Man stabs friend over bicycle


A 22 year-old man in Mangochi has been arrested after stabbing his friend for taking too long to give him back his bicycle.

Police have identified the attacker as Saizi Yasin while the victim is Charles Jimu Sidoh, 22. 

Mangochi Police deputy spokesperson Amina Daudi said the victim went to a drinking place owned by Yasin (suspect) at Namakango Trading Centre and as he was drinking, a friend came and asked if he could borrow football boots from him.

“Since the boots were at his house the victim decided to borrow a bicycle from the suspect in order to go home quickly to take them,” said Daudi.

Upon seeing that the victim was taking much time, the suspect followed him to his house. When he got there, the suspect began beating the victim.

When the victim fell down, the suspect produced a knife from his pocket and stabbed him on the stomach.

“He ran away while the victim was lying unconscious with his intestines hanging outside the stomach,” Daudi told Malawi24.

Fortunately his relatives informed the Police and he was rushed to Mangochi District Hospital where he’s admitted and is still in critical condition.

The suspect will appear before court to answer the charge of unlawful wounding which is contrary to section 241(a) of the Penal code.

Saizi hails from Nsanyira village, Traditional Authority Mponda in Mangochi.



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