapanga zauchitsilu chifukwa chan?? Akuganiza kut aliyesa angakhale wa science?? mbuz imene ya panga zimenezyi nd ya science oyoyi?? Zachamba eti

  11. Some times these people make me angry, go and see in community day secondary schools, no laboratory no library, ophunzira atatu kumabwerekana buku limozi but they say science must be compulsory.
    Why you force people to drew water from the borehole while there is no borehole?

  12. Phyzo ndiyovuta mupangisa ana ambiri kulephera.mukanaikakoso nzeru ku za craft zija..kumawaphuzitsa ana za carpentry and joinary ,kaya needle craft. Straight away zitha kuzamuthandiza mwana .

  13. this is nonses.secondary school science cant make someone make medicine or machines.its a distraction to free choices of a career some people.ive seen people writing sciences for many times but never had even a pass.students should have free choices according to their ability and wants.we are never the same.diversity is what brings the beauty amongst us.

  14. mmmmmmmmmmm okanika ndi okanika olo mutamusiyira lab yonse adzilepherabe nde bola kuwasiyira ma subject omwe amakwanitsawo kusiyana ndikukamiza zinthu zoti ena samakwanitsa

  15. But I feel its a progressive move by the government, its been long overdue, in other countries that’s the trend. One needs some basic information on science, as the case is everything is now scientific……from a phone operator to a gardener all need some science. Kudos Boma!

  16. what special does education see in that. ..compasery mmmmh science subjects why not in business coz after education one must stand own his own @ doing buz…@sciences will you creat more jobs?

  17. Why Not Making Life/skills A Compulsory Subject? Decision Making And Problem Solving,,, Is A Great Government Challenge.Critical Thinking, Assertiveness,self Awareness, Self Esteem,,,in These, There Is Development.

  18. idont really like this…its like they are saying science subjects are better than Humanities, Linguistics, etc. Look at what Indians, Lebanise are doing in our own so called poor country. they are accumulating wealth while we are busy teaching our children the parts of agrasshopper, or how asnake crawls. its apitty.

  19. Let it to be so,but now adays these students are lazy and they believe phone as communication while they are in class,courtship,prostitution and drankardnes,they’ll never ever pass it well,believe me Ok

  20. kod or itakakamizidwa tonse tingakhale ma scientist kapena madotolo nde macollege ascience achulukenso sizoti muthu ali mdi msce yamascience yabwino azisowanso kolowera ndi ma fees ake amenewa anyway good dev

  21. so they want all of us to be Scientists, right? does this happen in the richest countries like USA, the UK, China, Japan etc? Malawian Niggas chimene akufuna ndichoti ANA anu ALEPHERE sukulu chifukwa choti akudziwa kuti ANA ambili amadana ndi science. #my_views

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