From ‘Veep’ to nobody: Sosten Gwengwe vying for parliamentary seat


People’s Party (PP) runningmate for 2014 polls Sosten Gwengwe who rejoined Malawi Congress Party (MCP) after the elections is now contesting in MCP’s primaries ahead of the Lilongwe Msozi North constituency by-elections.

Gwengwe who was runningmate for former head of state Joyce Banda has expressed interest to contest for legislator for Msozi North constituency in a by-election to be announced by Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) shortly.

Gwengwe Sosten

Gwengwe Sosten: Makes a move.

According to reports, Gwengwe showed interest to become a Member of Parliament for the constituency following the death of Highton Jiya who until his death was the legislator for the area.

Further reports reveal that Gwengwe has been meeting with local leaders to have him elected come the by-elections that are to be held for the vacant seat.

MCP is to conduct primary elections to have a candidate of choice by the people of the constituency.

Gwengwe dumped MCP and joined Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) on August 31 in 2011. He then moved on with his political career with PP where he was trusted to be a runningmate for Banda.

After PP lost the mantle of leadership to DPP in the 2014 tripartite elections, Gwengwe went back to MCP and denounced his PP membership.



  1. its only in Africa ithink where you find someone who was once avice president instead of contesting as apresident now, he/she still thinks backward to the point of contesting as amere Member of Parliament ..Chaiiiiiiiiii! #justthonling

  2. That’s how politics is.look at Khumbo Kachali he was the vice president of Malawi but now is a member of parliament and nothing wrong with that. Gwengwe is a Malawian and has a right to contest for parliamentary seat.or what crime has committed?

  3. I hope people of Lilongwe Msozi North are able to observe this, why relocating, simply because of the coming by- elections. Don’t you have other capable MCP candidates in your constituency, why going to Dedza to persuade someone to relocate

  4. This foolish politicians are those people who harmful Malawians people they just contest Parliament seats not just to help others but kukhutisa mimbazawo. Nde poti Amalawi ndi Opusa timangombera mmaja zirizose kulibe anthu ena angaimile Mcp kudela kwaoko,

  5. Even a former vice president has the right to contest any election whenever they feel to do so. It’s pride that leads to bankruptcy and irrelevance in society. In every sphere of life its all ups and downs….. but one need to forge ahead.

  6. A malawi 24 where did you hear kuti running mate amasunduka VEEP, do you know the meaning of Veep? I am born in Malawi but I don’t remember having Sosten Gwengwe as a vice president of the Republic of Malawi in our historic records. Another thing is in politics each day is like new year and it has its own experiences, today I can be in this party and tomorrow I can join another, saletsa. Another thing is the only way to contest for a paliamentary seat is to go through primaries and there is no shortcut, so he is not a Noboby as you say but a shadow MP. Please talk sense.

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