Macra questions Times over programming


Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) has demanded an explanation from Times Group after the media house changed programming for Times Radio and Times TV on Friday.

This comes after Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) closed the media house’s office over unpaid taxes.

Offices of Times Group

According to a letter addressed to Times and signed by Macra director general Godfrey Itaye, the regulator want to know why Times Radio and TV did not follow its own programme schedules and formats.

“We note that on 13th January, 2017 you did not follow programme schedules and formats as submitted. Times television relayed feed from BBC without carrying any other programming, whilst Times Radio played music the whole day. There was no formal communication made to the authority on the programmes change,” said Itaye in the letter.

He also reminded Times Radio and TV that they are prohibited from changing 20 percent of their programme schedule without authorization from the authority as stipulated in clause 12 of Times TV’s and clause 10.3 of Times Radio’s licences.

Meanwhile, the regulatory body has given Times Group a seven day ultimatum to explain in writing why it did not follow the programme formats and schedules and why the authority was not informed of any change.

Times TV and Radio failed to broadcast most of their programmes on Friday due to the closure of Times Group’s offices which houses both the radio and TV.



  1. What explanation is the myopic Macra looking for from Times? Is Times an independent entity or a govt parastatal? If the answer is the former then they have to leave them alone.period.

  2. There are alot of young men who are unemployed in this country and yet other blutes at MACRA are just spending our taxes on nothing.God, remove them through any of your means from their positions and employment, and replace them with the young graduates and other people who are ready to serve their country whole heartedly. Our God is greater than Dpp and will offer those jobs to his children very soon.

  3. with our cracked lips we pretend to smile and no one sees it because we’re dark darkened with the sun of torture and we call it flames I guess we are living in great furnise

  4. macra n MRA mwafikapo tsapano buanj osamakamba zina kupanda mzeru nde kti dikilani ndithu kungoti kumalawi kulibe mfuti kma i swear that patangopezeka omandibuereka mfuti onse awa azatha i swear .dziko silawo lokha anyani amenewa kumaba dollar kma nkhope osasintha kukwinyika kwakeko a chapondawa nde hhhhhhi kunyasa ndi mtima omwe 2019 is just near waiting for us to do our best

  5. Eeeh Koma ndiye ma station ambiri afinyidwa guyz!’ ZBS anaifinya kale panopo yakhuzumuka kaye, tsopano akufinyanso TIMES GROUP, thats DPP, akuganiza kt alamula mpaka kale kale eti?

  6. dikilan ndizathesa kachipan ka anthu opanda manu mukamwa ako burshit agalu mwanitopesa inu a dpp USA ndathokoza akusekelan jaya mupita kut pot kuja ndiko kwanu akambuku inu

  7. Laona diso la m’Malawi ndipo khutu lakunva lava. Njala nchilombo dziwani zimenezi. Palibe zofusana ma program lero as if momwe amaulutsidwa inu munali ku Iraq kuti simumanvera/kuonera. Ngati nkusintha yambani mwafusa Radio 1 MBC makiyolobasi ngati ilipobe? Dikirani muone zomwe Malawi akufuna kuti akuonetseni. Zinali pa Lilongwe paja musaiwale, this time ziyambira pa Mzuuuuuuu-kenako Zooooo-kukathera pa Blaaaaaà

  8. Indeed, Macra you have nothing good to offer to public as you are a Stupid Dpp Stooge. Panali anzinzanu pamenepo, inu mukuti a Itaye? Be careful, don’t be used like a foolish condom!

  9. It I natural that when somethings happen other happen too. It is senseless for MACRA , a govt agency, expect to hear a matter from Times caused by another govt agency MRA. it clearly shows that there is no harmony in the administration. MRA and MACRA are both govt and their actions must be carried in harmony. If it is a planned scheme, the courts will dispel all this!

  10. Opportunities thrown to the dogs, who now seem as if they have never gone to school. MACRA guys, kuno ndi kunja kudayanja lichero.

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  12. Who is to control the programme whe the place is locked up and everyone thrown out you macrame fools the thing was on automatically pilot

  13. Evn a std 1 pupil can find the reasons jst by going thru this fucking column….so macra or watever u call urselves, find smethin better to do.

  14. Oooh!Now it’s MACRA,that questioning shld go to MRA. nt Times Group,Nafensotu Titopa,Can DPP explain why holiganism in Chiradzulu beating innocent People.

  15. Macra mukugwirira ntchito DPP so remember we had MCP then UDF, amayi ndiawa apitawa so you must watch out DPP siyidzakhalapo mpaka muyaya.

  16. Kodi are all the guys at #macra #_idiots…?
    How does one demand an explanation from times group for programming change on friday….when the whole nation knows the reason?
    With these type of macra guys in leadership positions I don’t see malawi developing…
    Panopano it’s a proven #fact that almost all the pple holding positions in Govt and and other govt related institutions are #idiots who have stones in their heads instead of brain

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