Liquor kills man in Nkhotakota


A 38 year-old man has died after taking Galaxy liquor on an empty stomach in Nkhotakota district.

The incident happened on Tuesday when the deceased McDonald Mwale and his employee Harry Tumbwe, 22, left their Jasi village to look for fertilizer in a nearby village Sesani.

BeerAccording to Nkhotakota Police spokesperson Williams Kaponda, the two upon arriving at Sesani Village in the district started drinking Galaxy spirits.

The men drank until in the afternoon and while there Tumbwe slept. Mwale left him at the drinking joint and started going back home.

On his way, he called his wife to meet him as he was too weak to ride his motorcycle.

When they got home, the woman prepared porridge for her husband but unfortunately soon after finishing eating porridge he passed on.

Police together with a medical doctor from Nkhotakota district hospital health personnel visited the scene.

The doctor said the deceased died due to hypoglycaemia which is when there is low sugar in the body.

The deceased hailed from Jasi village in the area of senior chief Malengachanzi in Nkhotakota district.



  1. Stories like these always make me heart sick as more youth continue to have problems with drag abuse. I wish there could be more sports centers,may be they can find something to do if job creation have failed.

  2. Thats why I like Chibagi, they is no such things like ndidyere kaye with chibagi, its a food on its own, kaya its non of my bussines….Barman bagi 4 ibwele apa, hule iwe zacheke selura apa!

  3. Ife ambumba tingoti kumeta palibe mankhwala palibe, malemuwa anali achisiru amakonda mowa kuposa mulungu, nsuzulo ndiwalero pompa, ampingo pitilizani

  4. What dou mean by LIQUOR KILLS MAN….?
    Wazipha ekha…amamwa ekha….dont put the blame on liquor…..
    Akanamwa pang’ono akanafa?

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