Joyce Banda’s PP main beneficiary of cashgate – convict


…Mphwiyo named as ‘architect’

Leonard Kalonga

Kalonga: Testified in court.

Malawi’s former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo was the one who enticed other civil servants and businesspersons to be involved in the plunder of resources in the era of Joyce Banda whose People’s Party (PP) has been named as the greatest earner of the looting, a state witness says.

The witness, cashgate convict Leonard Kalonga, madethe revelations at the High Court in Lilongwe in a case in which Mphwiyo and 17 others are answering seven cashgate related charges. Kalonga told the court that the PP got up to 60 percent of the benefits from the proceeds.

The scandal saw up to K2.4 billion being stolen through various unscrupulous deals. Kalonga, who was director of tourism in the Ministry of Tourism, said he knew some of the accused persons personally as friends before the cashgate issue and he came to know others due to the cashgate scheme.

According to Kalonga, he had known one Mr Makina at the Tourism Ministry and it is through him that he came to know Mphwiyo.

Joyce Banda

Joyce Band: Her party has been implicated yet again.

‘’In April 2013, he (Makina) was in diplomatic posting going to Harare, so I escorted him to the airport and while chatting there, I had admired him for being given a diplomatic post. It was at this time that he told me he would connect me.”

“He said he could introduce me to the people who matter in government for me to excel in my career as well as if I wanted to cherish the dreams of being posted to diplomatic mission,’’ said Kalonga.

The two later met Mphwiyo at Total filling station near Ufulu Gardens lodge.

According Kalonga, Mphwiyo was driving a latest SUV Mercedes Benz.

He also told the court that the PP government was benefiting from the deals that 18 civil servants and contractors were involved in.

Joyce Banda refutes Cashgate role again

These deals saw government being accused of getting up to K2.4 billion through theft and money laundering.

It was widely believed that Mphwiyo’s shooting was linked to a fallout among corrupt officials who were exploiting loopholes in former President Joyce Banda’s government’s accounting system to siphon vast sums of public money in a syndicate popularly known cashgate.

Subsequent days led to a lot of civil servants being found with huge sums of money lacking proper documentation on how they got the money.

The scandal started when an accounts assistant in the Ministry of Environment, Victor Sithole, was found with huge amounts of money inconsistence with his monthly income.

This was later compounded with the shooting of Mphwiyo on September 13, 2013.



  1. Zaziiii anthu akufa ndi njala dziko muno kumagolimbana ndizandalama madzi akataika saoleka mukatege mitembo kuli mpopo liver uko anthu akufa chifukwa chainu .

  2. Mmene Mwayambira J B , J B, Inutu Ndinu Wolepheleletsetsa Padziko Lonse Lapansi, Ngati Mayiwo Anaba Ndalama Ndi Chani Mwacita Nawo? Lero Maize Gate, Magetsi Gate,madzi Gate,misewu Gate,maunivesite Gate, Eee Shii! Koma Zoyamba Ndi M ,zavuta Zedi. Cotsan Kaye Chilombo Ciri Mmaso Mwanu, Mayi Bweraninso, Pano Zafika Poti Mtendere Kuupeza Ukagona Tulo Koma Kungodzuka, Mayoo!

  3. Diverting attention!!! Akulu awo anawatsekerawo ankati aulura kuti JB was involved up to now sakunena and this time mwapezanso awa kuyesera kuti mwina zinazi ziiwalike ataaa mwauponda. Amayiwo ngati Anaba osawamanga bwanji? kodi Ali kumwamba? zaziiii.
    JB woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mutinyasa naye joys bonda wanuyo muzikalamulilana konko akukhalako asat Malawi wathuyu azithokoza imfa ya bingu kut ndimomwe inamulawisako kukhala pampando and inali mistek anose amene mumanamizana naye mukungo tayanthawi yanu ameneuja olo mutachitabwanji Sangawine bolaso kubwezeresa mcp kusiyana ndizimenezo za pp mukulotazo

  5. She created alot of economical problems many cashgate victims are languishing in custody if she is a God fearing person must repent and apologise to Lutepos and others

  6. Woyipa athawa yekha monga iye mbava ya mai dziko muno tikuvutika uli phee kudya ndalama dzathu kumene ndiye nthawi ya chisankho uzizati mamina myeedeeee kuti tikuvotele mbava ya mai.

  7. Phwiyo orchestrated the looting, he then took some of the money and gave it to the government of that time (PP) he never gave the the money to JB .he must just come out of the shell and name the real culprits.

  8. we need to change this kinda of leadership in malawi..its time to back to the base…n make sure the citizen benefits from the tax payers money n donar funding…!!

  9. Jb dis! Jb dat! is she hide in heaven or under the sea? stupit people kulimbana ndikufufuza zaoba oti wathawa kusiya uyu akusolola ukuona, ndiye bolanso Jb osati izi! I ‘LL BRING BACK THE ECONOMY! mmmm! which economy? ma univesity ndiawa tiyamba kuweteramo zimziri

    • Why has she been outside the country for the past 2years?do u think it’s as simple as it sounds to arrest someone in another country without the person agreing to the offence and being extradited?argue with facts brother otherwise this is empty…

    • Brother even if she comes back and get arrested do u think these people w’ll stop stealing? we can talk n talk nothing w’ll happen these dudes they know each other, they meet and chat together basi who suffer most? u n me! so lets not be blinded

    • TRUE Shake,they think she is hiding but she z nt,all the cashgates taking place recently in this muhlako world surpass thoz in JB’s, both govts hav failed malawians but they hav 2 deal with chaponda first b4 JB

    • BANDA lots of millions of dollars has been coming from donars to atleast help poor malawians whom they h’ve been hit by dis hunger but what elso does needy pple benefit 4rm all dis? nothing! k250/kg ku Admarc so strange to malawi, vendors are much better than admarc is Chaponda alive!! Ambuye Akuona!!

  10. Sad indeed. The sun will shine today and rain will fall tomorrow, but the truth will still prevail under such circumstances.

  11. Athu Opepera Inu Mwaona Kuti Zisakho Zili Pafupi Basi Mukufuna Mumuipise Mayiyu Et Pangani Zanu Musiyeni JB Agwile Ntchito Yake Mwa Bata Ndi Mtendele Kapena Zakupweteka Zosatira Zamakhasala Et Kumalawi Kuno Athu Amayakhula Ndi Vote . JB BOMA KUTI BUUUUUUU WAKWIYA NDI CHAPONDA OKUBA CHIMANGA CHA ATHU AKUMUZI

  12. Its high time those who benefited alot should be put behind bars. I believe every malawian is following this to see what will happen next.

  13. But in her two years,she served Malawians to the better ,than what has happened to the previous two yrs.look at all angles.stealing is all over .what malawians,need is a leader who cares about the lives of people.

    • Can u explain the sentence “she served malawians better?”are u saying people should be let free because they served the so called Malawians better?let the courts do their Job without fear or favour….let her come back n face the law here …period

  14. how fruitfull will it be, we already aware of that. Now whats now the action taken into account from these findings— we have been hearing those victims for quite along time.The government has all the powers to eradicate and suck these people from wherever they are, but now we only here about Mphiyo….wat about the main root of de squander. Govtment shud stop filling already knw holes , wat about those holes that are being filled on its own….dig them up and filled in our own style

  15. Hear says until when jb jb but she is living large out here, mwinatu poti tayandikira kuzisakho kufuna kuyipitsa mbiri ya Mayiyu. It’s to late Chapondayo bwanji

  16. Courts have alot to do.The last solution is to sentence them hard to teach others not to pick pocket the government of its cash

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