Environmental Dept hopeful of high tree survival rate


The Department of Environment and Climate Change says it expects many trees planted during the current rainy season to survive.

Sangwani Phiri
Sangwani Phiri: We are worried.

Spokesperson for the Department of Environment and Climate Change which is under the Ministry of Mining and Natural Resources Sangwani Phiri said they are sure that a lot of trees will survive as there are enough rains.

He added that although trees are planted every year during rainy season in Malawi, the majority die while still young but this year things will be different.

According to Phiri, trees that were planted in 2015-2016 tree planting season had a survival rate of 55 percent meaning that 37 million out of 60 million of trees survived.

“2015-2016 trees survival rate was about 55 percent which was a good development as such we are expecting more this year,” he explained.

Phiri therefore asked stakeholders to contribute by planting trees during this season. 60 million seedling of trees are expected to be planted in the current tree planting season which started on 15 December and is expected to end on 15 April.



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