Road Traffic system is making more money – says Govt.

Jappie Mhango

Government says it is happy with the automated system at the Road Traffic Directorate (RTD) as it has improved revenue collection.

This was established at the Road Traffic Directorate when minister of transport Jappie Mhango appreciated the new automated Malawi Traffic Information System which is being used to issue driving licences.

Road traffic
Mhango: We are collecting more revenue

Mhango said the new system has improved revenue collection a lot as it has successfully made good results.

“The new system has tremendously improved revenue collection as the system has helped a lot in achieving efficiency at the Road Traffic,” said Mhango

At the Blantyre Road Traffic offices the new system helped to realise 1 billion Kwacha in 2016, surpassing the department’s K665 million annual target.

On bribes, the minister advised workers at the department against being involved in corrupt activities.

He said corruption is bad in all departments as it deprives people the chance to access services. Mhango then warned that government will not spare anyone found on the wrong side of the law.



  1. Can one tell me plz, is now category P out in Malawi Road Traffic’s system? Because I remember since they changed the system last year there was no P category in the new system but was only GD. So I want to know how it is going on now about P category

  2. Government happy with RTD making more money regardless of of how the poor who the driving profession earns them a living, raise the money to go through the process. Wonder if it’s known that a Driver’s Licence & a Vehicle is a necessity than a luxury to the majority of Malawians.

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