KB players promoted


They are the first Army team to win the championship and they have been rewarded accordingly.

The Malawi Defence Force (MDF) Commander Griffin Supuni has promoted all Kamuzu Barracks players for winning 2016 TNM Super League title at the expense of the ‘top gurus’.

Like Leicester City of England, the Soldiers were ten points adrift of the then leaders Blue Eagles in the first round but when they climbed top of the summit, they did the unthinkable by winning the championship.

Kamuzu Barracks

Kamuzu Barracks players get promotions at work.

Now as a token of appreciation, General Supuni has promoted the players for the gallant fight they showed in the entire season.

Confirming the development at Civo Stadium on Saturday afternoon in the aftermath of KB’s 2-1 victory over Super League select, Captain Gift Njeta said it was just a matter of time for the Commander to surprise the boys.

“After beating Dwangwa United in the last game of the season, our commander promised the boys of a promotion and he made it clear that he will make an announcement very soon and he has just confirmed it to the boys so congratulations to the boys, they deserved this,” said Captain Njeta.

When the 2016 season was starting, KB were not favourites for the title but their home form brought them into contention especially in the second round when they registered some vital results in the title race.

Ever since the inception of the top flight, no any other team from MDF has managed to win the championship despite enjoying financial assistance.



  1. Promoted where? In football industry or in army? Because when someone gets 100% in Mathematics you can’t apply it to English , it completely doesn’t make sense,

  2. Apa chilungamo palibe. Anthuwa ntchito yao ndi yachitetezo. Munthu amakwezedwa pa ntchito based on his perfomance or qualification. Zampira mpaka ku chitetezo?????? Amalawi tidatani

  3. ndi osatha ntchito omwe??? chifukwa cha mpira??? not on merit??? ndizimene ena nkalasi samakhoza koma amapambanisidwa chifukwa chokankha chikopa,mapeto sinawavuta atafika stage inayake!!!

  4. but please out of 15million dont just give them 150 n 100 coz u r fond of telling them that u were emplyed 4 sports en u do get ur monthly salaries anyway congrats

  5. I alrdy knew this that they will be promoted, and this isn’t the first time for them to be promoted for the victory, I remember very some years back they were also promoted after taking Carlsberg Cup if not Presidential or Standard Bank Cup, they took one of that Cup. Congrats Players and the technical pannel, as for the spossors and Mr Spuni, Army Commander, congrats too, Appreciation is Application for more, so expect more good things from these players!