Terrible: Boy electrocuted when picking a ball on the roof


Electrocuted A boy believed to be in the age rages of 10 to 13 in Salima district has died after he was electrocuted by wires when he wanted to pick a ball on one of the roofs close to where he alongside other kids were playing.

It is said the children were playing football around the premises there and when the balls got stuck at one of the roofs he climbed to pick it before he came in contact with the wires and died on the spot due to shock.



  1. Parents, lets love & look after our children by keeping them under close supervision cos this is very sad. Most Parents today care less about children when they see them walk out in the morning & back whenever they wish & this why we loose them through electrocutions, drowning, road accidents, falls etc… Let’s spend sometime sensitising them on things that would cause serious injury or death, please, please, please.

  2. Koma Amalawi,it seem there is poor power instalation at that house why so many wire ontop of the roof? escom gwirani nchito yanu molongosoka nanga zimtero

  3. Magesi ophetsela anthu akupedzeka koma ogwiritsa ntchito zosiyanasiyana za chitukuko kulibe, zoona zimenezo: very sad and painful. Rip boy…..

  4. Is this the real picture of the deceased boy?? If so, was necessary?? I mean how about the deceased family’s feelings about the pic. I hope its not the real pic

  5. my heart breaks at things like this. …this only remind me that this life is sorrowful and temporary. …the way will learn that there is so little we can do to save our life. ….lets get prepared in the Lord Jesus by washing our robs by leaving evil and choose life as our Lord Jesus Christ shall return to get us to heaven. ….all these things that we admire in this world we shall leave them at death and remember that death is unknown when it strikes. …like this poor boy….we shall die in death unknown. …so let’s be prepared. ….

    1. I meant to say am impressed with how accurate this organization is. am human , I send my heart felt condolences to the family of the deceased.

    2. then you want something else quit being foolish or rather stupid alick am no joker no am I related to you. have some dignity.

  6. Thats why i trust ths page, very true, the misery has happened at siyasiya trading centre, by the way, how due source all these infor covering the whole Malawi? u amaze me coz zimakhaladi zili zoona

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