Admarc cancelled Kaloswe contract without govt knowledge, inquiry hears


Malawi government through the ministry of finance has claimed that it was not informed about the cancellation of the US$34.5 million contract Admarc had with Kaloswe Courier Limited to supply maize to the country.

Director of Debt and Aid Management in the Ministry of Finance Madalo Nyambose made the revelation when she appeared before the parliamentary committees of public accounts and of agriculture which are probing the maize saga. Nyambose said the ministry was not informed in the cancellation of contract with Kaloswe.

The response raised eyebrows among the committee members who questioned the seriousness of the ministry.

Foster Mulumbe
Foster Mulumbe was in charge at Admarc during this period.

Legislator for Rumphi East Kamlepo Kaluwa expressed worry following the failure of the ministry to track down the process of maize purchase that involved billions of kwacha.

During his appearance before the committee on Wednesday, Admarc Chief Executive Officer (CEO) told the members that he had cancelled the contract with Kaloswe saying the company was not an eligible supplier.

Mulumbe then disclosed that Admarc went on to sign a contract with Zambia Cooperation Federation to supply maize to Malawi and the Office Public Procurement gave a ‘no objection’ to the contract.

But Zambia has since disclosed to have had no hand in the dealings of maize purchase that Malawi had arguing that the country was dealing with vendors.



  1. Asatipusise awa guyz akunama sizingatheke admarc kupanga zinthu payokha minister osaziwa ayi, kunena motelo chifukwa choti boma la zambia lakana kuti silinagulise chimanga kuboma lamalawi.

  2. Chaka chino tikhuta makafukufuku omwewa,mmalo mwachimanga ku admarc.apa nde boma latiganizira kwabasi.unkhutukumve a malawi.apa nde osat kungoziona kokha,koma ndikuzigwira komwe.

  3. Honestly guys between zis government and last regime losolola apa ndi liti? Don’t blame JB here bcz osolola awoneka kale apa kkkkk

  4. Thats a golden lie, Admarc can not make a cancellation contract of such huge amount of $ without leting the goverment through the Minister of Agriculture likewise the Minister of finance to know this, maybe it can heppen but Iam doubting, Admarc is under the ministry of Agriculture, & Chaponda is the cheif in that Ministry, so whatever was happening there Chaponda knew everything. We are not fools that you can take us for granted!

  5. The Letter of Credit has all the necessary information to sort out the saga.
    Why not involve the experts in this regard?
    Ready to help. Stop incurring more waste of money!

  6. And this commission of enquiry is wastage of resources, tax money. This issue is straight forward those involved must come on open and apologise to the nation, and in return the nation Must respond of which I guess the reaction best suited is imprisonment! Looking at the gravity of the scandal

  7. Take Them Headon Ayamba Kuopa Aululana Apa Ndiye Bomali Likupita Kuti ? A Big Hand To Our Members Of Parliament Mukafinya Wamng’ono Akamalira Achula Wamkulu

    1. its not that they don’t have control measures but that was one of the moves to steal our taxes ,they signed a contract with kaloswe to supply maize @ $345 per ton in which they wanted to procure close to 100000 tons and then borrowed $34•5mita to pay those supplies ,they cancelled the contract with kaloswe so that they can buy that same thing at a cheaper price at $240 per ton and save $105per ton which would have been channelled or transferred into their personal accounts anthu alindima tricks obela ambiri ndimbava basi amangidwe de new what they were doing asatipakepo phula apa kkkk

    2. yah vuto lapamalawi pano zinthu sitimazitenga serious koma dis is a serious crime anthuwa ndalama its either anagawana kale or amafuna agawana how come kubwereka dolla yambiri n den cancelled de contract to go for de cheaper thing nde motive yawo inaliyoti yapamwambao inalowa matumba mwao ..wish anthu ena atatengerapo lesson amangidwe basi tizingokongola dolla yoti ilowe matumba mwao zoona aaah atikwana

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