Photography resurrects in Malawi


Technological advancement which crippled the photography industry in Malawi has now reignited the visual industry segment with the coming of high definition cameras.

Most people now prefer a professional photographer to using a smartphone whenever the need for crystal clear photographs arises. This has seen the emergence of a number of photographers in the country.

Wills: There is power in photography.

Talk of events, wedding ceremonies, parties and conferences; they just cannot miss the lens, a development that has revamped the industry which lost its rhythm with the coming of camera phones.

Photography has become bigger and better that people are surviving on it. Masters behind the lens are being hired as many times as possible per week.

In an interview with Malawi24 last week, Lilongwe based photographer Wills of Willzonem Pictures said photography is contributing a lot to the visual industry in the country.

“Photography is contributing positively towards the country’s visual industry. Talk of guys like Bensam whose art transcends to videography. As you can see photography is laying the basis for videography,” said Wills.

When asked about what makes a good photographer like he is, Wills was very quick to point that passion matters. He said one has to observe others in the industry as to how they are going about it. According to Wills, creativity and hard work matter most.

In Malawi there are currently a number of photography labels. Their trademarks are placed on every picture, for marketing purposes. This has become the style in Malawi in as far as photography is concerned.

Some of the photography labels which have transformed photography in the country are; Willzonem Pictures, Madness, Cine City, Red Ink Photography, and The Sight.