Court suspends Chaponda


…Attorney general to appeal against ruling

The Mzuzu high court has granted an injunction against minister of agriculture,irrigation and water development George Chaponda suspending him from discharging his duties.


Chaponda suspended by the court.

This follows a court summon by Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) who sued Attorney general Kalekeni Kaphale and Chaponda on their action towards the controversial maize saga.

The CSOs argued that Chaponda must resign to pave way for smooth investigations on the maize purchase deal in Zambia which the minister is believed to have used to defraud government of around K10 bilion.

In his ruling on Thursday at around 9:26 am, Justice John Chirwa ordered Chaponda to seize being a minister until proven clean on the transactions made with Zambian private company Kaloswe.

However, Kaphale has disclosed that he is to appeal against the ruling arguing that it has errors.

“We have a right to challenge the ruling, there are some fundamental errors in the ruling,” said Kaphale.

The CSOs have been questioning the effectiveness of the Commission of Inquiry that President Peter Mutharika appointed arguing that Chaponda was likely to jeopardize investigations since he was not fired from his position as minister.



  1. There was Raph crook protector where is he now and expect another increase in years saving because of Mphwiyo cashgate cases there are a reason which will be known y he attempt to murder Mphwiyo

  2. These years all attorneys will end up in jail.i wonder why we diverting the truth. Let chaponda stand aside for clean investigation. Soon we need to see 7 cashgate list.

  3. I hope that it’s within the court’s powers to suspend the minister as it did. With the President sleeping on the job, it’s kudos to the court. It is within the President’s powers to suspend a minister facing serious fraud charges to pave way for an objective & transparent enquiry. But alas, not in Africa. I recall someone saying “Steal a little, they throw you in jail. Steal a mountain, they make you king.”

  4. Y still clinging to the position with this strong pressure? If really the brain is working properly its time to think and possibly reboot ur memory…thinking properly doesn’t much with education…. i can now understand…this stupidity doesn’t need a binoculars..

  5. Peter must be very embarrassed if he is a man of Integrity. He failed to suspend a Thief but CSOs and High Court Judges have done it. So who really is in control?? A disgraceful moment for Chaponda the Thief bulldozer!!.

  6. On a serious note. To be the state president one needs to possess good leadership styles. The country is experiencing all these problems mainly as a result of poor top leadership. Just imagine, the whole president failing to suspend the minister he appointed himself! This is a straightfoward issue no matter what. Presidents have to have the ability to make tough decisions in order to serve the masses. No wonder Magufuli gained popularity just after being elected. Look now, it is like the courts have taken the role of the so called president. Think. At first I was thinking that APM was not perfoming most of his duties deriberately. Cheated. I remember when he was minister of ed. most of the work was done by the deputy, Songazaudzu. Some may agree with me. CHAKWERA IS NOT ONLY RIGHT BUT ALSO FORESIGHTED.

  7. Opposition without boundaries on the right track. Fire Chaponda now Mr. President or else, ready to see Chilima resigning. I can see sleepless nights and days on Dpp gurus. Dausi is a simple cracker easy to penetrate by opposition parties.

  8. A very significant remedy to the cry of poor Malawians is what the H-court has done,it’s a welcome development and it’s a shame to you who want to contest a court ruling in order to protect one person and ignoring almost 15 million ppo.

  9. Kamulepo kaluwa amaoneka ngati wa nsala but amakhala akunena zoona anthu awa ndiakuba koopsa makamaka ameneyu amamuti chapondayi ndiye chilombo chenicheni.

  10. Malawians dnt wry we no this people treat US,If Chaponda continue wrking!,U malawians i shear this government wll go 2019.check time and date i sy this.If we r the ones we pt them in government is possible to take them out.

  11. Do courts give ruling without hearing the other side??? Is that justice, though he is in the wrong he has a right to be heard not getting one side of the story that’s justice. Why didn’t they get the injunction at Lilongwe high court??

    • Kkkk
      B Reminded That All The Judges Are Malawians2 N Cant Just Keep A Blind Eye In Wateva Is Happening, N Those Who Went To Court Are In The North, Cant Leave Nearest High Court To Elsewhere Far!

  12. But who at first place was supposed to suspend chaponda, the employer or or the court shame shame on the employer

  13. Nike To Judiciary,but This Has Nothing To Do As Chaponda Will Not Be Vindcated By The Commission,lets See On 30th January To A.P.M Position From The Results Of Enquiry

  14. Any sane Malawian will agree that tampering with maize in this country is committing genocide. If APM doesn’t see it that way, the courts see it that way and if Tembenu wants kutembenuza nkhani let him do it but we the local lawyers at village level vehemently agree with court decision. Kodi anthuwa amasangalala kumaona ana onyentchera(malnourished children)?

  15. thumb up to our CSO’s for the action other than just going to the media and make noise.this shows that Malawians now have an open mind and are able to exercise their rights.and again seems like a credit should go to the judicial system in malawi mainly the judges for not being bias….the Anti corruption bureau and their friends should take this as a good example in as far as we want our country to develop.

  16. People like chaponda one day will serve the lord and will give those money they took frm poor malawians and give it to the poor again or God will force them to be born again so that what they took frm ys still they shld give it to the church

  17. The attorney general is a crook..the Dpp are all thieves..thugs..cashgaters…wateva u do to poor malawians will be vindicated come 2019..the evidence is there for this maize gate scandal..God will surely punish u evil pipo

  18. Attorney general on duty for the thieves.Remember you are up there oneday you will come down and meet the very same people you are not standing for.Are you sure Peter and Chaponda are driving you like someone who does not the law.Dont be a disgrace to the nation than resigning

  19. And one idiot will obtain an injunction against the injunction on the suspended Minister,,,ndalama ndi zanu, koma dziko ndi lathu tonse ili abale.

    Attorney General………………

  20. Whether chaponda is suspended or not but never expect chaponda’s involvement disclosed by the office of enquiry. Remember the President is the head of DPP and chaponda is a beloved minister and nothing will come against him, this is just a trick by the President in order to gain trust from pple but trust me firing chaponda has no use unless if the office of enquiry was not President’s brainchild

  21. Mr Attorney General, you have a right to appeal the ruling, but am also sure that you understand very well on the ethics of your proffession. You are not paid to shield crooks that have been terrorising the very same vulnerable citizens you are supposed to protect. It does not matter how long you plan to drag this missdemenour, protecting your collegue, but one day surely justice will will prevail….

  22. Yes,that’s we have been waiting for.Nobody is above the law.Amayesanji,amaona ngati sizidzadziwika?Nkuyamba chabe zambili ziululika.


  24. chitsilu china chidzete chipita kukachotsa injuction muchiona ndikupanda manyazi kwacheko muchiona ndikupusa kwacheko mumva ndikusalikonda dziko kWacheko

  25. Akadangochichotselatu ndithu, palibe amene akusangalala akamamva zachidzina choti george chaponda kupatula akazi ake, ana ake ndi abale ake, chimunthu chodzikonda chikagwele, amalemelela pachakudya pamene ena uku akufa ndi njala? mbuzi

  26. A choke a choke a choke tati athu mizi azivutika chifukwa chanungu ngati imeneo amalawi sakufuna chaponda kwasalaku ndi game zikwanje ilakwe ilakwe mwatibela kokwana

  27. Chitsilu cha attoney general, mnzake kasambara ali mu ndende chifukwa chochita zopusa ngati akuchita apazi….the whole attoney general is backing up corruption..