Msonda’s anti – gay case heads back to court Thursday

Ken Msonda

The High Court is expected to determine whether politician Ken Msonda’s anti-gay remarks case should be heard as a constitutional case or not in line with the laws of Malawi this Thursday.

Earlier last year Msonda had said gays in Malawi should be killed calling the act ‘evil.

Ken Msonda
Msonda: Had said gays should be killed.

It was after this that  human rights bodies dragged him to court for inciting violence against homosexuals in Malawi which contravenes Section 124 of the country’s Penal Code.

Msonda is alleged to have posted on Facebook that homosexuality is a sin and the people who practice it do not deserve human rights but to be killed.

It is on the basis of these remarks that Cedep and CHRR have decided to drag Msonda to court to answer a charge of incitement to break the law under section 124 (1) (b) of the Penal Code.

The Section states that “any person who, whether in writing or by words or by his behaviour or otherwise— (a) solicits or incites any other person to fail to comply with or to contravene any law in force in Malawi or in any part thereof; or (b) indicates or implies to any person that it would be incumbent or desirable to fail to comply with or to contravene any such law, shall be liable to imprisonment for five years”

According to the Section, claims that one’s incitement could not lead to actual violence can not be used defence.

But in the same month of January 2016, Director of Public Prosecutions had filed a notice before the Chief Magistrate’s Court to discontinue the case, underlining that the State will not prosecute Msonda.

Homosexuals to show up at Msonda’s court hearing

The dismissal of the case had not gone well with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The body described Msonda’s statement as a threat to the gay and lesbian community in Malawi.

The human rights groupings were then in September 2016 granted leave to apply for a judicial review on the case and it was referred to Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda for its certification as a constitutional case in line with section 9 (2) and (3) of the Courts Act.



  1. Nsonda ndi mbuzi ya munthu amaoneka ngati wachilungamo koma ndi galu amabisalila chilungamo olo atachimanga machimo samasiyana mwina aziweko akamangidwa.

  2. How many CHRR officials are gays and lesbians….lead by example how can you encourage immorality..deep down your souls u knw it is a sin whoever support this kind of immorality is acrazy and fifth…..actually you need psychocheck…,,im out.

  3. How many unhcr officials are gays and lesbians? Whoever is encouraging devilsh system must be stupid and crazy…eish sucks

    1. MUCH More than you think. Go look on the internet, “jobs lilongwe” and see the results. All results are from overseas aid groups linked to UN, USAid, even “Christian Aid” and all of them state in their disclaimers that they will not discriminate based on colour, religion etc – and “sexual orientation”.

      Does this mean they are willing to hire these animals and send them to Malawi, even though this would be against the law since homosexuals are forbidden from entering Malawi? Does this mean they are knowlingly breaking the law of the land?

      Anything and anyone related to the UN is evil. They are a satanic organisation, it’s well known. But that, you can research for yourselves…

      1. The animals are morons like you who decide you are better than other humans just because of how they are born and whom they love.
        10% of all people are gay and only fools would seek to abuse anybody for whom they love.
        When did you decide that you were straight?Gay people don’t get to decide either.
        If nature didn’t need gay people to propagate the species,that trait would be extinct by now.Since nature still needs gay people,for some undiscovered reason;using your ignorance to abuse them is rather stupid and foolish.
        Do you plan on killing all the gay animals as well as the gay men and women or will you permit nature to continue unmolested?
        Get stuffed idiot.

  4. I support Ken Msonda in this one.

    I thought being a gay was illegal in Malawi? If this is the case, how is it any different from saying “rapists should be put to death” or “murderers should get the death penalty” – what makes “sodomites should be put to death” any different?

    And if there is a “gay and lesbian community” in Malawi and it is illegal to be that way, why should they be protected? I’m not saying kill them by mob justice as they deserve their day in court, but if they are committing a crime and they are known who they are, they should be arrested in the eyes of the law. That is no different from if there is a “murdering community” or “crime syndicate” since all are crimes.

    This is how it starts. Change from death penalty to jail, then from jail to poor enforcement, then from poor enforcement to decriminalise, and then the homos hijack real civil rights movements (like they did with racism against black people in places like America) to demand acceptance for their perversion. Their goal is to destroy normal relations, destroy normal marriage, destroy all morality as we know it. Before you know it, the country is filled with filth and perversion and is defiled. It is the only sin where the Bible says the earth vomits, it defiles the land. Learn from the mistakes of other countries. And beware of South Africa, they are trying to influence Malawi and other countries to accept this abomination. Through Hollywood movies and shows via DSTV, News24 (via Malawi24), magazines like You, they infiltrate. Also through fake “Christian” churches and their missions from overseas, TV preachers like on TBN or GodTV, teaching that you must never judge, love everybody, none of which is Biblical.

    Malawi ayenera kulalikira mwakhama, musati kulolera gays ndi!

    1. What kind of idiot would consider it appropriate to murder anyone because of whom they love?Even religious freaks are not that immoral, are they?

      1. Myles, it looks like they got to you too already…

        Love??!! They are driven by unnatural LUST, not love. Since people no longer know the difference, love is where you care for someone, where a man loves his wife to the point he would die for her; lust is where all you can think about is having physical relations, regardless of the consequences of your actions.

        Do the research. From pro-homo USA sources like and, they are 86x more likely to get AIDS than human beings. In places where “homo marriage” is allowed, 96% of them admit cheating. Around 27% of homos surveyed admitted to relations with over a THOUSAND partners, another 33% FIVE HUNDRED. Can you even imagine a normal person doing this?

        And there are so many more factors – the molestation of children being one of them. If you love the homos so much, go find some and let them babysit your kids, do you trust them to? Go look at places in Europe where this abomination is fully legal, and see how their streets are full of the molesters, spiralled since it was legalised. People there are scared for their kids being on the streets in case they get kidnapped. Go to a place like Thailand, where the streets are world-famous for sodomite and transfreaks and people go there only to commit abomination, after their lusts. Go look at the homo campaigns and activists, like NAMBLA in America. Go look at England, where they legalised this filth in 1967 for adults above 21. Homos complained so it was lowered to 18, so as not to allow them to groom and molest kids and confuse them. Homos complained and it got lowered to 16. Guess what they are complaining about now… they want it down to 14. They want the kids!!! And then “homo marriage”, they complained in England and finally got “civil union”. No that wasn’t good enough, they wanted “marriage”. They recently got marriage but the Christian churches were allowed to reject requests. Now they want to force Christian churches to fag-marry. Not Muslim mosques, not Jewish synagogues, not Hindu temples – only Christian churches. Can you not see the agenda?

        Or you could just read and believe the Bible, since it says what I’m trying to show you – they are “full of deceit, implacable, unmerciful”. And I have seen them act like this all over the world. I have seen them deliberately target and destroy Christians for no reason. I have seen them deliberately target children overseas. I know of Pastors who have been shot at by homos. I have seen how schools in Europe and America are deliberately grooming kids to accept abomination as good, even from the age of THREE.

        You mark my words: if Malawi ever legalises this filth, Malawi will be gone. You may have an economic upturn since wicked countries will allow more money and investment into the country, but your morals will go down the tube and will descend into a cesspit like South Africa. God destroyed Rome, God destroyed Greece, God destroyed Babylon and just guess what sin caused a longsuffering, patient God to decide to do that…

        Finally; if you want some visual evidence instead, go to Youtube and look for a video where a Pastor went to a regular gay bar undercover, pretending to be one of them, and interviewed them. If this doesn’t make you angry against them, nothing will and you’re without hope. But watch it quick because they keep taking it down as it goes against their queer agenda.

      2. Ignorance and foolish stupidity abound in your comment.None of it is realistic or even vaguely moral.Who are you to decide what is love?When did you decide that you could choose whom you love?
        Homosexuality is just as natural and necessary to human sexuality or that trait would not exist after all these centuries.
        Have you informed all the other gay animals that their love is only lust?
        The danger to children doesn’t come from gay people.Over 99% of all paedophiles are straight men who have the opportunity to control children.The other 1% are women.(F.B.I. statistics)
        The statistics that you cite have no basis in reality.Christian groups create their own facts to make their hate more palatable.
        No gods exist.Religion is a scam designed to enable leeches to get rich by stealing from the weak-minded.
        The bible is a book of evil fairy tales that are senseless and worthless.
        To use that evil stupidity to abuse people because of how they are born and whom they love is sick and immoral.
        Have you no shame?

      3. What a surprise, you’re a God hating Atheist. I’m sorry but I don’t need a lecture on morality from someone who believes their grandpa was a monkey. Since you God-deniers believe in evolution, you believe your brain, thoughts, ideas etc are based on chemical reaction and (im)balance, so how can you trust your own thoughts? How do you know you are not the wrong one here, and you maybe have a chemical imbalance? And yet you expect me to fall to the ground and kiss your feet, o wise one, because your intellect extends only to “you’re stipid/evil/bigoted/etc”. You cannot even tell the difference between right and wrong because your entire moral compass is based on whatever the “majority” media tells you to believe. Fifty years ago even the God-deniers knew sodomy was disgusting, wrong, filthy and the main source of child rapists – today they ARE the sodomites, or the sodomite sympathisers.

        Still, you speak of gay animals, and the Bible calls them animals – so at least we agree that homos are animals!

        Anyway Malawi24, the case was on Thursday, today is Sunday, what’s the update?

      4. Morality has no connection with the bible or any other “holy book” of moronic fairy tales.If you need phoney gods and works of fiction to tell you the difference between right and wrong you are sick.
        Characters in fairy tales don’t merit hate except if you are mentally ill.
        Nobody has the right to decide who anyone else falls in love with or what rocks their boat.Only immoral religious creeps think they are endowed with that power.
        Religion is a scam, based on lies and greed, designed only to enable leeches like you to get rich from pushing that evil stupidity on the weak-minded.
        How can anyone like you be so proud of your ignorance and your idiotic hate?

  5. Tiyambe kaye milandu ya Aken nde tizipita kundalama zachimanga Amsonda lowani m’bwalo mwachangu kuti nawo ena alowe ,mwakumana nazo Amsonda tiyeni.

  6. Palibe nkhani APA, tangotsekani file thursday, polemba kuti washout, Msonda free no case. Koma mbava zokuba ndarama za chimanga zimangidwe.

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