Don’t steal this money: Malawians react to £193m UK donation

Ms Holly Tett

After being fed up with reports of mismanagement of public funds, Malawians have warned government against stealing the £193 million donation from Britain.

On Tuesday, the new British Ambassador to Malawi Holly Tett disclosed that her government is to provide money that will help address the county’s humanitarian crisis and alleviate poverty.

Ms Holly Tett
Ms Holly Tett made the revelations about the donation when she met President Mutharika at the palace in Lilongwe.

Commenting on an article that Malawi24 carried on the donation, Malawians gave a strong warning regarding the donation arguing that the country needs to benefit and not individuals.

“Some corrupt government officials are so pleased to share the funds amongst themselves whilst ordinary Malawians are starving. They will be enjoying lavish lifestyle until all that money is gone,” wrote Banda Cristo Yotam.

Chitsulo Denis said: “Mwalakwisa kutipasa ndalama cashgate inaso iyoo timva kuti enaso aombelana (You shouldn’t have given us money, that’s another cashgate. Soon we will hear government officials have shot each other). Please give us technology and development, create jobs for the youth and so on. Monetary aid to us is war and war.”

“Malawi24, Next time when writing issues concerning donations write DPP, Peter and Chaponda get £193 million to boost their businesses,” wrote Joseph Wills Windows.

Malawi gets £193 M for poverty alleviation

Donors have been reported to have shun using government in giving monetary aid following reports of looting of funds.

The famous cashgate during the People’s Party (PP) era is one the scandals that angered donors leading to pull out of funds. The development saw many Malawians suffering as money to support the budget for the nation was not available leading to poor service delivery.



  1. Ndibwino apange ngati ma Chinese ngati pali programme yogula chimanga akanalemba anthu awo agule or ayendetse ndiwowo chifukwa bomali aaaaaa!!!katangale 2much

  2. The UK government is concerned about the poor people while our own brothers who are so called our leaders will truly have to divert this money to their accounts,evil people….the UK government would have give the money to non governmental organisations,it would have helped alot

  3. they have already shared it, this so called politician moron I don’t like them I hate them, there action speaks loud than words, ndiponso amangozivuta mbwanji.

  4. It is reported that the whole cabinet chaired by the so called president met today to discuss how best the money would be shared amongest themselves. However the meeting did not end well as chaponda wanted a lions share

  5. Britain must elect a committee to follow up on projects being done with that money a point a person in Malawi whom they will deal with and full audit of that money needs accountability African government s are rogues selfish

  6. sometimes i think that donors encourage our leaders to steal.i think that God elected Donald Trump on purpose,i can’t wait to see him arresting all these thieving african presidents.

  7. Yes, if we are not careful, Muthalika, Chaponda and their cronies will Surely Steal this money! We have these biggest Thieves in DPP, dead people party!!

  8. I would wish these donations could stop because the money don’t reach the intended people but keep on enriching those that are already rich

  9. Apapa chonchi zayamba mameetings apakt pausiku kukambilana zandalama zoti zkanathandiza a2 ovutika monga momwe madonars anenela kma mzachidziwikile kt apeleka mkamwa mwamikango;zimenezo siziafikila a2 omwe akuvutika kmaso kufa ndi njira(AZAKULANGANI MULUNGU;SAGONA AKUKUONANI NONSE)

  10. Nyamata wake uti amene angasithe dziko la malawiyo za ziiii zamkutu bwanji mumalakhula zithu zoti sizingatheke kupusa tonani,tamuoneni ndikunena inuyo eee amemewo ya

  11. u Britain plz nex time ,umust do ur reaching and see what kind of problems we are facing us as oldnary mw ,and buy if it food or something else.becz u see ugive us donation of this large amount but if u inspect the jobs done by this money u cant believe,these fore front people will share this money and boosting their businesses,us still sturving nothing to eat ,nowhere to work,no books at schools,felling in agricuture programs,everything is falling apart.If it was possible togo back in old days icould have choose 1964-1993.

  12. Rich getting Rich… when we cry gvt happy they alredy share that money but ppo are dying no food no medicen let them eat they cant risten to poor ppo

  13. asiyeni abe ndalamazo alemere popeza kunalembedwa kt amene alibe azalandidwa or kochepa kmwe alinako ,amene alinazo zochuluka azawonjezeledwa zambiri .kod mawu a Yesu aja mkupita pachabe?

  14. don’t get stressed this are mafia they gt professional on this job look if a minister went to Zambia just to fix maize price wht about the monie in there bag they will use another way of stealing may be hiring minster company to fix city roads with high coast then share the monie to DPP siniors c
    And its all ready shared the monie there good in this business

  15. Believe me, that Cash will go straight to Pita and his cabinet. Soon u wil see them Driving Fancy Cars. I saw Pita yesterday searchin Cars on the Internet

  16. Only the politicians and top goverment officials will benefit from this donation,while poor local villagers are starving to death,.go to the hospitals and see,theres no even pain killers,and the worst thing is that the petients are told to buy the pain killers from private clinics,am crying for my beloved country,(Malawi)runed by selfish leaders.

    1. Thanks brother Prince…these people called politician,they dont think about the people who voted for them,…Our brothers and sister’s, are sleeping with empty stomach,while these politicians they are changing the veichles three to four times aday,while a poor villager are failing to afford a packet of sugar.please Mr president think about your people .

  17. They av oready shared it.. Malawi government z full of shit.. Da r jst getting poor, Da rich r getting rich. Currupt government

  18. Yeah Malawian politicians they never do straight things Remember that a pound is stronger than a doller so please we are looking at that money how its gonna end and we need a full update on how ur gonna share it to the three regions of Mother Malawi

  19. asamatipatse ndalama akunja-wa, bola tizivutika…!! azitipatsa ma condom ndi ma sizasi opangra mdulidwe basii osati ndalama chifkwa ndalama zingobedwa ndi akanganya-wa

  20. Koma ababe ngati amamva Iwo akakhuta zakudya zaulele pamene osauka kale akuvitika kuti apeza kochepa…. DZIKO LA Malawi atsogoleri ake mbava zokhazokha kananji kukakamira maudindo too much choncho DZIKO lingatukuke …..tasiyilaniko achinyamata muone Malawi m’mene angasithile

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