Terrible: Primary school teacher dies while attempting to rescue a drowning pupil


A 48 year old female teacher at Sunrise Private Primary School in Mchinji district has died in an attempt to rescue a 3 year old pupil who had fallen into a well, Malawi24 has learnt.

Mchinji Police Spokesperson Kaitano Lubrino said that on this fateful day the deceased identified Patricia Simeyi who was staying near Bua Trading Centre was at her home with eight school children.

DrownPolice say it was at her compound that Owen Levison aged 3 fell into the well.

“Efforts to rescue the child prompted her to dive into the same well but unfortunate enough she also drowned.” Lubrino said.

“After being notified of this development some villagers who were around the premise came to rescue both the teacher and the pupil but it was already too late for the teacher as she had already taken her last breath while the child was unconscious.” Added Lubrino.

The pupil is being treated at St. Michaels Hospital at Guillime.

Simeyi hailed from Benjamin village in the area of Sub Traditional Authority Simphasi in the district.



  1. Admiring such people why are very few?The world could not b the way it is now.This is the love we lack. May her soul rest in peace.I’ve no power to condem the teacher only God knows

  2. What is shown here is love, nothing else. So if you try to judge there careless it’s waste of time. That mom she really wanted to save a child. Those who talking rubbishes can’t do it. Her intention was to save not to loose life. We need that spirit.

  3. Other schools are careless.inu school yoti pali ana ang’onoang’o mkumasiya well yotsegula????

    A boma akamayendera ma schools I think aziona things like thz also.and the director must do something coz if they don’t imfa zikhalapobe. This is carelessness

    1. Mphatso chitsimecho chidali kumene amakhala aphunzitisiwo ndipo pa tsikulo anawo amapita kukacheza kwa a phunzitsiwo mmene zimakhalira kubma primary schools

  4. Muzonse tiyamike Mulungu amene amaziwa zonse kuzera mwa mwana wake Yesu Khristu pepani anamalira nonse Mulungu akusogolereni munthawi yowawisai Amen

    1. Paja iwe unayamba primary uli ndi zaka 15…mmmh man zithu zinasitha ano ndi masiku ena.#Thimitsa_analogue_yakoyo_mmutumwakomo_ndipo_uyatseno_digital.

  5. Rip mama.Izi ndiye nkhani zofunika kumayika apa.Osati nkhani ikhale yambava zoba chimanga.
    Minister woyipa nkhope ndi mtima womwe

  6. Real heroes must know how to stay safe in the line of duty. Don’t sacrifice ur life in the name of saving another man. Remember those who depend on u in life. Be vigilant at all times. Think very deeply b4 u put an action 2 other people’s situations. If its their time 2 go let them go , don’t put yourself into trouble in some situations u can’t take control. Help is help but u must have a limit. Don’t run beyond ur pace!

    1. Real Coward….. People who die while trying to Save others are called heroes….. Soldiers, Parents and there are situations in life that dont give you a choice but try to save or rescue….. Cowards like you knows to film than to save

    2. That’s why she lost her life. She rushed. U must weigh options at all times b4 taking action more especially when it comes 2 helping others. Many people are in troubles these days coz of rushing 2 do things 4 others. The loss of this elderly woman here is 2 bigger than if she couldn’t take any action 2 save the little soul. She had children or family members who depended on her. She might even have a husband who has lost a wife here. All these are in the package of Loss plus what u don’t know. U can’t understand this until u pass thru what I encountered in my life thru the word Help.

    3. Anussa Masina and Blezzie Blessings Mkandawire learn something here before u leave ur loved ones by the name Helping. Don’t rush 2 offer help at all times coz in the end u’ll be the one 2b helped and it’ll be 2 late by that time coz there will be no hand elsewhere again 2 take u out of the difficult situation as it is in this case. Its not wrong 2 help some1 but just add a bit more thought and have insight eyes 2 see the big trouble that is coming beyond ur help. I know that u can’t understand this 4 now but as time passes by and as u grow old through the crushes of ideas and situations u’ll remember me.

    4. Sipho Z Sipho thanx 4 ur understanding. Anthuwa akuona ngati ndilibe chisoni komaso ngati kuti sindingathandize munthu. Ndingofuna kuti iwowa adziwe kuti nthawi zonse they must not do things through emotions. They must learn not 2 act 2 quick 2 the situation. Ask first what will happen 2 u if 1 mistake will happen in the matter. Take just 1 moment plz!

    5. Guys i dont wanna argue with you but someday you will realise that its almost impossible looking at a Baby dying in a struggle infront of you…. While you just sit and watch……. Tell me can you just sit and watch your child drawning in a pool without rushing to save her? As a matter of fact the woman didnt know she will die…. Thats how death comes, we dont dont know that we will die, whether in a car accident ora mare accident so stop worrying of who was depending on her coz death dont see that

    6. Blezzie Blessings Mkandawire: I understand how u feel about this woman and also for a baby. I think yapa taphuzirapo kuti pothandiza munthu tiziona kuti tikwanitsadi. Avoid and control doing things through emotions. Take just a bit of ur time when offering a hand.

    7. Theory of protection:
      protect urself first then to others,
      munthu wapanga ngozi with open wounds maybe to the nearest death but mzaona dokotala amathamanga kaye kukavala magolovesi chifukwa chani?
      Sizikutanthauza kuti akufuna kuti afe koma nayeso aziteteze kaye asanateteze munthu wina!

    8. Ayotsi.. Ur advice does make sense but i guess this situation was an exception.why???? It was too tempting to see someone dyin infront of you in a pool,…not roaring sea! Morover it is God who has marked the Jordan of death for everyone,no one can pass that line in the name of having too much wisdom,can he? Every word we speak enters a spiritual memorycard and its not easy to delete. Next time u fall in a pit,u will seek to reverse ur words when no one extend a ladder of help to u,delibelately ignoring u while u are dying in their eyes…..”Greater love has no man than this,that a man lay down his life for his friends”(John15vs13)….so leave her alone,she has gone with a good testimony!!!

    9. In a spiritual ream I support u Nelson Louis. U must understand that people have got different beliefs. Its lucky that I also fall under Christianity and I also believe in miracles thru Jesus Christ. If we can turn the table and see the other side of the world u’ll see that others will not take ur side. They don’t believe in the verse u have written. Hindus, moslems dont knw wht u know. Wht u think is the truth they dnt take it in their account. Then let’s talk in general here excluding our personal believes and our gods or God. My advice is that people must think twice b4 taking any action. Emotional sensitivity is the cause of human suffering.

    10. The theory given is about protection not saving. Simatenda awa but ngozi and if she succeded in her endeavour simukayankhula izizi.

    11. If she was alive today and watched dat kid die, de rest of her life she cud hav guilty and learn de principle of dying for something is better than living for nothing. What cud be use of her lyf then if she cud watch de inoccent kid dying? Can a Doctor leave someone pangozi dying coz he has no protective wear? Thats joke Peter Nyirongo. We do everything necessary to save someone and thats what we call taking risks

    12. Kamwanadala Ayotsi, dis was not help and protection doesnt apply in dis issue. It was an accident and swift immediate help was to be applied. The lady here died while trying to save de lyf. Its sad she died but u cant say she rushed. That situation requires reflex response and taking risk was all dat was needed. No one is immune to death and she cudnt live more if she cud juat stay handa akimbo. I will never remember ur words coz am already in de situation where I lay my life for others to live. We have presidents and other people who in society are guarded by bodyguards. It doesn’t mean they are immune to death but no matter what de situation is, they swear to die protecting their subjects.

    13. Its In Our Nature As Human Beings To Lend A Hand When Someone Is In Crisis…If A Sudden Sitiuation Like This Happens And U Sit Down To Think About Ur Situations First ….Then I Must Say Ur Sociopath…No Matter What U Do… U Still Die Leaving Those Loved Ones Behind!!! Life Is Just Plain Cruel…It Dont Give Us Much Options

    14. All of u who say that I’m wrong 2 say that u need 2 take a moment b4 helping someone you should go out there and help unthinkably. Pitani kafeni. Zabwino zonse pa ulendo wanu. Wenanu mukatemedwa pa ndeu ya eni wake chifukwa chothandiza mojijilika. Mukachoka mano eni wake ndeu ali gwaaaaa!

    1. It’s Noble!!! God Bless Her- It Was Worth The Effort!!! Let’s Be Realistic- Just As It Is Difficult For Some To Sacrifice Their Life For Others, It Is Equally Difficult For Others Like This Teacher To Watch Other’s Lose Life Without An Effort To Avert The Tragedy!!! At The Critical Moment One Is Called Upon To Act, Nothing Else Matters!!! We Are Tuned Diffferently!!! May Her Soul RIEP!!!

  7. She has sacrificed her life for the love of others, therefore although it’s meaningless to most of us she deserve the title, may your soul rest in peace.

    1. You are the one acting like a confused uneducated person who indeed never went to school. Henceforth, you should know that “Hero” is gender neutral.

    2. Uchitsiru wa a Malawi ndi umeneyu. Mukulimbana uwuzana viyankhulo vaweni instead of kuti muthandizane za nzeru kuti mupange bwanji ndalama kuti o manu ogule ufa. English is not ur language. What matters most is 2 grab wht someone is trying 2 say. In this incidence u all know wht a person is meaning. Fuck u!

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