Give solutions to Mutharika or shut up, Kyungu tells CSOs


Paramount Chief Kyungu of Karonga has urged civil society organisations (CSOs) in the country to stop attacking President Peter Mutharika’s government and start providing solutions.

Kyungu said in an interview that Malawi can never develop with negative criticism towards government but rather it can prosper if people provided solutions on how problems can be sorted out in the country.

He said criticism is only promoting hatred and nothing tangible has transpired from the daily attacks on government.

Kyungu: Blasts CSOs.

The chief observed that instead of offering solutions, some citizens offer castigations to Mutharika.

“Personally as a chief, I find it not suitable for someone to start criticising the current government for challenges that have emanated due to the effects of climate change and withdrawal of donor support.”

“To say the truth, government is doing a lot of things. Those who do not want to see cannot appreciate,” he said.

He further emphasised that it is about time Malawians started helping the president with solutions on how problems can be sorted out in the country.

“Arguments would not take the country anywhere. Let’s not politicise issues of national development,” he added.

This is happening at a time government is failing to provide solutions to numerous problems Malawians are facing in the country.



  1. Mbali zonse zikufunika wothandizira mfundo zabwino ndinso wolamulira dziko kuchilandira. Vuto tili nalo kwathu kuno ndiloti wothandizira mfundo zabwino ena amakhala ndi mtima wampikisano osati kulikonda dzikoli therefore wolamulira naye zimavutirapo kuchivomereza. Tili ndi mitima yogawikana mu Malawi muno kutero kuti amene ali wakunja kwa chipani ndi mudani komanso wakunja kwa chipani kudanana ndi wolamula. Tsopano onsewa ndiwofunikira kupanga national team kuti tipambane chikho. Ndicho chifukwa tikukhalira kunyozana mbali zonse kukulitsa udani pakati pathu dziko kumagwa pang’ono pang’ono ndipo ndithu zikupitirira mpaka muzi ntchito cholinga ineyo ndine osati wianso. Mulungu akufunikira ndithu kuti tikhale ndi patient humble spirit mbali zonse ziwiri tipempherere dziko lino ndipo azibusa atithandize asakhale ndi mitima yokondera koma yolirira kwa Mulungu kuti zinthu zisinthe Mulungu akhale Mulungu chimene akulifunira dziko la Malawi.

  2. Koma mafumu adyera akuchulukila nkhani ndi yakuti munthalika ndiwakuba chifukwa chiyani akusunga mbava apa tinene zowona akamulepo achakwera komanso mabungwe chonde pulumutsani ntundu wa amalawi.

  3. Vuto la utsogoleli wodzera mmagazi ndi limenelo.zinakakhala ndale tikanasankha wina chifukwa a Kyungu mwaonetseratu dyera lanu poyera.mukufuna akupatseni chani petulo?simuli kukonda dera ndi dziko lanu.Malawi di sazatheka akuluakulu .shame on you!!¡!

  4. I don’t trust Chiefs! They sold us to slavery! They love sweet things at the expenses of their ppo, they need to thank God coz we don’t vote for them

  5. Amfumuwa ndi mlendo mu Malawi muno awa mmene akuonekera akalamba ndithu asatenge za chikalekale dziko linasintha ili

  6. U give a solution to a person who risten who doesn’t know that APM was told to fire chaponda how cn u set an inquirly which consist of DPP hands clapers and how cn u probe a person who z atil in office ? What solution does peturo wants?

  7. iwe ngati iwe kunyungu nda pulezintenti ngati masiku akuthereni chauta akanali ndimapulu ni pana ake ndiye ngati mwatsa pangono ingonyamukani nokha wakumanda musationongere dziko feseke iwe kunyungu

  8. Kyungu! just shut up and enjoy your cake, achina Muthalika ndi anthu osamva za anzao, theres no time to give him solutions coz he already know them, but he doesn’t want to apply them, koma Jah Jah azatichotselanso, time time basi…..kagoneni mwakhuta cake inu….

  9. 100% sure, the chief is right and there is soluble sense in his remarks, people are good at criticizing but come up alternative solutions, we must be mindful that this act of corruption is practised in different places at different level, even in CSOs,NGOs,churches,government sectors,departments and indeed at council level there is rampant and serious act of corruption and criticize and not giving solutions is equally like preaching to people to stop drinking beer without showing a clear way of repentance SO the chief is right.

  10. Pamtumbo pako iwe mfumu yamburi which solutions do you want apart from firing chaponda, ngati2 wapatsidwa ndalama you will soon go to hell with it,nosense!

  11. This chief kyungu aaaaaah am lost of words av seen chiefs Themba Chikulamayembe and My own hero Mmbelwa honourable, don’t comment on any useless, baseless things, but shame on this chief of the other side mmmm eeessh

  12. I wonder whether the Paramount Chief Kyungu follows what is happening in our country today. He seems to be too much obsessed with pleasing the powers that be that he fails to pick the advice and solutions that the opposition and CSOs offer to the current Malawi leadership.

    I will particularly would like to remind the Chief that with regard to the maize scandal that implicates the Honourable Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Dr. George Chaponda among others. What the CSOs have done is offering a tangible solution to pave way for the smooth investigation. By calling for the resignation of Dr. Chaponda’s resignation or relieving of his duties in the midst of such an investigation the CSOs are not insinuating the the honourable Minister is guilty of any wrong doing but rather to avoid tampering with the evidence and/or process of the investigation. That in it’s own is a solution and the President has failed to take that. What more does the chief want?

    If the chief was wise enough he should have read between the lines and advise the president to adhere to the calls of the masses by acting in the interest of the good of Malawi. Relieving of Chaponda of his Ministerial duties in the midst of this fracas does not imply that he is guilty. He is a concerned party that he should have distanced himself from any acts that would undermine the findings of the Commission of Inquiry. When his name is cleared of any wrong doing then he would be given his post back.

    My humble advice to Chief Kyungu is; He needs to understand that much as chiefs are supposed to supposed the government of the day they should not deliberately bury their heads in the sand and pretend that all is well. The should also be in the forefront to advise the government when things are going wrong. Boot licking to gain favours from the ruling party is detrimental because by the end of the day, we, their subjects, will lose our confidence in them. Chiefs are supposed to be neutral and impartial in discharging their duties.

  13. Koma nawonso bwana Kyungu…, and I quote “Those who do not want to see cannot and appreciate”, Bambo chigoli chikalowa pagolo chimadziwika kuti mpira walowa muukonde, sizifunika wina akuuze kuti ndichigoli, Let people talk, ife tizisekelera tikugona mum’dima? eeeeee? ife tizisekelera njala ili pa mimba? tizisekelera ana anthu akukhla zaka 4 osapeza ntchito after graduation?…………….Mbanzi idyani a Paramount Kyungu, mukamayankhula ili pakamwa mutsamwidwa!

    1. This Man isn’t in Malawi, our president doesn’t listen to anyone else …even the vice president told us publicly not to entertain foolish actions whether from the president or any other person. The chief shouldn’t tell people what to do on matters that are affecting their well being. Makanjira and Chikulamayembe are seeing all these things but they know politics very well.

  14. I express my wonderment at what Kyungu has said. Is he in his own country? Civil Society Organisations have been providing numerous solutions to Pitala. Can’t Kyungu ‘see’ that Pitala and his shields have stony hearts? These are the handclappers Chilima talked about. Kyungu must be the first to zip up his mouth. Uzingodyanawo za cashgatezo bwa?

  15. Can you guys at Malawi24 give this false chief the hard copy of this post and all the comments azionele yekha apa mwina anthu amuika pamene amayenela kukhala. Vuto la ufumu wobela ndi limeneri you clap hands at anything even if there is nothing to clap, Shame.

  16. I don’t like the thinking of this so called mfumu …. every time he opens his mouth I am so worried … he is like the others two guys , who also say r mamfumuetc … their first interest is them

    I think it’s fair to ask such mfumus to shit up first as well

  17. Mmmm atidye nawo afuna adyeretuh sinanga akula kale. Chilima is there but they don’t give him a chance! so ma cso’s angawamvere?

  18. Mmmmmmm!!Anth Amew Apangtsa Kut Xul Fees Ikwere Tikulepher Kupita Ku Xul Bcz We Has No Fees Kma Chonsch Muli Nd Ma Billion Thumba Mwanu.Prz Cau U Chang u’re Behaviours Anyani Inu Omadya Phind La Azan U Floosh

  19. If paramount chief Kyungu says shut up to the Cso’s then who’s gonna bring our voices out to these thugs ? A mean wat does the law says if someone has been accused of any sort of theft and wants to be investigated ? Does he still execute his duties while he is under probe ,,, ?

  20. U inherited your chief. But to be president they elect u. So chief u are the one must eat shut up. If u benefited from maizegate chief let us speak freedom of speech

  21. Kyungu ndi dpp eishii why cant you advise the president to fire chaponda to pave way for investigation stop this much hated quota system employing pple from one region once upon time dpp was mightier in the north what has made pple change their minds when did universities in mw close?? We respect chiefs lk kyungu but you can as well asist the president to look at these crucial things

  22. Ah my kyungu what has entered you! , If u are living in other country please come live here! And see by urself!

  23. These chiefs they go crazy with the little sweets they have been given,more over who can hear what u r saying chief yosaganiza how can u say such a thing while your pple r suffering bcoz of your leaders stealing the little we have ,kyungu u r the 1 who need to shut up bcoz u don’t care about the poor

  24. Kyungu ukusuta zaukali okuthaitha et?tikuziwa kut waluma chmtuwisa kukamwako,bwanj osangokhala chete ndye mwana wako ukut ndmkaz wakoyo azikusisita penapake,solution is kp on stlng kubomako mpaka kwa count kusale 0kwacha a kyungu atero,ulemu wanu kumipandoko go dper saukisan malawi

  25. Kyungu ukusuta zaukali okuthaitha et?tikuziwa kut waluma chmtuwisa kukamwako,bwanj osangokhala chete ndye mwana wako ukut ndmkaz wakoyo azikusisita penapake,solution is kp on stlng kubomako mpaka kwa count kusale 0kwacha a kyungu atero,ulemu wanu kumipandoko go dper saukisan malawi

  26. Is Chaponda’s Fired Asolution To Aproblem?What Would Happen If The Commision Says The Money Has Been Embelzod,is The Hunger Come To Anend?What Iwas Expected To The Csos Is To Ask The Gorvement To Reduce The Cost Of Maize, Not Going To Courts & Whatever They Are Doing Its Nonsense &speechless

  27. Is Chaponda’s Fired Asolution To Aproblem?What Would Happen If The Commision Says The Money Has Been Embelzod,is The Hunger Come To Anend?What Iwas Expected To The Csos Is To Ask The Gorvement To Reduce The Cost Of Maize, Not Going To Courts & Whatever They Are Doing Its Nonsense &speechless

  28. many of us who have contributed seems we are not giving other solutions that what the chief has asked us to do.we are very furiuos with just very simple request from the chief. with my litle understanding,i believe the solutions are many to this problem. we are more than million pipo who can come with many solutions. my advise is the president should wait the investigation to be concluded and then if the minister will be implicated then shud be fired from his position and face justice. simple!

    1. #Anold, there is no need for commission of inquiry on this issue. The country has a dully established institution-ACB mandated for this job.

    2. Muthalika has been given so many Solutions on his table. Are u in Malawi? Your Stupid Mathalika will Never listen, like a Stupid hegoat!!

    3. Mr.John Banda,am sorry i dont like saying abbussive language neither do i belong to Mr.president. i value your imput but lets talk facts here inorder to build our beloved country than destroying it. have i said any abbussive language here? lets critisis wisely and to be flank with u,am not such person than u can compete through talking in such a way. i respect u as one concept of dignity.

  29. Thats why unakakwatira kamwana iwee,,,kmso ndiwe ofunika kumangidwa unakwatira kwamwana stupit…..mwana wanjoka iwee zeru unakataya kuchimbuz stupit…kumangoyankhula ngat wakhalira mutu kut kukuyankhula ndiku……..ndiliokwia kwambir nkhope yokwinyikao foolish….

  30. Lawa ndiye mamfumu aku Malawi chimene amadziwa ndizimenezi zoti ku Malawi anthu akuvutika ndi kuthimathima kwa magetsi samazidziwa zoti anthu a mmidzi mwao akusowa khobidi logulira chimanga chifukwa chakukwera mtengo kwa chimangacho ayi ndithu palibe chomwe amachita koma akangomva kuti otsutsa ndi amabungwe adzudzula boma chifukwa chokweza mtengo kwa chimanga komaso kuzimazima kwa magetsi ndiye liwil ku mbc kukalalata iwo amakhala ngati aneneli a chipani cha DPP

  31. Akyungu timaku patsani ulemu nkhani yili munkamwa ndiya chimanga kudya ndi moyo wa munthu so if u say cso shut ur mouth why and how? We will not shut our mouth untill justice must be done. Ma fumu osalowelera za ndale.

  32. Tangooopezaninso mwana wamngono kuposa chidzukulu chanu mumukwatirenso ….kusiyana nkumakamba.zopanda nzeruzi…don’t u see yourself kuti solution nkuchosa Chaponda…? Ndi Attention seeker mdalayu

    1. Kkk he knows something, what surplised pple is that, the minister himself, he is insisting to pave a way for investigation, now its a drama here kkk, the Zambian government slowly slowly is pulling itself from that maizagate…pple are suffering of hunger.

    2. We are too tired of these chiefs, after given some bread with butter they changed competely like chamillion. Thats why I like Inkosi Mmbelwa, another problem is that these pple spent much of their lives in abroad, they only came here to milk our money.

  33. Mmmmmmmmmmm amfumu akugawilan zingati za maizegate ife kudabwa nanu mmalo mothandizana ndi anthu anu lero mukuikira kumbuyo mbava mzodabwitsa ndithu. Osaiwala a mfumu eni eni ali kumwamba. God bless MALAWI

  34. I disown Kyungu this time. Let Malawians enjoy their democratic rights and not chieftaincy of no clue at all. Our chiefs are behind Malawi under development ever since politically. Kyungu dynasty I believe is one of them from Karonga and entire North.

  35. If you are enjoying the piece of the cake with Muthalika. Don’t tell the nation to shut up.You Chief must shut up. How can we give him solutions when he does not want to listen?

  36. zikuchita kuona kut akupasani kangacepe dats y mukutokota achitsiru inu ine bambo anga ndi amfumuso koma zamanyi sangayankhule coz anthu awo akuvutika wth dis régime

  37. Inuyo you should shut up, I think amenewa asiye kulandila ndalama. Too much nosense from their mouth, pano it’s him wina uja mumati ndani waku Kasungu wapuma. Ndalama akumalandira achanganya awa zawapangitsa kusiya kuganiza. Tipange register anthu okalamba komanso needy, adzilandila zimenezi.

    1. And its high mafumu amenewa human go wake a pula atikwana and we can live popanda ufumu .Tingalephere kugawa minda ndi kukatsekula Ku manda?

  38. Mafumu Enawa alibe mzimu waumuthu kumaombera fiti mmnja, ukanakhala ukanakhala mfumu yonthandiza anthu ako bwezi utayakhula mwanzeru

  39. Mfumu yofoira ndiyadyera ngati imeneyi sinayione ma yes bwana aja ndi amewa paja anakwatira ka mwana ka police timulanda pompano mkazi ameneyu wakalamba dalayu angoombera manja zilizomse

  40. I Have Respected Him So Long As A Chief Based On What He Has Said He Has completely Lost My Vote These Are People Who Groome Mutharika To Be A Dictator Because Kyungu Himself Is A Dictator I Think He Is The One Who Ill Advise Mutharika Taonani Amalawi Kyungu Msinku Wonse Uja Munthu Kukwatira Mwana Let’s All Pray That Devil Should Leave The Old Man So That He Realise The Trutth Ngakhale Nthawi Ya Asamunda Pamene Anthu Amati Thangata Athe Panali End Amazemba Kumapita Kumakalandila Mchere Kwa Asamundawo Nkumati Thangata Asathe Musawadabwe A Kyungu Ndi 1million Ija Imeneyi Mwinanso Kapenatu Zinazi Anyambita

  41. Mafumu azanu akuthyolo Ali duu osamuikira kumbuyo inu a kukalonga mwati one ndine odziwa kulakhula koma iyidi ndi mfumu iyi kapena za maize gate munadya nawo

  42. Kkkk ayamba kusavuka, onse akuba si awa angozibweretsa poyera, Mfumuyinso ifufuzidwe……….Are you only cheaf in the entere land??????

  43. Ukalamba Sizinthu Guys,kyungu Ukutiyambatu Dala,tikabweza Uziti Sitikulemekeza Achikulire? Nkhalamba Ngat Iwe Ungatiuze Chani? Tili Ndi Masiku Ambiri Padzikoli ndie Ngat Wina Masiku amuchepera U Better Keep Quiet, Ok?

  44. Wakalamba uyu naona alukamba zopusa teli.koma udziwe kutiti dzikoli silako ayi ngakhale nkhandwe yako ukuyikhalilayo mumtima mwake ilinimantha.afumu anzeru sakhala akugwa pakamwa telo ayi.masapus mfumu kyungu ndi peter nuy.

  45. My dear grandpapa low pressure this time for ur retired,,don’t tok mbwekambweka,(anthu ngati inu ndiye amene mukuononga dziko)amati ukakhuta usaswe mbale

  46. CSOs would never provide the slightest solution to any problem cos them alone are a problem of themselves. Clueless is the main ingredient in the formation of all CSOs in Malawi.

  47. Ntchifukwa chake dziko lathu likuwonongeka chifukwa cha nkhalamba zadyera ngati zimenezi. Mulungu achite nanu anthu adyera inu ngati yudas

  48. Iwe Kyungu ndi Munthalika wakoyo nonse ndinu matchona nokhanokha plz mukutionongela dzikoli agalu inu. Kyungu unalephela u MP kambirimbiri coz kwanu anaona kuti usogoleri mulibe mfumu yopusa iwe

  49. Afumu mwina sakudziwa kuti boma limayenda ndi ndalama za misonkho nichifukwa chake wina amagwilitsa ntchito ndalamazi molakwika mpamene anthu amadandaulatu ndie malangizo ampelekedwa koma woti agwilitse ntchito malangizoyo akukana poyela ndie anthu angataniso basi kumangolankhula basi tele afumu nanuso pali wanu msonkho pamenepa umene ukutafunidwa ni anthu ena koma opanda chilolezo

  50. Iwe Kyungu ndi Munthalika wakoyo nonse ndinu matchona nokhanokha plz mukutionongela dzikoli agalu inu. Kyungu unalephela u MP kambirimbiri coz kwanu anaona kuti usogoleri mulibe mfumu yopusa iwe

  51. Koma mafumu enawa angokhala mafumu koma dzeru alibe mmene miyandayanda ya Malawi yavutikilamo samaona kapena unali kwamerica pali be dzeru tingamuthandize ameneyo ndiwakumva zake zokha aona 2019 ngati munthu anabela mavoti ndidzeru yanji angamve

  52. This mother fucker who call himself chief must shut up n concentrate being a puppet of wamutharica, who did give him rights to 2lk by the way in the media, an educated chief who can’t read n ryt stupit person, do u know most of university are closed n thyr not open yet bcoz of this idiot who call himself president while his kids are overseas getting degree n dipromats while we are suffering here. Usadzalankhulenso mau ako onunkhawa wamva.

  53. Kafucheche Wamfumu Zausilu basi monse anthu ayankhulilamu iwe unalikuti?inu ndamene muthandizila kuononga tsogolo la malawi ndi abale ako akukasungu aja eti?iweyo kaomba,Lukwa Mfiti Zaanthu Corrupt Chiefs Mukumulakwitsa Munthuyu Ndinu Mukuma Backla Zopusanu.

  54. stupid idiots of Malawi. U ve never slept on empty stomach.we pay tax u steal the money and rob people of their wealth including chicken goats eggs.fockol whitehead

  55. Solutions were given. How many times should people give solutions to this deaf gouvernment. Maybe it needs a hearing aide, because the clueless gouvernment should STOP the blame game and start working. Mfumu iyinso bwanji? Tadzingodyani mwalandiracho osatisokosapo apa iya!

  56. Ine ngakhale ndikuchokera ku mpoto km kyungu ndichitsiru or chindere chakufikapu iweyo zipereka zima solutions kwa President yo, ife tizipanga zakafufuyu kaye wa maizegate

  57. With all the respect,i believe to run the country is to find solutions to its problems.Failing to find solutions to country’s problems,is failing to run the country.

  58. Mafumu athuwa akumazinyozetsa okha kamba ka dyera. Wina ndi uyu wa kwathu kuno uyu…. Kaomba…. learn to patriotic you so called chiefs

  59. It appears the chief has been given a very big yellow burn.

  60. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  61. Someone said chief M’mbelwa is not shaken by politics, this is so because he is a youthful chief. These old chiefs and politicians are useless-they are amassing stolen pension. The Mzimba chief knows he has future ahead of him.

  62. Amfumu awa amadzitenga odziwa kwambiri kuposa wina aliyense kumpoto kwawoko. Amfumu nkhani za mdziko muno mudziyankhulapo komanso mudzikhala ndi malire, mukuwona ngati anthu onse akudandaulawa ngopanda nzeru? Iwowa ngati akudya nawo zaboma kulibwino kumangopukuta milomo osatinso kuwanyodza anthu olira. Amfumu amenewa adzipatse ulemu kuti nawonso apatsidwe ulemu.

  63. Kodi mumati Kyungu yu mudamutola kuti? Sindinawone mfumu yopanda nzeru ngati ameneyu, ameneyuso akufunika cardiarc arrest

  64. Mfumu yoganiza mopepera,.. Mesa anthu anapereka kale alternative kt amchotse chaponda pa undna ,, what alternative do he want,,, kmangot ndne mfumu always l can talk zamzeru,… Mxeeeeew zopusa bas

    1. Hahahahahahaha wapere vakubwentha vyambura fundo mwe uryezi ndiwo wkula agogo awa. Sono apa napulika kuti wati mba District Governor wa chipani chenechichi. kkkkkkkkkk

  65. Koma mafumu ena angokhala mafumu kaamba ndi za kumtundu, Amalawi onsewa ndiopusa? Bwanji osamangolandira ndalama mmalipilitsa a Malawi ovutikawo ngati kulibe chokamba!

  66. This chief must be crazy for sure .which CSO hasn’t told peter wat to do.unless if you kyungu dont put your attention to what malawians as a whole are saying. CSOs and all malawians have been saying fire joloji chaponda provide for the poor and stop corruption plus provide service delivery to the people. i also thing u kyungu you must stop uttering no sense and help CSOs to what they can tell pitala muthalika in addition to what they have been telling him already.

  67. This Chief Kyungu is very very stupid.He thinks he is Mr Know it all and clever coz he just want to get some money from government.Zitsiru zinzake ndi Lukwa ndi Lundu

  68. The Chief should concetrate in his villages problems, then he will appreciate the situation. Eating rice and matoke really is a problem sometimes.

  69. we don’t like people like kyungu in malawi he is old same like president himself, he got nothing to offer to poor people of malawi. he must shut hell himself up.

  70. one of the kings in Malawi who like thief’s its you that’s why the DPP government use kayerekera to shut up your voice ,I like chief mbelwa he never shaken with politics ,you don’t know government use you

  71. That fucken drunkered Madala must jst shut up aswell,which solution he is talking about?? kapena Sali kumalawi konkuno tu m’dala ameneyu

  72. Mwakalamba inu mukuona chani,kukungailani 1million mungona ngati basi,achinyamata sitingasekelele zopusa, tikulephera kupita Ku xul waseka,chifukwa iye anaphuzila kale

  73. A Kyungu yambani chipani chanu ndi Rev Makondesa wa ku PIM basi. Imvi sizikukuthandizani pano. Zidyani Ndalama zamagazizo.

  74. I read most posts of this page, I have now come to the knowledge that you post things that have already been published by other pages or newspapers. For example, this story carries almost the same content as what has been published in today’s Nation Newspaper. What are really your news’ sources?

  75. U give advice or solution to someone willing to listen. As a Chief you should know that. But that one, eish has a dunder head

  76. Does he listen????????? Or you have been bought?????? or you are out of touch with current affairs?????? Many have tried to no avail from what I hear and read

  77. We told you kyungu not to marry your great grand child, look now you are thinking like a kindergarten kid? What kind of solutions do you want people to offer to the president? People have spoken more than necessary ..if you can’t see that, then you are as good as a living corpse. Chetama wee mdara

  78. Another rot in my Malawi. People with grey hairs are thought to be wise but this one is a real gabbage and not fit to be in this region. He is here by default.

  79. Awaso akalamba awa .pitala spokes person shame on are coming disgrace to our nation Mr kyungu for honest speaking you not deserve to be king in this country looking at your people suffering in hands of cruel dictatorial regime of today

  80. fuck you chief kyungu iwenso uli ndi mlandu oyankha cz wakwatila ka mwana komwe she is nt ur age useless king why u abuse our furture leaders eeeeeh that lady you call wife she supposed to get married wth ur last son belleve me whather u like or not …..fuck

  81. Kkkkkkkkk!! Ndaseka nao ine koma pamalawi pano mavuto alipo basi ndiye mpaka liti mmmmmmm!!! Komatu amadziwa kuti m’mene tikulowa m’bomamu tilibe chilichonse komanso m’bomamo munalibe chilichonse ndiye anthu othandizao ayambira pati mmmm!! Amfumu akyungu bwinotu bwino nonse musiyeni yekha muntarikayo amwe agamale ndiye chifukwa chake maiko azathu amatsankha munthu olemera kukala ntsogoleri

  82. This Chiefs must be a fool people are stealing money he is protecting them where do you start giving advice when his president knows what he is doing is bad. Kyungu must be smoking gudu.

  83. Iwe yemwe ukutukwanawe umayamba waganiza mwina umayamba kulankhula kenako mkumaganiza? Utawaona amfumuwo utha kuziwa kuti si size yako ndimunthu yemwe wakhala ma ulamulilo onse mdziko muno and hi know what hi say iwe ndipomwe ukutukwa koma muli ndiumunthu inu mpaka kutukwana amfumu muli ndi tsoka ana inu

    1. kumutukwanako nde bwino coz ngat munthu sakuganixira anthu ake nkumakamba zachamba, nde uzimusekerera. mdala ameneyo wadyerera kale en ziphinjo zimenezi zikunena ife achinyamata. u cant expect to be respected when u dont respect urslf

    2. Kutukwana wont tek u anywhere. Zinazi zimangoonetsa khomo lomwe unabwadwira. Olo Peter atapanga resign sikuti iweyo can be recognized by Chakwera, noways. Uzakhalabe ukukanda choncho.

    3. Kutukwana wont tek u anywhere. Zinazi zimangoonetsa khomo lomwe unabwadwira. Olo Peter atapanga resign sikuti iweyo can be recognized by Chakwera, noways. Uzakhalabe ukukanda choncho.

    4. iwe nde akukupatsa chani? ine nde sindikuvutika even abale anga sakuvutika coz sitidalira boma ife timadzisaka tokha sikut unditenga ngat ndine kafunyana ayi. siyani ndale coz ndale sungadyeyi ngakhale waikondetsetsa Diesel Petro Palibe but ngat akuononga Malawi sitingakhale cheteyi. ine sindili ku Malawi but zimandikhuza ndimomwe ambuyako opanda manowo m’mene akuyendetsera boma. kungozolowera Yes bwana bas kkkkk nde nkumati zizasintha maganizo ake opeperawo mxiewww

  84. Wazerezeka? Wazerezekaaaaa Akupatsa Zingat? Sukudziwa People Still Suffering Mdziko Muno Shut Up! Ndikut Shut Up! Mxieeee

  85. This is what we are expecting from mafumu these days they are after money obviously he spoiling the president as we the cadets we always do why don’t he give him the solution instead of spreading this rubbish he better join us the dpp

  86. This Chief does not come frm the North. if he does then he must stop talking Rubish. Chief am sure u are also Corrupt. 99% of the people who suport this headless chicken called PETER are Corrupt. The only thing that they know is to steal from the Poor. Finish and Klaar

  87. Kyungu.he is much order to me.but what he talks i think he is out of his mind.The Munthalikas never listen to people. Abd I know Kyungu sanganyoze bwana,,koma zinazi tikumuononga tokha Mlopwana Peter pomavomereza kaliyense ndi zamkutu ,zonukha zomwe akuchita

  88. Kyungu.he is much order to me.but what he talks i think he is out of his mind.The Munthalikas never listen to people. Abd I know Kyungu sanganyoze bwana,,koma zinazi tikumuononga tokha Mlopwana Peter pomavomereza kaliyense ndi zamkutu ,zonukha zomwe akuchita

  89. chosiru chamunthu.chazolowera kuchinda tiana mudzina la ufumu. imagine kukwatira kamwana ka 16yrs nanga anafe tikakwatira kuti? mbuzi iwe etiiii

  90. This Chief is becoming useless I thought the CSOs are giving solutions such as suggesting Chaponda to step aside for investigations to be done well. Is that negative criticism. If you and your family are not starving just shut up your mouth

    1. Iwe nde mbuzi ya munthu! Dead North nde kuti chani? Amene akulamulira dziko la malawi kuliononga mesa ndi s kumwera nde ukuti chani! Zikakukanikani patsani mwayi anthu ena ayese nawo. Pano Malawi changokhala chinthu basi chosayenda bcoz of anthu adyera okhala ngati ozindikira akumwera. Dziko nde mwaononga!!

    2. I hate these comments of pointing fingers saying ndi a Ku north or a Ku Mwera, coz all these problems are facilitated by leaders coming from all the regions. A president can not rule the country on his own after all advisors of President consists of people from all regions some cabinet ministers are from North others South even Central. These type of comments will only divide Malawi. Even a president that will come from North will not lead this Nation with only people from North that must be known to everyone we have seen this previously as Central was once leaders they had their problems Eastern region had their chances weaknesses were there, south we are experiencing all these problems. Only that our leaders think they are intelligent enough that they don’t want to hear what people are saying that’s the bad side of these leaders. Unless they hear what people say problems will be minimized koma samanva zokamba ena chifukwa choziyenereza.

  91. What type of solutions are talking u crap ur ibu has been advised to fire the crook chaponda so what are u talking about and pitala insists

  92. Useless Chief! the president was voted to lead us and should b listening to his pple. Chaponda should b fired, thus the solution from Malawians but till now no action 4rom da president. So whats da hell dis chief z talking about!

  93. We av told you the problem,the solution too and you are asking for solution then you must be a problem….i wl fire you chief!!! Think of the poor,if you have a better solution y not you tell your presdent,,,,,otherwise i will put gauze in you nose!!

  94. Keep on giving him solution?again and again and again×××××××××dyela inu malume and we know that mafumu mumakhala boma lolamula pa nthawiyo anthu opanda chikondi

  95. Abandu wolira nisala songo pala uwe wikuta takokuti boshi balya tuhobokere nutwe tuyughe icha kushingo. Undikumbutsa kuti ndilankhule Chingonde chifukwa andinyatsa maganizo ako Kyungu

  96. koma ndizowona ndi president uti yemwe amalawi tinayamikilapo akulamula boma? chifukwa chake dziko lanthu silikutukuka

  97. Such kind of people in the country they cant develop this country vose ni vanthu vakuba ake mbwe namo tawanthu tilili kudandaula vya iwo come 2019 asaaaaaaaaaaaa

  98. Mzukwa iwe eti?? FUCK YOU BITCH wakupasa zingati APM zot millions of pple must suffer? Kyungu u a de real shit…if I’ve a gun I can shoot u straight

  99. Frankly saying,,,solutions have been given to the president to fire Chaponda despite their codial relationship,,,but he is reluctant to do that as he is aware tha Chaponda is one of the founders as well as vice president of ruling DPP for the South

  100. A solution has been given to fire chaponda by doing so minimising cases of corruption in malawi…and APM is doing nothing on it..what kind of solution is kyungu talking about. I think that little girl he has just married is confusing his analytical thinking…

    1. All the rotten ministers, even a mini bus business it comes a point when the owner changes drivers evey day in older to have non thief one….

    2. mawu koma amenewa a Kyungu osati za chamba zomwe mukunenazi kodi mudayamba mwankhalapo pa u leadership inuyo inu inu mmmmm kumangosusa bassss chomwe mukususa osaziwika

    3. The solution was ..chaponda should be suspended to pave way for investigations kma abwana akukana…kodi munthu waphwisa iwe mkumuuza kti akanyere iyeyo ndi kukana kma mkumati umauthandize ..ungati iyeyo akufuna kuthandizidwa kapena ayi..

    4. Dry brains supporting each other. aKyungu werenganinso analemba Chakwera,anawunikira anaperekaso njira zochepesera mavutowa.Nanga inu aKyungu ,what are your solutions? Mukamatafuna Chisikono wakupatsani muthalika sikuti wonse akutafunya nawo.

    5. Kyungu has a point. Prove yourselves that u can deliver or else shut your fucken mouths. Greedy will throw u away just as how it did to JB….. Ovotera DPP ndiye akubadwabe…. See u in 2019.

    6. Kyungu has a point. Prove yourselves that u can deliver or else shut your fucken mouths. Greedy will throw u away just as how it did to JB….. Ovotera DPP ndiye akubadwabe…. See u in 2019.

    7. The solution is easy ,kyungu must tell his President & his ministers to stop stealing ,& also y must be ready to run overseas when u lose power in 2019 otherwise u will rote in jail

    8. olo working with the gvt of the day koma izi nde zanyanya, Kyungu is a DPP he showed it during Bingu’s time. I believe malemu asanamwalire anamuuza kuti asazamutaye mng’ono wake angazavutike. Nde dzuro PA DPP TV anatikwana ati latest news za kasungu mayoral elections anzao tili busy kuonela parliamentary commission on maize purchase PA ZBS

    9. Adya kanthu awa, sakudziwa ndani kuti aDPP akugawa ndalama? And tikudyerani zimenezi, mudzakhumudwa, who is kyungu after all? He is doing full of shit

    1. Tumbuka language, iwe BILLY C JALI mlomwe wa chabechabe opanda chilankhulo ukudabwa azako? Very funny, Chichewa sichanu.

  101. is he in Mw? seems like he daznt follow malawi politics. Seems lyk he knws nothn of wht he is sayn. He is tokn out of chibazi choponda chothira chimanga. Utsamunda unatipweteka amalawi. Another idiot in karonga…when mulanje ppo r wakin up some1 in karonga z stil sleeping. He nids anothr 52 yrz

  102. Uyu nde chitsiru cha mafumu aku mpoto sanakhalepo nacho akufuna ndalama zodyesera kamkazi kake anakutuma ndani kukwatira ana ang’ono . Kuzolowera kuba ndalama zama council. Kyungu ndi galu eti sakuona momwe athu ake akuzunzikira kwawoko .

  103. A mfumu a Kyungu tsopano. iwo zoti kwabedwa ndalama sakumva kapena kuona.

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