Man gets lenient sentence after raping 80 year old granny


The Msongandeu magistrate court in Dowa has sentenced a 54-year old man to only 30 months in prison with hard labour for raping an 80 year-old woman.

The convict has been identified as Biwi Ephraim.

The court heard that the monster rapist attacked the woman when she was coming from Chiponda village in Traditional Authority Chiwere where she went to drink beer.

The rapist followed her on the way to her home village and upon reaching at Chifisi village he dragged her to a nearby bush where he raped her.

Later the rapist was arrested and charged with the offence of rape contrary to section 132 of the penal code.

In court he denied the charge but the state paraded four witnesses and he was convicted.

In his mitigation the convict pleaded for forgiveness since he has a family with seven children and he is an old man.

But the state asked the court to impose a stiff sentence to deter other would be offenders.

“Your worship the offence is serious in nature whereby its maximum sentence is life imprisonment or death sentence,” said police prosecutor Sergeant Benadictor Mathambo.

However, first grade magistrate Amulani Phiri surprisingly sentenced the rapist to only 30 months in prison even though rape attracts a maximum of life in prison.

The magistrate also claimed that the lenient sentence would teach the vile rapist a lesson and deter other would be offenders.

The convict hails from Nyemba village Traditional Authority Chiwere in Dowa district.



  1. this is what we call stupid reporting, u have only outlined what the convict n the prosecutor said, why then can’t u also tell us the reason behind the magistate’s judgement, i mean why the magistrate ruled that way?? There must be a very good reason for that!

  2. I suggest that the old woman was drunk so was the man too. After having a clean sex in the fucken bush, the gogo got sober and realised that the man was young and quickly cooked the rape story. I’m standing with the judge for the sentence, you know why? ..Where there are drunkerds there are doubts hence the judge presented such sentence.

  3. Compliments from the journalist, some times the way you report your isues can bring enemity and confusion to the people, can’t you let people make their own opions on that judgement, but you just open the way for them to come with negative comments, ” 30 months only ”, what do u want people to say with that statement?…..anyway, the 54 old man is evil more than the devil himself, the court should increase some more years to that shamless man!