CSOs engage Kyungu in a war of words

Malawi Youth

Activists in the country have hit back at Paramount Chief Kyungu’s remarks that they should stop criticizing President Peter Mutharika over governance issues.

Recently, Kyungu told CSOs in the country to stop attacking Mutharika’s government and start providing solutions to the country’s problems.

According to Kyungu, Malawi can never develop with negative criticism towards government but rather it can prosper if people provided solutions on how problems can be sorted out in the country.

Kyungu: Has been slammed over his remarks.

Responding to the issue, Youth and Society (YAS) – an organisation which was part of the grouping that rallied behind a legal stand to deprive Agriculture Minister George Chaponda of his duties over his involvement in the ongoing Admarc maize saga – said they will not relent in the fight for people’s rights.

YAS Director Charles Kajoloweka in an interview with this reporter said that it no secret anymore that the chieftaincy in Malawi has been the worst corrupt and misguided establishment since the dawn of multiparty democracy in 1994.

According to Kajoloweka, politicians have been using local leaders to gain massive support from the citizenry even when things are wrong.

This is certainly because chiefs have massive following in their respective communities.

‘’Chiefs have been both victims and champions  of political regression and were largely supported Dr. Kamuzu Banda to sustain the one party state defying the change all Malawians wanted as well as in 2003 when they defended former President Bakili Muluzi’s third term bid.

“One thing: legitimizing political mediocrity and incompetence. Here too, they suffered defeat at the hands of democracy. Malawians have not forgotten how some corrupt and misguided chiefs foolishly supported Bingu’s autocracy between 2009 and 2012 – a period our young democracy came under massive attack. They supported change of national flag,” he explained

He also mentioned the period from 2012 and 2013 when some section of chiefs rallied behind former President Joyce Banda who actually gained their support by elevating and serving them with various posts within the duties of the government.

The activist added that the chiefs do no actually ‘’hold any sound political influence and are merely used to stop progress including the one being sought by the CSOs.

Charles Kajoloweka
Charles Kajoloweka: We will not relent.

Kajoloweka has since maintained that CSOs in Malawi shall continue to discharge their role with total independence and impartiality and will sustain and grow their fight against corrupt and incompetent political administrations as well as their associates.

‘’Notwithstanding some notable deficits, civil society remains the most critical conscience of Malawi. We continue to give our democracy a true meaning and we shall continue to discharge our role with total independence and impartiality. We will sustain and grow our fight against corrupt and incompetent political administrations and their associate,” Kajoloweka told Malawi24.

This comes fresh on the heels of incessant criticism the Mutharika regime has received over what is being termed as failure to handle the scandal involving Minister Chaponda and Admarc officials.

The pressure forced Mutharika to appoint a commission of inquiry into the K26 billion maize saga which some analysts say is making his regime unpopular.

YAS is among the groupings currently dragging with the matter and sought injunction from Mzuzu High Court to stop Chaponda from exercising his duties.

The State house however stuck to its guns saying the duty to hire and fire Ministers rest in the hands of the President.

Mutharika has personally taken a jibe at critics which include CSOS and opposition leaders.

Last year he challenged them that he would not step down as called for on claims he failed to run the affairs of the nation amid hunger and economic woes.



  1. The government has been given expert advice by professionals in Economics, Governance etc and the advice has been ignored. Leace CSO out of the equstion. Government deliberately ignores expert advice for personal gain of those in the corridors of power. Outright violation of God’ s laws. Churches what is ur stand?

  2. Why the Opposition and the CSOs just criticising without giving solutions?

  3. Ndinangomuona kuti kyungu naye ukalamba ndiumene wa mukulila, mmene dziko lafikila panomu ndithu munthu wankulu ngati amene uja angamalankhule Zopanda nzeru ngati zimene zija? Akupembesa chani? pano tumati kukhala nkumatinso bola munthu amene adamwarila coz adathana ndimavuto akunja kuno sitidziwa zakomwe mzimu wake ukakhale, Awa ndimafumu Opusa ngati achina Lundu, okonda zokondweresa Iwo osati anthu awo, mukutinyasa nazo ife za pitala wanuyo ndipo musiiletu mwamva

  4. #Kyungu ndi mfumudi yanzeru yathoka mfundo zomveka bwino.Inu amabungwe choyamba Pakuti panu inunso a zipani zotsutsa nonse ndnu zitsiru mungandiuze chinthu chimodzi chomwe mwapangapo pankhani ya njala mudziko lino ? inu chomwe mumatha ndkulalata bas chisiru china ndi #Kamulepo #Kaluwa ndi nzake #Chakwela uwauze kunyoza boma koma pankhan yoti tithese njala apangapo chan bolatu boma mukut ndlakuba koma chimanga chabwelatu

  5. Malawians if some people see problems let them talk .Dont hinder them.they have rights to fight for those who can’t.Don’t talk nonsense

  6. Iwe nyungu sikuti awa salangizidwa komanso kuunikilidwa kuti apa sipali bwino ayi,koma io amaona ngati ukulowetsapo ndale. Zotsatila zake ndichifukwa akunyozedwa chifukwa chonsabva,mwano,tikamangowaona awa pali chomwe akonze, kuteloku ndikutopa tisiyeni tilankhule.

  7. guyz these socalled amabungwe r full of shit,kodi njala pomwe imayamba analikuti?bwanji sanapezenjila yothetsela njala? so now anzawo agula chimanga nde mkumati aba,my question is h u many NGOs do we huv in malawi,…. plenty of them y malawi is stil very poor but they come here to endup poverty.

  8. CSOs here in Malawi are fond taking wild swings and in the end never hit the spot and hence lose the fight. I have been wondering. Why do they keep silent when the president is making achievements but raise the flag when something goes wrong or is perceived to have gone wrong? How can we ever trust this bunch that are divided most of the times? That’s why people accuse them of seeking chibanzi every time they make criticisms koma mwina pomwe sichoncho. CSOs be serious

  9. Officials in CSOs, government and parties are not supposed to fight chiefs. Chiefs are community leaders. Instead chiefs may be approached to engage in peaceful and meaningful dialogue in order to find solutions to problems. No sane person can stand and fight a chief. Chiefs have right to opinion, expression and speech on issues affecting their communities and offer advice where applicable. If anyone is unable to accept free advice, then I will be at pains to understand meaning of democracy, governance and mutually beneficial relationships. Is it only CSOs that have right to criticize perhaps?.

  10. These so-called activists they have Neva come up with solution or suggestion but criticism, these lazy guys just sits behind a desk and talk rubbish then still donors money.kyungu is ryt.

    1. Which government in Africa take on board solutions or suggestions from NGOs, Opposition Parties – don’t pretend as if u leave in Mars. There has been suggestions before ie reducing maize at Admarc, slashing down fees at public universites, abolishing quarter system, access to info. etc but which one of the few highlighted here has listen. NONE

    2. mr chirwa thoz r nt solutions. wat if gvt says colleges shud b free, can u support gvnt?, wat if gvnt do give free maize to evry1, can u congratulate gvnt or can this be a solution? only lazy ppo wl wait 4 free and cheaper thngs. let them come to private colleges if gvnment univesities r high coz we dnt complain lyk them do.

    3. Let’s liv politics aside there is some sense in kyungu’s remarks, these activist they receive funding from their respective donors,amapanga nazo chani?is there funding only used in critising government? And these activists they have Neva worked hand in hand with any government since democracy simnaoneko they criticize every leader.so its high time akungoyenera kuyamba kupereka ma guiding line in governance. @ Augustine Atom Harawa

    4. nosense in this qngu , and iwe ukuti palibe solutions which solutions do you need? people suggested all sort of solutions but ur mr kno it all so called prof. fails 2 implement them coz he thinks hez so wise bt a wise person listens or comz with action not jx denying evrything. tell this mr know it all dat hz failed us

  11. Mfumu Yopanda Zelu, Yadyela , Yopusa Komaso Yawonetsa Kuti Aipatsa Ndalama Kuti Izikamba Zopusazo Adzalila Mu2019 Chipani Chikulamula , Mwina Fumu Imeneyi Ndiyakuba Nanga Akudana Ndikudandaula Kwa Anthu Bwanji?

    1. A Makwinja mwangodana chabe ndi anthu aku Mpoto zoona zimenezi pezani chifukwa china. Mafumu awa ndi aku Mpoto : Kaomba, Lukwa, Lundu, Ngongoliwa, amene zochitika zawo zosasiyana ndi Kyungu. Kusiyana kwake ndikwakuti ena ali pachikamwini pamene Kyungu ali kwao

    2. kyungu ndiosauka ine I came from central but the most respected king I should respect is chief mberwa not this rubbish king ,chief mberwa never bow to the politicians

  12. The socalled activists would not have hit back at Chief Kyungu’s remarks if they had other ways to earn a living. Imagine how many thugs would we have had out of these lazy guys if they had not formed these CSOs?. These chaps are far too many & they need to now be trained in Technical work under the special needs program cos they’ll be worse than they are in the near future & they’ll be a heavy burden to offload.

    1. You are very wise Pempho wiser than the chief you say is stupid sichoncho? But know this ” To be old and wise you have to be young and stupid” It’s unfortunate that you have to.make such a distasteful remark about an elder. Just shows you have no respect for the elders. Read the fifth commandment and save yourself some.curses

    2. inuyo anzelu!! oneday u will b sory 4wat u huv pronounced,this chief u called a fool can b more wise than u,n bytheway where r u coming from?

    3. Kyungu is not ruling foolish Kingdom but he want govt favour remember before he became chief he was in active politics ie at one time he was in diplomatic mission in Namibia under UDF so he is one of political camerions in this country.

    4. if chiefs have to spare themselves from lambasts and uncalled for scorn they should desist from direct comments in political affairs,much as the chief has the right to express himself nobody is denied the same right even if his language sounds vulgar.There has never been criticism withiout solution.What is the solution to corruption? Everybody knows the answer so what solution is this chief looking for?

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