MBC journalist beaten at Times


Drama unfolded this morning at Times Publications in Blantyre when a journalist belonging to the public broadcaster, MBC, was manhandled at the former institution in full view of the Police.

Malawi Revenue Authority


The journalist had accompanied officials from the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) who had gone to Times to force the institution pay taxes it has been evading since 2011 that amounts to over K600 million.

A Police officer who was at the scene disclosed that drama started when the MBC journalist was identified by fellow journalists that work at Times.

“He had entered the premises to cover the seal off of the premises owing to their unfaithfulness in the payment of taxes, he was recognised by other journalists who started shouting at him. In that instance, some members of staff of Times attacked him,” said the Police Officer.

According to an eyewitness, the journalists from Times indicated that journalists from MBC were not allowed to cover the disgraceful occasion owing to their association with the government. It is felt by Times that MRA has pounced on them as a way of hitting back at them on their relentless criticism of the state.

Meanwhile there has been no statement from MISA, the body that looks after the welfare of journalists, on the attack that the MBC journalist suffered at the hands of fellow pressmen at Times Group Limited.



  1. I like times very very much and when it was closed I put on the market both my tv and radio, when I heard that it has come on the air I switched on my tv fortunetly I catch Brian Banda and nicolus dausi kkkkk on times exclussive programe.now I understand that Times is a leading media house in Mw even Government officials like it kkkkkk,KEEP IT UP TIMES WE need to hear what z going on in my mother Mw.

  2. Kkkkk koma nyasa wanyasadi yoo nde tikatchona muzit tatchonela azimayi kuno muli ndisoka heavy ngakhale mbuzi mutayimanga popanda nsipu imadula nkukayima pali nsipupo nkumadya ikakhuta imakhalabe pompo sibwelela popanda nsipu paja

  3. Ma comment a Mbuli za ku Malawi ali apa,Malamulo simukuwadziwa bde muziti boma silikuyenda bwino.Makape a MCP inu munyadi

  4. have never seen a corrupt government like this for real….and Nicolas is busy praising it …shame !!!! some of us we already gave up
    only waiting for chigumula baxiiii

  5. Osasiyanitsa nansongore. Osewa akuti peperetsa akudziwana bwino kt amatsatana.
    M.B.C imeney ndiya Dpp ikakhala .Times ili ngat chpan chotsusta. Ading’ande achabe chabe inu. Baswanan chomcho kaya muphana

  6. That was deserved to be beaten, MBC is sorrounded by DPP followers yes sir yes sir yes sir msalengeze zoyipa za ise a DPP yes sir yes sir Yes bwana akanamgulumano kkkkkkk

  7. Atolankhani aku Malawi ambiri are not professional. They are good at covering everything that happens to us but hate theirs being covered. Don’t forget late 2016, journalist were stopped from writing anything on contaminated fuel because it concerned a big man there. So kumenyedwa kwa anzawo sizachilendo.

  8. Iyeyo amakatani nyumba mwainiake?zamabodza basi.Kmaru zimenezi izi zuoneka ngati zoxheza,zazibwanabwana kma ndithu pali zazikulu zikubwera.Zuka Malawi Zuka,

  9. Media war why fighting a journalist,this shows that enemity between media houses is real,so if the MBC staff revenge by manhandled ur reporter muzinena kuti ku Malawi kuli dictator mukuzi putanokha.

  10. I think the Muthalika family have got the personal vendetta against the Daily Times Group. Remember the during the Bingu era.? They also did this. Now they are hidding behind MIRA.nonsense we all know that the main reason is to try shut them up bcoz of the Zambia. Maize saga. Don’t fool us,u can’t just wake up to close the big company without giving them the window period.

  11. So it was pre arranged MBC knew it thats why they went there to cover it..MBC did the same during Bingu time when MRA closed the same company. Its a shame the company which employs Malawians being closed like that ananga sitidya lero…..kampani atseka malipiro kulibe

  12. kodi website yanu Malawi24.com mumapanga monitor and control? tiziti ma advent ali pamenepaja munawalora? please wake up and clean this mess

  13. This not a welcome development!! Should we conclude that if there can be a scandle at mbc,a Times tv journalist cant go to mbc premises and cover a story? If it is like that,then in journalism there is disunity,i dont know if the media councils are fully a ware of this disunity. This is total stupidity at its peak. Media council this is a wake up call for you to look into these issues,dont behave like non school goers.

  14. Mwayipulumbuza galuyo mphanyi mungu cheketa mavwalo..MBC officers are bias on these democratic/transparency issues 4gting that they have there relatives who are total sufferer of the outcome.

  15. Amakatani? They must be fuckd up. Chimanga anaba Awa but MBC didn’t cover the story. They only broadcast censored news. Who is the source of all this dispute ( Chaponda and his defender). Kumene kulibe mayi ako usapite. If they come again kick their ass again

  16. Shame . instead of creating job for malawian ur busy closing companies. Why why peter?. The time we vote for u we thought ur wise to save malawi.but now it show that ur idiot.