Chitipa United incumbents facing no challengers in elections

Chitipa United

There are no new challengers for positions in the Chitipa United executive committee ahead of the club’s Annual General Elections slated for January 21.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, Chitipa United General Secretary Marshall Mwenechanya said that no challenger has come forward to his office to declare interest to contest in the Chitipa United general elections which will be held at City Council Hall.

Chitipa United
Chitipa United polls tomorrow.

“Up to now no candidate has come forward to challenge for any position in the Chitipa main executive committee,” said Mwenechanya.

He added that if no candidate will show interest to contest in the general elections it will be up to the current main executive committee to decide a way forward.

When asked why people are not showing interest to contest in any of the positions in the Chitipa executive committee, Mwenechanya said people have trust in the current executive because of what they have achieved.

“I think people have trust in the current committee, for the first time in Chitipa football (the committee led the club to the Super League) which is a great achievement,” he said.

Chitipa United hold general election every year since the team’s constitution states that the term of office bearers ends after one year.

The list below is of the current Chitipa United main Executive Committee;
Chairman- George Ndenga
Vice Chairman- Siyasa Nyondo
General Secretary- Marshall Mwenechanya
Vice General Secretary- Kondwani Sinkhonde
Treasure- Moire Simengwa
Committee Members- Gift Kabaghe, Charles Sichone, Jane Jere, Lauren Chilungulo, Orton Mtindya Oluma Silwimba, Mailosi Silwimba, Kawache Mwase, Victor Sichalwe and Joseph Iwinga.



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