Sulom is a one man show – Suleman

Daud Suleman

Just a week after joining Football Association of Malawi (FAM) as an executive member from Super League of Malawi (Sulom) where he was the Vice President, Daud Suleman has blasted his former colleagues for turning Sulom into a one man show.

The sentiments were made on Pa Stand, a sports forum consisting of sports administrators and journalists, soon after TNM and Sulom hosted a gala evening to award best performers of 2016 season.

Daud Suleman
Daud Suleman: Has spilled the beans.

In his outburst, Suleman said the main reason why he was being sidelined at Sulom is because the body is run by ‘two’ individuals.

“Check the official records. I speak and spoke my mind and that’s why I was on the bench. Sulom is a one man show.

“I never run from a meeting. I participated in any agenda whether for or against. I am not a coward,” he said.

On the criteria used by his former body in coming up with Super League award winners, the outspoken Suleman said:

“I was in Sulom till 7 days ago and I never heard about a shortlist of winners or framework on how we will decide the winners and that’s how we selected winners.

“You should understand the context of my statement. We had an executive committee meeting that should have tabled all pertinent matters relating to the league and some people or someone decided to play tricks and games with executive committee and we are here.

“Izi zomapangitsa aliyense ngati headless chicken izi ndi zachikale. These days, transparency and accountability are the tenets that every administrator should strive to uphold. Too much secrecy and under dealings at Sulom for what?” he concluded.

Suleman’ outburst was just an icing on the cake as it has been reported that there are divisions inside Sulom.

However, some officials from the body, who are also on the forum, opted not hit back at their former colleague.



  1. Tell us more, please elaborate, have you noted this now that you are no longer there. …or? and you were waiting to get out first?

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