Heavy rains continue to cause havoc in Malawi

Mwanza road

…five people feared dead

Heavy rains in Malawi are fast becoming a threat to people’s lives and property with the latest incident in Mwanza which has seen a bridge being swept away and the road cut.

Facebook posts say that a small part of the road remains intact and is being dangerously used by small vehicles.

Meanwhile up to five people are said to have been swept away by the flooding water withothers saying they could be dead.

Mwanza road
Mwanza bridge swept away.

Recently, Department of  of Disaster Management Affairs (Dodma) made revlations that  Up to 3159 families have been affected by heavy rains and storm that have struck Malawi this rainy season.

Meanwhile, Dodma has has expressed concern over the delay by the country’s district councils to assess the number of victims after disasters occur.

The department says it is falling to fulfil its responsibilities due the  delay of such reports.



  1. Boza bridge sinapite ndimadzi koma kuti madziwo anazaza kwa Mbiri ndisefukira pamwamba pabridge poti unali usiku 9pm wa tax maziwo anakokola tax yo tikuna pano tax yo sikupezeka pomozi ndi drive yo

  2. de soldiers were forsighted i tink coz anthu akanapanda kudula mitengo sitikanamava nkhani zovesa chisoni ngt zimenezi…am sorry to de deceised ones

  3. just rember tachimwa tacimwa kopambana,maize gate,albino killing, abortion issue,same sex marriages so many to metion.Do u think god can be our side,tiyeni amalawi tilape.

  4. It’s mwanza bridge before border. But please the crack was for long ago and it has just increased and trucks are crossing. Is a strong bridge made by kamuzu. Sure five or more are missing. Two cars and the third one was stuck in the trees. I work here and I would be the victim if I would delay abit thank you

  5. No proper drainage systems, wanton cutting down of trees, building everywhere as long as you can, etc are the main causes of these floods. We either change and the change will come or we continue being adamant and perish. The ball is in our hands.

  6. Let’s be careful and avoid crossing rivers.To those who are or just built their houses along the river pliz pliz move to the highlands.We don’t want to loose you coz of rain water

  7. Thats the effects of coruption. Bridge anamanga nd mchenga okha siment anagulitsa mmati ileke upta? Guyz maiko aanzathu zikolathuli ndimsinje kma sitinavepo kuno kwakula ndkuzbera tokha

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