12 January 2017 Last updated at: 7:33 PM

Heavy rains continue to cause havoc in Malawi

…five people feared dead

Heavy rains in Malawi are fast becoming a threat to people’s lives and property with the latest incident in Mwanza which has seen a bridge being swept away and the road cut.

Facebook posts say that a small part of the road remains intact and is being dangerously used by small vehicles.

Meanwhile up to five people are said to have been swept away by the flooding water withothers saying they could be dead.

Mwanza road

Mwanza bridge swept away.

Recently, Department of  of Disaster Management Affairs (Dodma) made revlations that  Up to 3159 families have been affected by heavy rains and storm that have struck Malawi this rainy season.

Meanwhile, Dodma has has expressed concern over the delay by the country’s district councils to assess the number of victims after disasters occur.

The department says it is falling to fulfil its responsibilities due the  delay of such reports.

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