Delay of disaster reports worries DoDMA

floods Malawi

The Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) has expressed concern over the delay by the country’s district councils to assess the number of victims after disasters occur.

The concern has been stated by the department’s spokesperson Jeremiah Mphande.

He said that the development is affecting the department since they fail to support the victims in time.

floods MalawiAccording to Mphande, the department is falling to fulfil its responsibility following delay of the reports.

Mphande said the situation is worrisome since people affected by the heavy rains are not getting the necessary help in time.

The publicist further said that it is Dodma’s wish to provide the relief items within the first 72 hours following a disaster in accordance with international standards.

Mphande therefore appealed to district councils in the country to provide reports on the number of the disaster victims in time.

According to Mphande, the department has set aside K1.2 billion which it is going to use to provide relief in areas affected by disaster.

Heavy rains have already started to wreak havoc in some areas in the country as houses are being destroyed and people getting displaced.