Agriculture Ministry employees arrested for stealing treadle pumps


Six employees of Ministry of Agriculture and a truck driver have been arrested in Lilongwe following their involvement in the sale of treadle pump parts worth half a million Kwacha.

Police said the civil servants sold the treadle pump parts to the truck driver who wanted to sell the equipment in Tanzania.

The employees are supervisor Abel Khanje, 56, Senior Clerk Zelifa Molande, 43, Procurement Officer Annie Sawasawa, 51, Workshop Foreman Moffat Mwachande, 40, and 46 year-old Falesi Banda while the driver is Moffat Banda, 53.

Tredle PumpCentral Region Police Public Relations Officer Nolliettie Chihana said the driver was arrested on January 13 at Malangalanga area in Lilongwe where he was found with treadle pump parts in his truck registration number T518 AKL.
When asked, the driver said he bought the parts from the six Ministry Of Agriculture employees.

“Our Criminal Investigations Department (CID) made an effort to find out from Principal Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture and the Director of Irrigation and they both denied authorising the sale of the equipment,” Chihana explained.

The driver will answer the charge of receiving stolen property which is contrary to section 328 of the penal code while two of the employees who are Khanje and Mwachande will answer the charge of theft by servant which is contrary to section 283 (1) of penal code.

The other four employees will answer the charge of conspiracy which is contrary to section 404 of the penal code.



  1. Stupid. Why don’t u arrest Chaponda the big fish? You are factored in arresting people who steal chickens while those who swindle billions are moving & freely travelling in and outside the country.

  2. Why don’t arrest Chaponda first?….stupid government, you only punish poor civil sevants living they bosses who are stealing our bilions, where is justince there?

  3. Ife tikudikira aChaponda pankhani ya maizegate amangiwda kapena ayi atula pansi udindo wawo kapena ayi tiwone mathero ake

  4. Yaaah thats malawi i used to know,easy to arrest emproyees from the ministry for these small thing u r calling treadle pumps bcoz they hv got no names and leave the owner of the ministry[chaponda]who steal the billions from the same ministry shame on u. but we r not worried bcoz one day is one day

  5. Anayamba ndi mtsogoleri kuba ndiye ana atani? You hide some you expose some, Chaponda sanabe koma ma juniors kujere chifukwa ndalama zambiri mwagawana mbuzi!

  6. half million anthu 6? aliyese 90 something thousand kkkkkk mbuzi za wanthu .90 sauzande angapange nayo chani ? anzanu akuba chimanga konko inu mukulimbana ndima bolt atredle pump? shameeeeeee